California AB1208 passes Assembly! Now onto the California Senate to restore integrity to California’s judicial branch for the good of the people ~ How YOU can help!!!

 Bennett Archive: Blind Justice CALIFORNIA AB1208 is a bill about removing control of the finances of the judicial branch from the hands of the elite few. Tax dollars that are meant to fund trial court operations have instead been squandered on an IT system, the Court Case Management System (CCMS) that does not work. It has now been over nine years of pouring stretched tax dollars down the drain for the BOONDOGGLE while trial courts are forced to close doors for lack of funds.

On January 30, 2012, the California Assembly voted in favor of AB1208. (Yahoo!!)  If it becomes law with the aid of the Senate and Governor Brown, it will aid to stop the misuse of tax dollars to fund a bloated and wasteful Administration of the Courts (AOC) at the direction of the grossly incompetent and insular Judicial Council.

The AOC’s sole function is to provide support services to the trial courts. Instead they have been allowed to position themselves as the corporate headquarters of the judicial branch, dictating actions and allocation of funds to the trial courts. This is a serious threat to the Constitution when those in control of justice and their adminstrators have demonstrated many times over that they are more concerned with keeping control of money and the trial courts than they are with the administering of justice.  

Enviornmental advocate, Sharon Kramer is going to jail on February 10, 2012, for refusing to be silenced of how CCMS has been used to aid to conceal the inner circle justices and their clerks practicing politics when on the bench in a manner that is harmful for the public. First they tried to shoot the messenger of the fraud in policy. Now they are trying to bury the bullets. They are now trying to punish, silence and discredit her for her refusal to stop evidencing the harm they have done and continue to do to the public, particularly the environmentally injured and their families, by fixing opinions favorably to the interest of industry.  

In 2005 Sharon exposed how it became a false concept in public health policy that it was scientifically proven moldy buildings do not harm workers, tenants, home buyers/owners and school children. This has aided many a workers comp and property/casualty insurer to shift the cost burden for illness off of themselves and onto the taxpayer. Members of the inner circle of the judicial branch first aided to frame Sharon for libel over the writing as they suppressed the evidence that the plaintiff, Bruce Kelman who is the author of the science fraud in policy, committed PERJURY to establish false yet needed theme for malice. 

Then in a second lawsuit, they gagged Sharon from writing the exact words for which she was framed. If she cannot write the words for which she was framed for libel with actual malice over the writing impacting public health policy; she also cannot write and evidence what the courts did to her that has aided a science fraud to continue in many facets of health policy and in many US courts.

In September 2011, Sharon sent a letter to the leaders of the judicial branch, the JUDICIAL COUNCIL, and the Chair of the COMMISSION on Judicial Performance, seeking their help to stop the court harassment of her and to stop its continued harm to her, her family and the public.  What she received instead was a CIVIL CONTEMPT OF COURT charge and $19,000.00 in sanctions and attorney fees going to an ATTORNEY who has SUBORNED perjury for now seven years, while all courts suppressed the evidence of the perjury and their clerks falsified CCMS entries. The charges for contempt of court are for writing the five words in September of 2011 for which she was framed for libel with actual malice in the first case and gagged from writing of what the courts have done in the second.

The State Bar claims to have lost the file.  The Commission on Judicial Performance says it is not their job to intercede.

Now she is to be incarcerated on February 10, 2012, for writing these five little words when seeking help from the leaders of California’s judicial branch and while displaying on the Internet they were provided evidence of fraud & croynism in the courts’s leadership and were asked to intercede.  

Now the court is trying to force an attorney on her as COUNSEL who “works for the courts”. This Counsel testified in the January 6, 2012, Contempt of Court HEARING that the court’s only option was to charge Sharon with a misdemeanor, (criminal contempt), with the purpose being that the court could then have her sent to the “psych unit downtown” (and deemed mentally incompetent to conceal misdeeds). Contrary to what the courts would like to portray to conceal their actions, Sharon Kramer is COMPETENT and is recognized for her superior problem solving skills.  


While citizens cannot intercede in the litigation or remove the keys to a jail cell from the compromised courts; they can tell the California legislators, “ENOUGH!”   They can tell the California legislature to:  

“Please remove control of our tax dollars and the judicial branch finances from those who have proven themselves not trustworthy and have proven themselves to be a danger to society. Please Vote “Yes” on AB1208 when it comes to the Senate floor”. 

Please CONTACT California Senate members and tell them to vote “YES” on AB1208 when it becomes a Senate Bill.  Please let them know what is happening to Sharon Kramer for daring to speak and evidence the truth of a fraud in policy that is harmful to the public and is being aided to continue by the compromised leadership of California’s judicial branch, past and present members of the Judicial Council of California.

Please directly ask Judicial Council member, SENATOR NOREEN EVANS to support the bill.  She was a recipient of Sharon’s September 2011 LETTER seeking her help while providing evidence of CRIMINAL (see pdf pages 13 & 14) falsification of documents & CCMS by the Clerk of the Appellate Court, for which Sharon is now going to be jailed.  The Clerk, who is a member of the Judicial Council, then called Sharon on October 5, 2011 and THREATENED her that the Presiding Judge of the Fourth District Division One Appellate Court would simply deem her vexatious if she pursued legal action for the GOVERNMENT CODE 6200 violations that are punishable by jail time. 

So why is Sharon Kramer going to jail instead of Senator Evan’s fellow Judicial Council member, Clerk of the San Diego Appellate Court?

Listen to Sharon’s January 20, 2012 INTERVIEW to understand why.

Crystal Stuckey, owner of KATY’S EXPOSURE blog approves this post.

About Sharon Kramer

Hi, I'm an advocate for integrity in health marketing and in the courts.
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2 Responses to California AB1208 passes Assembly! Now onto the California Senate to restore integrity to California’s judicial branch for the good of the people ~ How YOU can help!!!

  1. Linda says:

    I am glad this AB1208 has passed the general assembly. Crazy that Sharon had to be tested for her competency. She is very intelligent and caring. Wish I could say more for the people that are hurting sick people. This will not go away so many more are getting sick all because of politics. and greed.

    History will tell a story that cannot be changed. Those that failed will never be able to erase what they have done. It is hard to believe the things that are going on in our country and the hardships caused because of failing to tell the truth about how sick people can get from water damage/indoor mold and then many become ill from the untested and dangerous chemicals in our products. Children, mothers, fathers, teachers, nurses, judges, policemen, firefighters, the list goes on that have lost thier rights to a regular life because of all of this mess.

    I thank all those that have worked so hard to save lives– not try to hurt the weakest of the weak.

    When my time comes I will know that I was a good person and did what ever I could to be a decent person. .

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