MOLD ISSUE: Scientists, Physicians & Citizens Request Joint US Federal Agency Public Health Advisory

UPDATE Jan 2012, Bruce J. Kelman, President of VeriTox, Inc., and author of medico-legal policy for the US Chamber of Commerce over the mold issue along with his California licensed attorney, Keith Scheuer, want the Superior Court in the case of Kelman v. Kramer, North San Diego County, to sentence Sharon Kramer to five days in jail for the following post. The  post is of US citizens requesting OSHA & CIAQ put out a Federal advisory over the mold issue to health departments.  Kelman’s COMPLAINT, (See pdf page 16 for exhibit of why Sharon should be jailed).  Scheuer’s BRIEF stating Sharon be made to spend 40 days in jail. (See pdf page 8)

Read Letters Sent To EPA & OSHA HERE From Concerned Citizens of the United States         

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December 9, 2011

Mr. Phillip Jalbert, EPA, Executive Director, CIAQ, Federal Interagency Committee On Indoor Air Quality, U.S.EPA Indoor Environments, Washington, DC 20210

Ms. Laura Kolb & Ms. Sarany Singer, EPA, Federal Interagency Mold Work Group (MWG), U.S.EPA Indoor Environments Division, Washington, DC 20210 

Dr. David Michaels, OSHA  Assistant Secretary, US Department of Labor, Occupational Safety and Health Adminstration, Washington, DC

Re: Mold Issue, Citizen Request for Federal Interagency Public Health Advisory

Dear Mr. Jalbert, Ms. Kolb, Ms. Singer and Dr. Michaels, 

     We, the Undersigned Citizens of the United States are requesting that in the year of 2012, the United States Federal Interagency Committee on Indoor Air Quality (CIAQ) Mold Work Group (MWG) and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) take three actions to assure public and worker protection from illnesses caused by exposure to biological contaminants that are found in water-damaged buildings (WDB).

Action Is Recommended By GAO

     In September of 2008 the Federal Government Accountability Office (GAO) issued a report titled, “Indoor Mold: Better Coordination of Research on Health Effects and More Consistent Guidance Would Improve Federal Efforts”. The GAO report made two recommendations to improve US public health policies and US public advisories regarding potential adverse health effects from mold exposure/poor indoor air quality when homes, schools and work environments are damaged by leaks, floods or construction defects.

The Two GAO Recommendations State

     Recommendation #1 “The Administrator, EPA, should use the Federal Interagency Committee on Indoor Air Quality to help articulate and guide research priorities on indoor mold across relevant federal agencies, coordinate information sharing on ongoing and planned research activities among agencies, and provide information to the public on ongoing research activities to better ensure that federal research on the health effects of exposure to indoor mold is effectively addressing research needs and efficiently using scarce federal resources.”…

    Recommendation #2: “The Administrator, EPA, should use the Federal Interagency Committee on Indoor Air Quality to help relevant agencies review their existing guidance to the public on indoor mold–considering the audience and purpose of the guidance documents–to better ensure that it sufficiently alerts the public, especially vulnerable populations, about the potential adverse health effects of exposure to indoor mold and educates them on how to minimize exposure in homes. The reviews should take into account the best available information and ensure that the guidance does not conflict among agencies.”

Action Request  #1   

     As such, we urge the CIAQ MWG to compose and issue a public advisory regarding the potential adverse health effects caused by exposure to mold and other biological contaminants that are known to be present in water-damaged US homes, schools and work environments. This includes the known potential for respiratory and pulmonary illness, infection, irritant reaction, perturbing of the immune system and chronic organ inflammation caused or worsened by the biological contaminants. Some of these contaminants are known to be infectious agents. Some are known to have toxic properties.

Action Request  #2 

     Because of the potential adverse impact on occupational safety and adverse impact on the economy as a whole when injured workers are denied compensation for on-the-job injury; we, the Undersigned Citizens of the United States (and England & Canada), are also requesting that OSHA designate a member to the CIAQ MWG to contribute to the writing and distributing of the federal interagency public health advisory in 2012.  

Action Request  #3   

     Upon completion of the federal interagency public health advisory in 2012; we, the Undersigned Citizens of theUnited States, request that the advisory be distributed to all state and federal health agencies and to all US private sector medical associations. This, with the understanding theses agencies and their associations will make the CIAQ MWG public health advisory readily available to US physicians and to the general public.

Action Is Needed For Public & Worker Safety   

     This federal interagency public health advisory is needed because state health departments and private sector medical associations are sending mixed and inconsistent information to the general public, to physicians, to employers and to insurers.  The mixed messaging is contributing to the confusion and lack of a protection for public and worker safety and health. This is contributing to those injured by exposure to contaminants found in WDB to be unable to receive appropriate medical treatments. Their physicians are misinformed or uninformed. Further, it is contributing to lack of an awareness of the importance to properly maintain and repair occupied structures.


     In the three short years since the group’s formation, the CIAQ MWG has done a stellar job of making sure that US federal agencies are exchanging accurate, consistent information among themselves regarding illnesses caused by WDB exposures (Recommendation #1). However, the information is not reaching state agencies, private sector physicians and the general public. An advisory composed jointly by the federal agencies represented by the CIAQ MWG and distributed to health agencies and private sector physician organizations would rectify this problem. (Recommendation #2).

     We thank you in advance for your attention to this important public health matter. We thank you for your past, present and future efforts to protect the safety of the the American worker and the general public.


The Undersigned Citizens of theUnited States

Nancy Abler, Houston, Texas  I endorse and request Federal and State integration in the education and transmission of scientific information regarding mold caused illnesses.  The Insurance Industry’s controversial science bickering is sabotaging the truth about toxic mold caused illness.   Profit before honest science is immoral.  

James C. Baker, Ph.D. I have recently retired as an Environmental Toxicologist.  As such, I have participated in numerous wet building problems.  The absence of regulatory support was consistently an obstacle in providing citizens with sufficient information in their search for the solution health problems often associated with mold in their environment. It is important that defensible information be available.
Respectfully submitted

Barbara Backus, Ft Thomas, KY  Please add my name to Request for Health Advisory on Mold. 

Jean M. Bixley, Cambridge, MN  I fully support the letters to the CIAQ, MWG and OSHA.  Not only do mold victims suffer because they have become ill living in a water-damaged building, but then they face discrimination and persecution from the medical community and government agencies because there is a lack of acceptance of the serious health consequences caused by these environments.  We either cannot get the help that we need or the wrong help is forced upon us, causing even more harm.  We need more doctors who are knowledgeable about the health effects of water-damaged buildings and we need the insurance coverage to support the treatments that have been shown to be effective in helping us regain our lives.  This can only happen if the actions outlined in these letters are taken.  It is the first step in helping those who are already ill and will have a direct influence on keeping others from becoming victims.

Deborah Daniels Davitt, Louisiana  To Whom It May Concern, I unreservedly endorse the letter to CIAQ and OSHA. This is not the proper venue for me to tell my story about what mold and other indoor air contaminants in leased residential dwellings took from me for it goes far beyond the immediate physiological health problems into the realm of walking, blind, into the medical and legal maze of conflicts of interest while losing personal relationships, socioeconomic status, homes, jobs, faith and trust in my fellow human being.  Sharon Kramer has helped restore some of the latter due to her tireless effort against the tidal wave of deceit and obfuscation of this issue while facing   retaliation from those at the heart of the concerted effort to confuse the matter.

RaDonna and Larry Freeman, Golden, CO  We support the need for this advisory

Jeff Charlton,  Beckenham, Kent, Great Britain  I support the letter to CIAQ, MWG and OSHA

KC (Kevin Carstens) Cornelia, Ga. Owner/Moderator of:
 I, Kevin Carstens am endorsing the letter to the Federal Interagency Committee on Indoor Air Quality (CIAQ), the Federal Interagency Mold Work Group (MWG) and the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA). 

Robert C. Brandys, PhD, MPH, PE, CIH, CSP,  There are mold exposure and standards in or by the following governments and organizations. Why can these countries set exposure standards or guidelines while theUScan not? What is it that the public health experts and toxicologists in these countries know and theUSdoes not?  A. CULTURABLE MOLD SPORE EXPOSURE STANDARDS FOR RESIDENTIAL & COMMERCIAL BUILDINGS  






















Timothy A Hack, La Mesa, CA  I urge you to use your national appointed positions and send a clear health message that reflects the true dangers of mold.  The cost of treating people and property will be greatly reduced with proper education.  The current system is having adverse health effects on people both physically and mentally.

Iris and Thomas Brooks, Augusta, GA  We support the need for a joint US Federal agency advisory reaching the private sector regarding illnesses caused by exposure to biological contaminants found in water damaged buildings.  Having been poisoned in a water-damaged building, my husband and I have faced life-threatening and irreversible injuries to our health, as well as great personal losses. It is critical that people know the dangers of these biological agents.

As victims of toxic mold poisoning, we know firsthand the true dangers and adverse health effects.  We fully support all recommendations to the CIAQ, MWG and OSHA.  Had it not been for some in the medical profession who reached out to help us, we would not be alive today.  Finding doctors who would listen was almost impossible.  Thus physicians as well as the general public needs to be educated.  The science of toxic mold illness resulting from water damaged buildings is not even in question. 

As an advocate for education, we have personally seen hundreds who have become victims to this killer, sadly many are children.  We’ve lived much of our lives, by the grace of God, but when I see innocent little children suffering the pain that we deal with on a daily basis, someone has to have the courage to speak the truth.

Harold Hyams, Attorney, Tucson, Arizona  I join in my colleagues request because mold has far reaching consequences to which too little attention is paid until it gets out of control.  It has been estimated that biological contaminant damage from mold and other biologics due to damp conditions in home or work results in significant economic and health consequences for our country.  Other countries are far more sensitive to these issues e.g. Finland,Canada and Germanyand are actively engaged in managing this problem. 

Here in the United States we are facing an economic crisis where homes are being abandoned and become havens for biological contaminants due to lack of maintenance.  There must be an active organized move to prevent the disrepair and destruction of our living environments which will make it untenable for our generation and future generations to inhabit these structures. Respectfully submitted

John P. Lapotaire, CIEC, Microshield Environmental Services, LLC; Florida State License Mold Assessor MRSA #4; Council-certified Indoor Environmental Consultant ACAC CIEC #0711048; Council-certified Environmental Thermography Consultant ACAC CETC #1005013; Accreditation by Council for Engineering and Scientific Specialty Boards CESB    Please add my name in support.

Mrs. Linda Delp, Newark, DE  I fully endorse the attached letter. It is vital that our Federal Government make a statement to all the necessary agencies and the private sector that serious illness is caused by biological contaminants and toxins in Water Damaged Buildings. Over 12 years ago I had the Health Dept come to my home and they discovered water damage and indoor mold in the walls in the basement.  The air system was making me sick and the Health Dept told us to keep all the windows closed. We would close all the windows, but I would get sicker.

The Health Dept should have known in a WDB that we needed outside air since the inside air system was contaminated. Most of the doctors didn’t know what to do. I went into a serious allergic reaction, then had to have sinus surgery, and then developed Reactive Airways Disease. The landlords only made matters worse by removing wallpaper and painting for over a month. Had all these people known the dangers of WDB my family could have moved on with our lives.

Last year my husband had quadruple bypass surgery and was recovering fine and this summer there was a fire in his office at work. They had to continue to work while the water damage was removed and replaced in very high humidity and temperatures reaching over 100 without any air conditioning for several days.  When my husband missed some days because he was feeling ill, he was fired even though he usually worked over 44 hours extra a month.

There have been so many schools, fire stations, police stations, families, air traffic controllers, court houses, etc. dealing with this issue all these years, and  usually there is such confusion as how to deal with the  WDB or where to go for medical help . There needs to be consistent info not only for these type cases but for floods and hurricanes– so people have a chance to get the medical help needed and proper remediation.

This problem is only getting worse as the years go by while the sick fall through the cracks waiting for leadership from our the Government Agencies  we count on so much in times of need.  I appreciate  the work the CIAQ MWG have done the past few years but we need to take it a step further and make sure that everyone is educated and alerted to this seriousness of these issues.

Dennis Mudloff  I support the letters to CIAQ, MWG and OSHA. I was made ill by a work related neuro toxin. I have learned of many people who have been made ill by mold which has some symptoms similar to mine and which can be extremely debilitating. It is time to face facts; this issue will not go away on its own. People must be warned of the hazards and contaminated areas must be properly re mediated.

Paul Fitzgerald, Los Angeles, CA  As a mold victim myself I fully support this motion. I’m a former property manager who got sick from mold while living in a building owned by a very well known personal injury attorney. I’m also the founder of the National Toxic Mold Registry, As the founder of the Toxic Mold Registry I would like to see better treatment for the mold exposed victim, stricter encouragement to prevent mold and it’s immediate removal AND would like to see this open financial wound in the leg of our Government finally healed. We’re wasting our personal money while they Government wastes theirs for no real reason at all.

I can’t help but see how much money the Government is spending in it’s efforts to “care” for the public but only on a “non-mold” level. Even if that care is long term when it could be treated if understood. Even so some of the people who suffer mold end up on federal support only to be given subsidised housing in mold filled apartments. So the amount of money we see being spent is mind blowing when you compare that to the actual cost of proper treatment including the most critical which is the authorization needed to break the lease which keeps many mold victims exposed for up to a year after first symptoms.

When the sick become unable to work they can qualify for Section 8 (HUD) housing which pays 66% of their rent. So now we’ve just taken the $10,000 and jacked that up another $8712.00. Now this individual has all their medical expenses covered as they’re on state support. well, now everytime they go to a doctor for yet ANOTHER MISDIAGNOSIS, the state pays for that. This would be approximately 12 to 20 doctor visits per year because of the wealth of symptoms mold has caused. Typical doctor visits run a cost of about $300 an hour, thus another $6K the government is willing to spend just in reacting to mold sickness but refusing to address mold sickness.

For those with mold sickness rest assured you’re not invaluable as you once thought. Instead you’re someone the Government is willing to spend millions on even though it won’t make you better.

Dodd B. Fisher, Attorney and Adjunct Law Professor, Michigan  I wholeheartedly endorse the letter on Katy’s Exposure website to CIAQ and OSHA. 

Mary Mulvey Jacobson,  Jamaica Plain, MA  Please add my name supporting the effort to ask that the CIAQ put out a public statement on the current health effects of WDB (*Ms. Jacobson was a driving force that caused the Federal GAO audit, which aided to cause the formation of the MWG) 

Deborah A. Helregel, Lexington, Kentucky  I endorse the letters to the CIAQ, MWG and OSHA.  I became ill over six years ago from working in water damaged building.  Since that time I have lost my health, my career, the ability to support myself and pay taxes, and my home.  Thank you Sharon, for everything you’ve done to further the cause of bringing truthful science to the forefront on this issue.  Had I been correctly diagnosed in an earlier stage of the illness, I would not now have a permanently damaged immune system.  I would be working and paying taxes.  I would have a home and a ‘normal’ life.  Though it’s too late for me, this illness must be stopped of robbing people of their quality of lives.

Haley Mack  I support.

Marcie McGovern,  Ft. Worth, TX  I support the letter and hope this brings attention to the serious problems to the public’s health regarding illnesses caused by WDB’s. If I knew what I know today about toxic molds and biological contaminants that were in my work building…I would not be literally fighting for my life today. It is inexcusable for the fraud to continue on this issue. Help save other’s lives….and let the truth be told. *this corruption in our courts, whether it be Civil Court, Criminal Court, Federal Court or Workers Compensation Court, needs to be stopped. I plead that all of you do the right thing and help get the ‘Truth’ out and stop this harm to those whom are injured from Toxic buildings. I pray that I live long enough to see this change.

Connie Morbach, M.S., CHMM, CIE, Sanit-Air, Inc.  Please add my name to the list requesting that the CIAQ issue a report on health effects from WDB. Thank you for taking on this important issue.  I would be glad to help in any way.

Jeanine Moseley,  Sedalia, Mo. I support this endeavor.

Crystal Stuckey, Owner of Katy’s Exposure Blog, Katy, Texas  I support the letter hosted on Katy’sExposure., to encourage our government take swift action and promote accurate medical science regarding illnesses caused by water damaged buildings.  

M.C. Hudson, Barrister  I am and have been a supporter of Sharon Kramer’s efforts to let some truth and light into the sham “debate” created by the insurance industry and their paid witnesses concerning the well-documented health effects of exposure to water damaged buildings. My own business was closed by me to prevent further exposure of my (already) ill employees (including my son and myself) and the public who traveled through the ramshackle building to board our cruise ferry. This decision by me cost my family a business which was shown in sworn testimony to be worth well in excess of $40 million.

My employees are still seeking recourse for Workman’s Compensation. This after 6 years – due entirely to witnesses paid to mislead. This industry wide effort to obfuscate is led by Veritox, Inc., (formerly known as GlobalTox, Inc.) who are mainly responsible for this business model – a model which their founding principal knows well from his days testifying for the tobacco companies.

The aforesaid (closed) business created several hundred million dollars of travel and tourism based economic activity each year inMaineandNova Scotia. These losses are continuing today and all so that insurers can welch on their bets. When will government realize that truth is not best found by an adversarial system in which individuals using their own tax paid dollars are pitted against a cabal of giant corporations using pre-tax OPM (other people’s money) – to the end that those corporations and thus their executives make more money and reap larger bonuses.

On a personal note – as a barrister and solicitor I was so disappointed in the American “dispute resolution” system (think Sharon Kramer, think Ted Stevens and how he was treated by the “Justice” Dept.) to return my Green Card and depart America after a total of some 25 years leaving behind family and friends.

Angela Miles Moore,  Byron, Ill,  I have been very sick from Mold exposure for 3 years from the building I work in. I had to quit my job as nobody will do anything about the Mold in the building.  I and several others that worked in this building have visually seen Mold .This is a very serious matter and something needs to be done .It is unfair to all the ones of us who have been sickened byWaterDamagedBuildingsand or Homes. Thank You!!!

Maurice Henry Van Strickland, M.D., F.A.A.A.A.I., F.A.C.A.A.I., F.A.C.P., F.A.A.P., Wichita Kansas  Please add my name in support of this effort

Kevin Shipp,  Florida  To whom it may concern, I fully support the need for a joint US Federal agency advisory reaching the private sector regarding illnesses caused by exposure to biological contaminants found in water damaged buildings.

Elizabeth M.T. O’Nan, Director, Protect All Children’s Environment, Marion, NC  Education of all physicians in the diagnosis and treatment of mycotic diseases, particularly those derived from water damaged buildings, “ought” not be impeded due to the potential for monetary losses.  Health victims are well aware of this ploy as it continues to be used to hide the medical suffering and liability as a result of chemical injuries and poorly regulated toxic chemicals.  Propaganda and dumbing down the medical profession will not make these injuries abate, nor sufferers well.  Physicians with their heads in the sand will not stop the multigenerational damages that occur from ignoring and denying these injuries

Had any of my doctors ever been accurately informed of the true nature of this devastating health hazard, I could avoided the long-term exposure which led to my near death in Feb 2011, my subsequent breast tumors, uterine tumors, and lung growths, in addition to my now likely permanent brain, vision, kidney, and neurological damage. Not to mention the financial devastation that now accompanies my physical injuries. IN LIGHT OF THE EVER-INCREASING NUMBERS OF TOXIC INJURIES AND DEATHS OCCURING AS A DIRECT RESULT OF THE CURRENT LACK OF PUBLIC AWARENESS, I URGE YOU TO TAKE THIS MATTER VERY SERIOUSLY.

It is your duty and obligation to protect the citizens of this country by putting human lives above corporate profits and those paid to protect insurance industry assets. It is time to put an end to the injustice that has been perpetrated by the dissemination of FALSE information (authored by paid defense witnesses), which currently prevents seriously ill and injured victims from receiving proper medical care, financial assistance, and the ability to recover legal damages from those whose negligent actions are responsible for their injuries.

Judy O’Reilly, San Diego, CA  I support.

William Nybo, Galena, Illinois, Please add me to the growing list of people concerned about Toxic Molds and their harmful effect on both human and animal cell properties. In this effort to move this subject out of the shadows of today’s somewhat restricted, yet acceptable, medical practice and into the subjective forefront of investigative research and development, I strongly urge the collaboration of experts from the scientific and medical communities, charged with a clear mandate, to advance a finding of fact and transparent conclusion necessary in this still unexplained, devastating attack on humanity.

Tonya Oberhaus, Fernandino Beach, FL  I support.

Marjorie Rosenfeld, Carlsbad, CA  I am writing to endorse the letter “Mold Issue, Citizen Request for Federal Interagency Public Health Advisory”

I am a California citizen who had a mold issue in a house I purchased in 1994. Mold was in the peripheral walls and under my bedroom floor tiles and could be smelled coming up from the grout between the bedroom tiles. The mold turned out to be due to a construction defect, although City Inspectors had signed off on the house. The weep screed, metal stripping which should have covered the crack between the slab and the “plate” (the first piece of lumber installed on top of the slab) had been installed incorrectly so that it was above the crack rather than covering it, thus allowing rainwater and water from power hosing to run down the outer walls of the house and roll into the walls through that crack. Getting rid of the mold required an extensive $11,000 repair, $8,000 of which I paid for myself.

My ceilings had to be buttressed, and the walls all along the outside periphery of my house had to be cut out, both outside and inside, to a height of about 2 feet up from the slab and the plate removed so that the slab could be scrubbed with a Clorox solution. Fortunately, it was summer and the slab dried quickly in the sun and fresh air. Then new plate and other lumber and dry wall were installed and painted. In my bedroom, the entire tile floor had to be removed and the slab scrubbed and then specially sealed and new tile and grout put down. This was quite something for a no-longer-young retired lady to go through, although I did end up with a clean, safe house. Mold is toxic, and, had it been allowed to stay and grow, my health would have been severely affected as I am hypersensitive to many different kinds of mold.

Lori Tondini, Author,  I support the need for a joint US Federal agency advisory reaching the private sector regarding illnesses caused by exposure to biological contaminants found in water damaged buildings. This should have been done a long time ago–would have possibly saved many people from DYING of mold exposure.

Gail  Shephard, Norwalk, CA  I give my full endorsement for and to the letter going out to CIAQ, MWG and OSHA  Re: Mold Issue, Citizen Request Federal Interagency Public Health Advisory

It is long over due that everyone in the Medical Field and especially MD’s, RNP’s and PA’s be properly educated in the field of Mycology.

It is absolutely imperative that correct information be distributed in recognizing symptoms and are also given the protocols of treatment for illnesses that are related to and stemming from the contaminants that are associated with Water Damaged Buildings, (WDB). Respectfully yours

Joseph Salowitz, Brooklyn, NY  I fully support this letter. We are falling so far behind other countries in researching the terrible effects of toxic mold exposure, we are becoming an embarrassment to the international medical community. For Gods sake, why doesn’t our government just “GOOGLE” this health issue and disregard the American “experts” who are being paid off by the health insurance industry and the liability insurance industry. There’s a big world out there. Has America become so isolationist, that we can not learn from the rest of the world?

John Shapiro, PACE Regional Director, Santa Fe NM Dear Sir/Madame: I am the regional Director for PACE, Protect all Children’s  Environment,  in that capacity I have seen first hand the devastating  effect Mold can have on both Civilian Families as well as Military Families and service members.  I have addressed these issues through National Radio shows, articles and testimony in front of theNew Mexicolegislation. 

Please allow this letter to serve as a request for your organization to address the rising levels of illness which have been linked to Mold in water contaminated buildings.  The overwhelming majority of our clients have been initially misdiagnosed, always with tragic results.

Mold illness has now been proven.  I have enclosed a few studies. The rising cost to society in ill health and resulting Medicare and Medicaid cost and Social Security Disability Benefits and Veterans Benefits,  to say nothing of the devastating cost to individuals and families and  children threatens the economic security of the United States.. 

Prevention, early and accurate diagnosis  and early intervention are still the most cost efficient method of addressing this growing problem, with avoidance and proper treatment many individuals often maintain Health, Career and Economic  independence.

Pati Tomsits, Irvine, CA  Dear Sir/Madam: I support & endorse the urgent need for a reliable joint US Federal agency advisory to reach the private sector regarding illnesses caused by exposure[s] to biological contaminants found in water-damaged buildings to assure accurate scientific information is reaching US private sector physicians & their organizations, ALL health departments, & the general public to protect the health, safety, & welfare of the American people.

Dana Toliver, Pasadena, CA  Toxic mold can and does make many people sick & not just those who are immunocompromised! Doctors need to be better educated about the effects of toxic mold exposure. Chronic low level exposure and/or high level exposure cause chronic health problems.

Jack Dwayne Thrasher, Ph.D.
I fully endorse and support this effort.

Michael Varada, Roselle, IL I am emailing you supporting the letters to the CIAQ, MWG & OSHA. I have been sick for almost 3 years and the public, especially the government and the medical community, needs to be aware of the dangers of mold. Thank you for your efforts.

Bill Vanderbilt  There are many things in the world that have a negative effect on human life but few things have the impact that toxic mold has.. Many thousands of lives are destroyed each year because of exposure to toxic mold and most of this problem goes unnoticed. There are many things in this world that are negatively impacted by politics and greed too.. This may be the case with mold..Nobody wants to face the liability for mold and it is obvious that those with a vested interest are being protected by politicians and corporate sponsored research. The independent research tells a much different story about mold and it’s effects on human health. In fact,, independent research is very much in line with what was know about mold in the days of the bible. Leviticus,,Chap 14 shows clearly that there was an understanding of mold even back then.. What has happened to that knowledge over these generations.. Perhaps that can be explained by politics and greed.. The real science hasn’t really changed all that much.

Sherry Wied, Bill Wied, Sleepy Hollow, IL  We fully endorse the aforementioned letter to the CIAQ, MWG & OSHA requesting assistance to assure public and worker protection from illnesses caused by exposure to biological contaminants found in water damaged buildings.

Victoria R. Ward, Santa Barbara, CA  I became very sick from mold exposure in two consecutive homes.  I could not parallel park or pick up coins or make change for a significant period.  My fingers still do not work properly.  I leave aside many other symptoms.  My animals were affected severely, leading to the deaths of two dogs and two cats, at least.  It took time to understand what was wrong with me and time to move, twice.  Although I am still an invalid to some extent, and don’t get out much, I have still run into many people who have had debilitating problems or know those who have. I am enthusiastically in support of the request for consistency and wide dissemination of a truthful public advisory on mold.

Jonathan Lee Wright, Former Director, Fungal Disease Resource Center, Inc, A Colorado 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation, Estes Park, Colorado  Sirs and Madams –The letter being presented by the public health advocate group Katy’s Exposure to you and your representative agencies has my full endorsement and support. The history and political dynamic that has created the current crises surrounding “Toxic Mold” has been thoroughly analyzed and is completely understood.  This is now a matter of public record, as are the persons and entities involved.  

You have been charged with a Public Trust in your respective appointments to address this issue, and I caution you in the strongest possible terms to consider the ramifications of your future actions in regards to it. 

Greg Weatherman, CMC, aerobioLogical Solutions, Inc. Arlington VA  To whom it concerns, I fully support the letter on website for Katie’s Exposure titled: MOLD ISSUE: Please Join Us in Request for US Federal, Public Health Advisory

I have been working with people who suffer enormous health and financial problems from indoor mold growth that could be greatly minimized if better public health education efforts were made by the Federal government. Courts can not make good rulings with unclear public policy. This creates more litigation and personal financial ruin. The road to controlling litigation is paved by clear government policy supported by science rather than special interest supported by junk science.

C. T. Weber, California  I endorse

Jamie Jameson, Pleasant Hill, CA  I support

Michael A. Pinto, CSP, CMP, Wonder Makers Environmental, Michigan  I am the author of the first textbook on mold remediation and instructor for numerous classes related to mold contamination investigation and remediation. I support the need for a federal interagency health advisory.  

Sharon Kramer, San Diego, CA The newly released Reference Manual on Scientific Evidence, Third Edition, states, “Models are idealized mathematical expressions of the relationship between two or more variables. They are usually derived from basic physical and chemical principles that are well established under idealized circumstances, but may not be validated under actual field conditions. Models thus cannot generate completely accurate predictions of chemical concentrations in the environment.” 

In this issue, it has been prevalent since 2002 for some toxicologists to serve as expert witnesses for insurers, employers and other financial stakeholders of WDB, while making the claim that serious toxicological illnesses are scientifically proven “Could not be” caused by WDB. This flawed science has permeated private sector policy, medical associations and many courtrooms. It is based solely on extrapolations applied to data taken from a single rodent study, i.e., a modeling theory.  This modeling theory has been used extensively in this issue to sell doubt of causation in the courtroom and to deny/delay settlement of claims; while aiding to confuseUS public health policy, US physicians and US courts.

It needs to be firmly established in federal policy over the “Mold Issue” that while toxicological risk assessment models may be helpful in some situations to set general exposure guidelines; it is not valid science to state that it has been proven individual illnesses “Could not be” caused by the contaminants in WDB based solely on a risk assessment model.

A CIAQ MWG advisory in conjunction with OSHA and stating such would aid tremendously to curtail the delaying and denying of private entity, financial responsibility for causation of illness. It would save the taxpayers many dollars from sick people no longer needing to turn to social services for survival because of false “scientific proof” of lack of causation of their illness. It would help to raise physician and public awareness that these serious illnesses caused or worsened by WDB contaminants are indeed, plausibly occurring — thereby alerting occupants and workers of the potential for illness prior to their becoming extremely sick and/or permanently disabled from continued exposure to the unknown danger.

Phil, Laura, Sarany and Dr. Michaels, please make it happen.  You hold the key to saving thousands from financial ruin and a lifetime of unnecessary misery and illness.  One brief public statement coming collectively from multiple US federal agencies and acknowledging that these serious illnesses are plausibly occurring will change the world for many.

About Sharon Kramer

Hi, I'm an advocate for integrity in health marketing and in the courts.
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17 Responses to MOLD ISSUE: Scientists, Physicians & Citizens Request Joint US Federal Agency Public Health Advisory

  1. I and my family lived with mold for 3 years due to ignorance of how seriously it can affect your health. We are all very ill, with problems ranging from hypoglycemia and reactions to chemicals, to heart irregularities and dizzy spells. If only we had known and then when we did find out, if only people had known how to deal with it instead of making us even more ill. I support this request 100%.

  2. Khaly Castle says:

    As a sufferer and patient advocate, I also endorse this request. My own family lost everything we had due to toxic mold exposure, nearly including our lives. I’ve seen it happen to many others as well, in the course of advocacy work. We received no help from any government agencies, although we tried. We received no proper medical care, because the medical community is highly undereducated about this paradigm. We received no relief from our mortgage holder, the city (after floods that incurred FEMA involvement), or anyone else. We were left to die.

  3. diane Johnson says:

    the health and well being of the citizenry is always left out of the equation when corporate profits are seen as more important. Even medial atrocities and murder in insurance fraud are never mentioned or prosecuted. I doubt anything can get past the lobby money…. thats why I left the u.s.a. for good. iris

  4. Melanie Anne Helland says:

    I am almost too sick to type this after living in an apartment with toxic mold. I’ve been fighting for my life and have not been able to find adequate medical care. I went from running marathons to near death in a matter of months. We need legislation and someone needs to accept the liability for mold. Men, women, and children are dying from this!!! We need help.

  5. Patricia Roemer Sunset, SC I endorse this request

  6. Pam Bennetch says:

    Please know that mold/indoor air quality from my employment (government building) has made it so that I can no longer be gainfully employed after a 26 year career as a social services worker. It is a struggle each day to just exist. I now have chemical sensitivity secondary to mold exposure. There is no cure. I have suffered neurological damage as well as damage to my immune system. I can no longer travel or spend time away from my home. I have constant headaches, body aches and sinus issues. Since most allopathic physicians do not deal with mold issues or chemical sensitivity issues, my insurance will not pay for much of the care I need from environmental illness specialists. I’ve been denied Social Security and my disability from my employment will end, leaving me without income or health insurance. A lot of my co-workers feel they have no choice but to stay and work in the sick building and suffer respiratory ailments, rashes, cancer, etc. I support this and endorse it.

  7. Lori Tondini says:

    I support this and endorse it. Two important things must happen, in order to stop this 100% avoidable illness-Informative and truthful information to the general public and all public/private schools, corporations, etc. regarding the serious health issues attributed to living/working/going to school in moldy and water-damaged buildings and the insitution of laws to make building owners accountable for keeping buildings safe and liable for illness/damage acquired from exposure to toxins from contaminated buildings.

  8. We fully support and endorse this letter. My family has been severely impacted by contaminants in a Water Damaged Building in which Insurance, Gov and FEMA left us after the hurricanes. We became disabled and are now in desperate need of help all the time. Homeless. We could have continued to work and been self sufficient if it weren’t for the ignorance on this subject of WDB by Dr’s, state offices, Gov offices and the Insurance deceit that is involved in this matter. The economy of this country is impacted by those who could be working but are now disabled by no choice of their own. Thousands now on disability and financial aid due to WDB which could have been avoided if not for the deceit.

    I have 3 Terminal lung diseases and severe anaphalaxis, we suffer from Chronic Brain Inflammation as a result and although you pay for one Dr visit after another we have no care due to the miss information in the medical community. Monies wasted on Dr’s by Gov only to receive no care what so ever. While we sit and suffer needlessly. Now in need of special housing that also does not exist. Mold and it’s contamination in WDB kills maybe not everyone but can have serious and deadly consequences. Please get the right information to the Dr’s , Gov agencies, FEMA, and US Courts to end the deceit that has taken many many lives.

    Uninformed decisions are being made against those of us whom have been impacted by Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome – Water Damaged Buildings, an established illness cause by mold and the contaminants of a Water Damaged Building. Which in turn is also leading to cases of discrimination with severe consequences for those of us affected. Insurance companies such as Vanguard, USF&G, FEMA and the states FIGA should not be allowed to get away with crimes against humanity nor the courts. Health Depts must be informed. Action must be taken. Thousands of lives are at stake.

  9. Jeanine Moseley says:

    To those conserned, and everyone should be.

    From 1994 up to the present exposure to mold and it’s byproducts and other contaminants involved in water damaged buildings and illness caused by that exposure have severely affected my life.
    I was 32 years old, in 2012 it well be 20 years of loss of what should have been some of the best years of my life. I was a healthy, pretty young lady and had alot going for me, I was working and buying my own home and raiseing my two daughters.
    everything changed, I could no longer work, I could no longer be there for my daughters like I needed to be. I’m now disabled, and live on welfare.
    I have missed out on the joy of being involved in my grandchildrens lives like I wanted to be.
    I well no longer travel like I had planed, every hobbie I enjoyed I can no longer partake in,
    I have lost my home,my health and the chance of ever haveing anything close to a normal life again.
    my exposures caused severe damage to my whole body and left me with severe anaphylaxis and anaphylactoid, allergic and non-allergic hypersensitivities with mutiple organ involvement, includeing the brain. I was in a pretty contant state of siezure type effects to my brain, severe stomach issues,lung issues,sinus issues, vision issues,chronic fatique,whole body pain,and fell down alot because my feet would drag behind and trip me, and my body was in a very weak state during this time which was for several years after my exposure, I had to move many times because no matter where I lived there was always something involved with the home or the area around the home that aggervated my hypersensitivity’s to the point I could not get any relief, simply put, it was hell on earth. it still basicly is, because in order for me to function well enough to write this letter I have no choise but to live a very lonely secluded life in order to avoid all the things
    out there in the real world that everyone esle can tolerate being around everyday.
    never in my wildest dreams would I have ever thought this is how my life would end up,never.
    and this can happen to anyone, no one is immune to this and awareness of this disease and it’s causes are long over due.
    this hasn’t just hurt me but has hurt my whole family in so many ways and even they dont really understand because of the lack of information out there which hurts me even more.
    5 years ago after finally learning something about how I now have to live me life in order to get some relief, I managed to function well enough (although still very disfunctional) to get on line and find a support group where sence than I have met many others going through what I am, sometimes it’s so depressing I have to take breaks from the group. I have tried, like many others to help any way I can.
    it makes me so angry to know that all this could have been easily advoided had doctors and the public
    been made aware of the damages that these exposures can do. early reconition and prevention was all it would have took for me and many others out there to remain in the real world, employed and productive
    and have the life and dreams that all other people have.
    we all are aware that money and greed basicly is why we are here today, why there has been denial on this issue for several years. how many other diseases cause you to suffer even more so because of greed and corruption? if you can possably imagion what it’s like to have doctors tell you your nuts
    when you try to explain why you are seeking them out, insurance companies that you payed for denieing coverage, lawyers refuseing to take a case for you or takeing it and doing nothing or doing it wrong,
    and even family who love you thinking you must of somehow just up and lost your mind because they are ignorant thanks to the denial that has been going on. I’ve been through hard times before, I’m a strong minded person, but this has broken me down. I understand why some take their own lifes, not only can the exposure alter you moods,severely in some cases, but some who were not able to educate theirself to understand that they now had to basic try to live in a bubble,practice advoidance of everything that they now were hypersensitive to,who dont find any level of relief just cant deal with it. many times I wanted to end the suffering too.
    to have a disease that basicly causes the air you breath,to be a possable danger to you should speak loudly for itself.
    and it’s only going to get worse, more and more people well be disabled if somebody doesn’t do something about it now. sticking our heads in the sand and thinking it well all go away is not going to work with this, something has got to be done and done now.
    this is not just about mold and water damaged buildings, this is about toxicity,chemicals in our land,water and air. our children and grandchildren well not have a future if we dont make changes,NOW!
    ignorance may be blessed but only if you and your family are lucky enough to never have to endure this disease and believe me millions are being affected now, to one point or another weither they reconize it or not.

  10. sharonkramer says:

    Award winning reporter, Leslie Brodie, writes of our message on Katy’s, seeking help from EPA/OSHA to stop the misinformation in public health policy and in US courts, wrongfully downplaying the serious illnesses caused and worsened by exposure to contaminants in water damaged buildings.

    Thank you, Leslie, for helping us to get sunlight on this very serious matter!

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  12. It’s about time our federal government takes this issue seriously and gets proper information out to US doctors. Thousands of lives have been destroyed while they have sat around and twiddled their thumbs, afraid to cross compromised politicians who are in the pockets of the US Chamber of Commerce.

  13. Meredith says:

    We need to define mold and indoor air quality so that OSHA and EPA and NIOSH have something to do. They all hung me out to dry when I was becoming sicker and sicker in a public school in Fontana, Ca. Many others are sick because no one is made to answer to the illnesses a water damaged building can do. Children and teachers are pawns in this scheme to protect the business of school and builders.

  14. My name is Stephanie A. Weiss-Wood,
    I am a victim of Mold Exposure, in a water damaged building that is now currently occupied and being rented. This building made me extremely ill, has cost me my health and my finances. THE STASTICS ARE ONE IN FOUR WILL BE AFFECTED ADVERSELY FROM A WATER DAMAGED PROPERTY. I am lost without competent medical care, have spent thousands of dollars in an attempt to live a healthy life free of pain, chronic illness, and now am concerned about my hearing. I FEEL AS THOUGH I WILL DIE OF MY OWN BODIES INABILITY TO CONTINUE TO FIGHT THIS BATTLE. I FEEL LIKE A RAG DOLL, FULL OF NATURAL SUPPLEMENTS, STRUGGLING TO GET THROUGH A DAY WITHOUT A FOGGY HEAD, AND ALL THE OTHER CRAP THAT FOLLOWS ME DAILY. KINOWING I CAN GET AN EXPOSURE AT ANYTIME, HYPERSENSITIVE TO ALMOST EVERYTHING, SOMETIMES I WONDER IF LIVING IS WORTH ALL THIS? A COMMON THOUGHT AMOUNGST MOST PEOPLE AFFECTED BY THIS HORRIBLE SITUATION. As I do continue to trudge on, you will always hear me preach, even when the person looking at me thinks I am crazy. Nice, huh, very ill, cant get resolve, and then thought of as crazy? Please help us to get the help we need, recognize this as an illness, and bring this issue to the table!!!!! Leesburg,VA 703-477-9237

  15. I support this request and I endorse it.

    Gil Mileikowsky MD  

    – President and Founder, 

    – Alliance For Patient Safety, AFPS,


  16. As a US citizen who almost lost her life to a water damaged building, while the homeowner insurance ackloweged that they instructed me to work along side the ServPro personnel without personal protective euipment and who lost her left upper jaw, 5 teeth, the left maxiallary sinus and left hard palatte – I know first hand what mold can do. I was infected with mucor and 2 strains of actiomycosis, plus other bacteria/fungi. I suffered renal failure from the Amp B fungal meds, but am still here today, with a drastic “new normal”, but I am still here. No medical/dental or homeowners insurance will cover the cost for me to have a smile with teeth, so I must live out the rest of my days with a toothless smile, speech issues and people looking at me like I an a freek – all because our government and insurance carriers refuse to “do the right thing.” As a nation, we need to step up the plate and do what other countries have done and stop playing politics. Insurance companies like Allstate and Anthem should not be allowed to do this. Businesses like ServPro need to have qualified people that work for them, our physicians in the US need to be better taught to recognize and treat fungal diseases in people with allergies and mold related exposures.

    Please do the right thing and get the US on the right page in regards to mold and damaged buildings. I will be willing to testify to any governmental body in regards to this subject.

  17. I support this request and I endorse it. I have been through a toxic mold flood and it was horrible. Ms. Carol Long,Houing Director,Poway,California

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