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Bruce Kelman, Bryan Hardin & Veritox v. Sharon Kramer ~the games play on in the corrupt courts of California as Hurricane Sandy mold caused injuries mount daily

DECLARATION UNDER DURESS OF SHARON KRAMER I am not going to publish criminal perjury on the internet and I am not going to pay the courts $3000.00 for refusing to publish criminal perjury on the internet. On September 09, 2012, … Continue reading

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Pardon Our French, But S’entendant pour frauder le public est criminelle. Justices Judy McConnell, Dick Huffman, Ron George & Co. You’ve Been Caught RED HANDED Colluding With The US Chamber of Commerce To Defraud The Public By Criminal Means…..

…..and as hard as you try; you can not use the California courts and the Court Case Management System (CCMS) to bully us into silence and conceal or what you have done. We are always direct here at Katy’s Exposure. … Continue reading

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Letter From Clerk of the San Diego Superior Court, Mr. Michael Roddy RE: Government Code 6200 Violations, CCMS & Case Records Over A Matter Of Public Health…The “Mold Issue”

This litigation is regarding how it became a fraud in US public health policy that it was scientifically proven moldy buildings do not harm and what the California courts have done to aid it to continue in policy. In 2002, … Continue reading

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Is The California Court Case Management System (CCMS) Being Misused For Politics In Policy & Litigation…..And The Fleecing Of The California Taxpayer Over The Mold Issue?

        Could someone please explain to us why an author of fraudulent medico-legal policy over the mold issue for the US Chamber of Commerce with strong ties to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, has been an undisclosed … Continue reading

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Oh Boy! ACOEM seems to be at it again! Wonder if the US Chamber and the Manhattan Institute think-tank are going to pay their revisers of their Mold Illness Policy to write a “lay translation” for judges just like last time? Wonder if they used expert defense witnesses from Big Tobacco to write this one, too?

TOXLAW: Posted by Sharon Kramer on 1/22/11 ACOEM New Mold Guidelines Ready Within Weeks Seems ACOEM is not interested in any public, physician or IAQ professional comment prior to finalizing their new mold guidelines. Wonder if the US Chamber of … Continue reading

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