US Mold Injured Set Up Facebook Page “Justice For Sharon Noonan Kramer”

U.S. cavalry on horseback    On February 1, 2012, several people who have been tragically harmed by the misinformation over the mold issue that was legitimized by ACOEM (2002) and mass marketed to the courts by the US Chamber (2003) set up a new Facebook page,


     Please listen to this January 20, 2012 IAQ RADIO INTERVIEW OF SHARON about going to jail for refusing to be silenced of the truth of environmental illness in the United States and the politics that keeps science from becoming policy.

     This is to help get sunlight of the fact that Sharon Kramer is going to jail on February 10, 2012. Sharon is refusing to be silenced of how the California courts framed her for libel in one case over a writing of her’s impacting public health and then gagged her from writing of what they had done in another.  They used the US Postal Service, interstate to threaten a BLOG OWNER with legal action if the direct evidence of court collusion to defraud is not taken off of the Internet. 

     What the California judicial branch leaders desperately want off the Internet to the point they would incarcerate an honest US citizen are LETTERS (huge pdf, may take a few seconds to open) Sharon sent to the Chief Justice of CA and Judicial Council members on September 11, 2011, seeking their help to stop the continued court harassment and collusion to defraud the public. 

     Instead of help, she received a Contempt of Court JUDGMENT, $19,000 in sanctions and is going to jail if the evidence – which is all a matter of public record in a nonsealed case – is not off two websites by Monday, February 6, 2012.  The letters are not coming down.  The web site owners are refusing to remove the documented truth of how the California judicial system’s criminal actions of framing a whistle blower of fraud in policy, have harmed the lives of thousands.

    (We are aware the judicial branch of CA was able to have another WordPress blog involuntarily shut down yesterday until information they did not want public was taken off the site.  It has to do with an aerial view of a lavish backyard remodel that was apparently done by the same contractors who have the contract on remodeling and building Ca courthouses).

     The court is also trying to force an attorney of their choosing on Sharon as her representation and supposed legal “HELP“. The intent appears to be to “get her downtown to the PSYCH UNIT” and have Sharon deemed mentally incompetent so the attorney they are forcing on Sharon can then represent her in a “criminal” contempt matter. 

     Although not stated in the judgment, this is CIVIL contempt for refusing silence of court corruption and Sharon is more than mentally COMPETENT.  Sharon is not obligated to accept representation by an ATTORNEY who was BROUGHT IN to the matter by the Administration of the Courts (AOC). This appears to be for the purpose of deeming her mentally ill for evidencing mass corruption including by the AOC; while the courts in the new case suppress the evidence of the collusion in the prior case.

    What is evidenced in the letters they want off of Katy’s and a Yahoo support group made up of 2700 plus people who have been harmed by the collusion of the Ca Courts, would include FALSIFIED court documents that conceal Bryan Hardin has been an undisclosed party to the fiasco all along.  Hardin is a retired deputy director of NIOSH, author of mold position statements for both ACOEM and the US Chamber.  He is also a well known “PRODUCT DEFENDER” and co-owner of VeriTox, Inc. as his second career.

     What is also evidenced in the letters the California judicial leaders desperately want off the Internet is WHO & HOW the courts framed Sharon for libel to make her writing appear false; while they suppressed the evidence Hardin’s business partner, Bruce Kelman, committed PERJURY to establish needed reason for malice – with all courts turning a blind eye.

    Additionally evidenced in the letters they want of the net that is how the court’s IT system, CCMS has been used to record a false history of the case.  Among other falsehoods, they recorded that the wrong party prevailed in trial.  Sharon prevailed over Hardin and Kelman’s company, VeriTox (formerly known as GlobalTox).  The courts recorded that GlobalTox prevailed.  The Appellate Opinion of 2010 by Justices Benke, Huffman and Irrion, of the Fourth District Division One Appellate Court, San Diego, was FALSIFIED to state judgments that were never entered. The CCMS history of the case was then falsified to conceal the justices’ corrupt actions.

    The STATE BAR will do nothing to punish Kelman’s attorney for suborning perjury and recording a fraudulent lien on Sharon’s property.  The COMMISSION on Judicial Performance will do nothing to punish the judiciary involved in the collusion to defraud the public by framing Sharon for libel, suppressing evidence of Kelman’s perjury and then gagging Sharon of writing of it.  (The Chair of the Commission is hands on involved)  And all the while the little BROTHERHOOD of the ethically challenged has been fighting very hard to keep complete control of the tax dollars used to run California’s judicial branch.

     If you belong to Facebook, please sign up to follow “JUSTICE FOR SHARON NOONAN KRAMER”.  Simply hit “like” to follow. 

     When a judicial system is so severely compromised they will jail a US citizens to keep it on the QT and no one including the FBI will intercede to stop them; public sunlight is the only hope to stop the criminality by those whose main function is to protect the public from criminals.

       The Constitution itself is being threatened by the courts’ actions over this case and their efforts to conceal their misdeeds.  Thank you to all of you who are trying to help get sunlight on what the compromised courts of California are doing!

     Please listen to a January 20, 2012 INTERVIEW of Sharon about going to jail without even being charged with a crime for exposing the unlawful & unconstitutional union between California court leaders & US Chamber and with every court, the Judicial Council, State Bar and Commission on Judicial Performance trying to suppress the evidence of the courts’ unlawful actions.   

     UPDATE: Mr. Kelman’s attorney, Mr. Scheuer, filed a fourth COMPLAINT for Contempt of Court on February 3rd.  Attached as exhibit of why Sharon should be incarcerated are the FAXES she sent to Ca Senators and Assemblymen urging their support AB1208 (trial courts bill of rights) as POSTED on Katy’s.  These posts do not even contain the five words that are supposedly the only words for which the courts are going to incarcerate Sharon for republishing.  

     It is glaringly obvious the court leaders as well as Mr. Kelman and Mr. Scheuer do not want it publicly known they framed a defendant for libel, suppressed the evidence that the plaintiff committed perjury, falsified court docs, etc.while knowing that by doing so, they were aiding a scientific fraud to remain in public health policy over the mold issue to the detriment of the health and safety of thousands of US citizens.
     It is also obvious that they do not want it publicly known on the Internet that the leaders of Ca’s judicial branch and those legislators who oppose AB1208, which would take control of the billions of tax dollars judicial branch finances from those who aided in the illegalities of Kelman & GlobalTox v. Kramer, are aware of what occurred and who was involved. 
     Since when does the US Constitution permit incarceration for peacefully discussing politics and providing evidence on the Internet of government corruption known by government leaders to be occurring and the resultant need for sunlight and change?

About Sharon Kramer

Hi, I'm an advocate for integrity in health marketing and in the courts.
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1 Response to US Mold Injured Set Up Facebook Page “Justice For Sharon Noonan Kramer”

  1. Dana says:

    This whole situation with the US Chamber, the ACOEM, the CA courts, Sharon Kramer, the fraud, the cover-up, Bruce Kelman and all those, including myself, who have been severly harmed by toxic mold exposure is absolute insanity! The injustice some so-called humans perpetrate against others is down right shameful! No one should have to suffer the way I, and many others, have suffered because some people care more about money than they do about what is right!

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