3.11.19 Request for U.S. Senate Intervention to Stop Fraud & Retaliation in the Mold Issue

“I will be in DC from March 20th to March 23rd. I have several meetings scheduled with U.S. Senate Legislative Assistants (LA). If you are serious about wanting to get to the bottom of how this issue has been able to get so out of control (and not just showboating because the media spotlight is again shining); you can contact me by phone or email to schedule a meeting. What I intend to accomplish while in D.C. are two things:…”


Sharon Noonan Kramer

To the Honorable forty-eight U.S. Senators who serve on the HELP & Arms Services Committees, California’s U.S. Senators Dianne Feinstein & Kamala Harris, and Virginia’s U.S. Senator Mark Warner (Sent by faxes and/or emails on 3/11 to 3/13)  PDF of actual fax.

RE: 1.) Request for U.S Senate intervention to eradicate fraudulent medico-legal practices that are devastating military families residing in moldy housing and thousands of others. 2.) Request for protection from joined-unclean-hands-retaliation by bad actors in California government with the USDOJ’s toxicologist expert defense witnesses in military housing mold cases – for my bringing this matter to U.S. Senators’ attention.

Dear Senators,

On October 5, 2018, I was warned by a San Diego County California Superior Court judge not to blog of this matter. However, it would not be in the public’s or my best interest to adhere to the thinly veiled threat of more retaliation for my refusal of silence. Nor would it help me to help you to stop the deeply seated scientific fraud that is used to discriminate and retaliate against our sick military families residing in moldy military housing (water damaged buildings WDB).

As such, these requests made to each of you may be read online at Katy’s Exposure blog under the title of “3.11.19 Request for U.S. Senate Intervention to Stop Fraud & Retaliation in the Mold Issue.” The footnotes to this fax are working links on the blog.

I have a degree in marketing and am nationally recognized as an effective advocate for integrity in government health-marketing and honest medico-legal practices in the mold issue.[1]

Fourteen years ago this month, I published a writing on PRWeb as a public service announcement. [2] It was the first writing to expose who was mass marketing a bogus toxicological risk assessment model; and how it was misused as falsely claimed proof that mycotoxins (toxic mold) could never reach a level in WDBs to harm anyone, when denying insurer (and government) liability for causation of disabilities and deaths. I refer to the bogus risk assessment model as the “GlobalTox Paper” or the “Veritox Theory”[3]. (GlobalTox, Inc. is now Veritox, Inc. Bruce Kelman is president of the environmental risk management corporation, headquartered in Redmond, WA[4])

For fourteen years, California court officers have been systematically framing me for libel for the writing and suppressing the direct evidence of the plaintiff Kelman’s perjury while strategically litigating together to keep the medico-legal fraud that I exposed, going from coast to coast.[5][6]

[1] SurvivingMold.Com “Woman with Stones
[2] PRWeb.Com 3/09/05 “Jury Finds ‘Toxic Mold’ Harmed Oregon Family, Builder’s Arbitration Clause Not Binding”
[3] The bogus Veritox Theory
[4] Veritox, Inc. website
[5] Bruce J. Kelman & GlobalTox, Inc. v. Sharon Kramer Case No. GIN044530 North San Diego  Superior  Court, May 2005 to when the local judges and justices stop framing me for libel on behalf of the USDOJ’s toxicology expert defense witnesses & cease suppressing the direct evidence that Veritox president, Bruce Kelman, committed perjury to manufacture malice while strategically litigating.
[6] 10/25/10 Complaint to CJP & Governor Schwarzenegger for San Diego jurists suppressing direct evidence of plaintiff Kelman’s perjury while strategically litigating against public participation SLAPP


Since ten days after I reported the judicial willful legal errors (case fixing) to the California judges’ ethics oversight agency (Commission on Judicial Performance CJP)[7] and Governor Schwarzenegger on October 25, 2010; the San Diego jurists, Veritox, Inc., and attorney, have been unlawfully trying to permanently enjoin me from telling what they are doing.[8]

No fear of being held accountable, they resorted to terrorizing criminal means while trying to scare me into silence. They jailed me for refusing to sign a piece of paper saying “I do not believe Dr. Kelman committed perjury.“[9] While I was in jail, Mr. Kelman was testifying for the defense in Orange County California for the District Attorney’s office. [10]

The purpose of their relentless fraud upon the court is to keep the medico-legal fraud that I exposed in my 2005 writing, viable in dishonest insurer claims handling practices and mold litigations from coast to coast, including in moldy military housing cases.[11]

The plaintiffs in the fixed California litigations are the creators of the bogus risk model – the toxicologist owners of Veritox, Inc. (see fn 16. There is a front page Wall Street Journal article of how they got their junk science marketed into policies.)

In addition to being hired by insurers’ defense attorneys, they are the United States Department of Justice’s (USDOJ) toxicologist expert defense witnesses in military housing mold litigations. They rely upon the fraud that I exposed to defeat federal liability for disabilities caused by negligent acts causing toxic mold to grow in military housing. [12]

They will not stop framing me for libel in California and terrorizing me with appellate court obstructed-from-being-vacated void judgments. [13] They cannot stop without exposing that they know what they have been doing to me is criminal and is harming thousands across the United States, including military families residing in moldy military housing.

Thus far, no one in California government, including Chief Justice Cantil-Sakayue and Attorney General Xavier Becerra will make them stop obstructing justice for thousands by criminally obstructing justice for one.[14]

Quid pro quo, the USDOJ has also refused multiple times to intercede to stop the relentless California judicial case fixing on behalf of the USDOJ’s dishonest toxicologist expert defense witnesses in military housing mold litigations.[15]

One of the toxicologists, Bryan Hardin, Ph.D., retired as a deputy director of CDC NIOSH in 2001. This was shortly before becoming a co-owner of Veritox, Inc., concocting the bogus risk assessment model with co-Veritox owner Bruce Kelman Ph.D, and becoming an expert witness for the defense in private sector and government mold litigations, nationwide.[16]

CDC ATSDR continues to stealthily fund the marketing of the medico-legal junk science into U.S. physician educational materials and enables it to continue to be used in toxic torts. [17]


[7] CJP is currently being audited because of the many complaints for enabling judicial case fixings around the state.
[8] Bruce J. Kelman v Sharon Kramer Case No. 37-2010-00061530-CU-DF-NC North San Diego Superior Court Nov 4, 2010 to when the local court officers are made to admit that they fixed a SLAPP suit for federal contractors, used this case to try to permanently enjoin me from telling, and put me in jail for refusing to sign a document containing the false sentence “I do not believe Dr. Kelman committed perjury.”
[9] 3/09/12 The Big Lie that I refused to sign and was sent to jail for refusing to sign it.
[10] 3/13/12 Kelman for the defense in Orange County CA in the injured Social Security office workers’ case.
[11] 1/13/12 U.S. Navy telling WTKR reporters that they relied on Veritox’s junk science in a Lincoln Military Housing mold matter – when assuring the families that they were relying on “evidence-based medicine”.
[12] 2/15/06 Bruce J. Kelman for the USDOJ in a mold military housing case.
[13] 11/11/15 Request to Fourth District Division One Court of Appeals (4th/1st) Administrative Presiding Justice Judith McConnell to “grow a conscience” “people are dying from your fraud upon the court”
[14]2/09/17 Request to the Commission on Judicial Appointments (COJA) to not confirm Governor Brown’s appointment of San Diego Superior Court Judge William Dato to the 4th/1st on the grounds of honest services fraud.
[15] 12/16 USDOJ refusal to prosecute Justice McConnell, Mr. Kelman, et.al. for case fixing in CA. (and another earlier refusal)
[16] 1/10/07 Wall Street Journal Court of Opinion, Amid Suits Over Mold Experts Wear Two Hats, Authors of Science Papers Also Serve For the Defense In Mold Litigations”
[17] 2016 Request to CDC Director, et.al. to cease funding ACMT (who promotes the Veritox Theory) to disseminate information to medical association nonprofits.


U.S. Senate HELP’s role causing the medico-legal fraud and retaliation to continue.

On January 12, 2006, I moderated a U.S. Senate staff briefing titled “The Health Effects of Mycotoxins and Molds ”[18]. It was sponsored by the late Senator Kennedy as minority chair of HELP and the late Senator James Jeffords as the minority chair of the Environment & Public Works Committee. The panelists of my choosing were an ENT, a microbiologist, an immunologist and a biotoxins treating physician — all with superior knowledge of the true health hazards caused by WDBs and the misinformation promoted by government and their expert defense witnesses.

On October 20, 2006, Senator Kennedy ordered a federal GAO audit of the issue at my instant urging. [19] Unfortunately, the following was deleted from the scope of the audit in February of 2007, which gutted any possibility of accountability for the fraud which continues to plague the mold issue to this very day:

“What medical and scientific standards are used in determining the admissibility of evidence of both acute and persistent health consequences resulting from exposure to mold? Which individuals and organizations have promulgated these standards and what, if any, conflicts of interest exist regarding these standards?”

Because of the deletion of the above from the audit scope, the answers to the above questions are the same today as they were when they went unanswered and enabled to continue by an incomplete federal audit report of 2008. [20]

The medical and scientific standards are based on two dishonest “experts” armed solely with Ph.D.s and a calculator applying extrapolations to data they took from one researcher who blasted mold into the throats of rats (the Veritox Theory); along with another less than honest mold expert defense witness who is an immunologist affiliated with the University of California, Andrew Saxon, MD.

Additional parties who promulgate the medico-legal fraud with the esteemed University of California’s name on it via Dr. Saxon, are “nonprofit” associations whose position statements, white papers, and medical journals legitimize the scientific fraud in physician educational materials, public health policies, insurer claims handling practices and toxic torts.

The conflicts of interest are that many have profited from the proliferation of medico-legal fraud and frauds upon the court that are purposed to cheat the military families (and thousands more) via helping the insurance industry and government agencies to avoid financial responsibility for causation of disabilities and deaths from WDB exposures. And still others, whose jobs it is to protect the health and safety of the of the American public have, at best, turned blind eyes while this national disgrace has raged on.


[18] 1/12/06 Senate Staff InvitationsSenate Staff Invitations to “The Health Effects of Molds and Mycotoxins”
[19] 10/20/06 Senator Kennedy’s original request Senator Kennedy’s original request Senator Kennedy’s original request for GAO audit in complete scope
[20] 10/15/08 “Indoor Mold: Better Coordination of Research on Health Effects and More Consistent Guidance Would Improve Federal Efforts”


The misuse of the Veritox Theory is now in its seventeenth year. The public deserves some answers as to why that is.

I will be in DC from March 20th to March 23rd.

I have several meetings scheduled with U.S. Senate Legislative Assistants (LA). If you are serious about wanting to get to the bottom of how this issue has been able to get so out of control (and not just showboating because the media spotlight is again shining); you can contact me by phone or email to schedule a meeting. What I intend to accomplish while in D.C. are two things:

A.  Cause U.S. Senators to sink of fleet of deceit which sails the government backed medico-legal fraud, the Veritox Theory, across the United States with the flag of University of California proudly waving; and to cause investigation of how they have stayed afloat for so long. The fleet:

1. 2002 nonprofit American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine (ACOEM) [21] “Adverse Human Health Effects Associated with Molds in the Indoor Environment” by Bruce J. Kelman & Bryan Hardin of Veritox, Inc. and Andrew Saxon of UCLA. Published in the Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine (JOEM)

2. 2003 nonprofit U.S. Chamber Institute for Legal Reform (ILR) & nonprofit Manhattan Institute Center for Legal Policy (CLP) [22] “A Scientific View of the Health Effects of Mold”. Stated authorship: Bruce J. Kelman, Bryan Hardin, Coreen Robbins of Veritox, Inc. and Andrew Saxon of UCLA.

(Kelman & Hardin were paid for this paper. [23] Saxon claims under oath that he did not author it.[24] So how did the legitimizing UC name get on it and why do the UC Regents refuse to cause its retraction, even when being aware that it is used for the defense in interstate mold litigations???? [25])

3. 2006 nonprofit American Academy of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology (AAAAI) [26] “The Medical Effects of Mold Exposure”. Stated authorship: Andrew Saxon of UCLA, Robert Bush of University of Wisconsin, Abba I. Terr of Stanford University, Robert Wood of Johns Hopkins Hospital, and Jay Portnoy of Children’s Mercy Hospital of Kansas City Published in the Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology (JACI)

(Dr. Portnoy has stated in writing that he did not contribute to this paper after Dr. Saxon rewrote his work and did not even know that it had been published by the AAAAI with his name on it – until I told him [27])

4. 2006 nonprofit American College of Medical Toxicology (ACMT) [28] “Institute of Medicine Report on Damp Indoor Spaces and Health” by Daniel Sudakin of Veritox, Inc. and Thomas Kurt (This paper is a dishonest critique of the 2004 IOM Damp Indoor Spaces & Health Report’s toxicity section. It is a rehash of the above three papers. Drs. Sudakin & Kurt are expert defense witnesses in mold litigations as are other ACMT members. CDC ATSDR funds ACMT to disseminate information for “nonprofit” medical associations see fn 17)


[21] The ACOEM Mold Statement
[22] The US Chamber Mold Statement  (listing Andrew Saxon of UCLA as co-author)
[23] Manhattan Institute’s canceled checks to Bruce Kelman and Bryan Hardin of Veritox, Inc.; their billable hours; and the contract.
[24] 11/06 Saxon testimony stating he did not co-author the US Chamber Mold Statement
[25] 05/15/10 ACHEMMIC letter to UC Regents, Governor Schwarzenegger & UC President making them aware that the National Apartment Association (NAA) submitted an amicus brief for the defense in an AZ mold litigation which cited to the US Chamber Mold Statement w/the UC name on it. Kelman & Saxon were experts. The PPV military housing landlords are also NAA members who use the same fraud to defeat liability for disabling military families.
[26] The AAAAI Mold Statement
[27] 2/07 Portnoy emails to AAAAI BOD
[28] The ACMT Mold Statement


B.  Find help to make multiple bad actors in the State of California stop criminally terrorizing me with and on behalf of, the USDOJ’s dishonest toxicologist expert defense witnesses at Veritox, Inc. and their California attorneys. [29][30] I am sending this fax and seeking help with great trepidation that I will be physically hurt again under the color of law in California for doing it.

The above is just the tip of the iceberg of what I know. I am a medical journal published author on the subject. [31] I am aware that the WDB Big Lie started around the same time that the Iraq WMD Big Lie began. I suspect that some of you old timers on the Hill know even more than I do about how and why the Congressional Mold Work Group was formed in 2002 by U.S. Congressman Gary Miller (R-CA) et.al.; and why U.S. Congressman Henry Waxman (D-CA) refused to investigate the matter in 2007 when he was Chair of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform.[32]

I am bringing current direct evidence of how the scope of the GAO audit being gutted by HELP in 2007 and the relentless case fixing in California are together, the root cause of how WDB stakeholders, including the PPV military housing landlords and their insurers, are enabled to get away with retaliating when harmed-parties complain of being sickened by their moldy habitats and work environments. (recent expert defense witness opinions relying on the Veritox Theory & Saxon’s “immunobabble”)

I am not hopeful that my senators will be of great help. Senator Feinstein’s husband was a U.C. Regent beginning in 2002 when the UC name began to be misused to promote the medico-legal fraud of Veritox. He was still a Regent in 2010 when the refusal to remove the UC name from the fraud, came. Her daughter was a CJP Commissioner in 2010 (with the primary case-fixer Justice Judith McConnell) when I complained of McConnell et.al. case fixing for Veritox in San Diego — and was swiftly retaliated against for doing so. Senator Feinstein’s LAs have much of this evidence already. [33] They have refused to meet with me in D.C. in March 2019.

Senator Harris refused to intercede to stop the judicial case fixing on behalf of the USDOJ’s expert defense witnesses when serving as California’s Attorney General. [34] I am appreciative that her LAs have graciously agreed to meet while I am in D.C.

One may also view the evidence to corroborate the above statements on my YouTube channel. I made a three-hour movie complete with fraudulent court documents and videos of Chief Justice Cantil-Sakayue & Attorney General Becerra cracking jokes about “harmless error” while rewarding for the judicial case fixing; and thus causing Veritox’s medico-legal fraud to continue, nationwide. It is titled “The Toxic Judgment, Veritox v. Kramer October 4, 2018” [35].

Please make this scientific fraud stop!

Sharon Noonan Kramer

California Chief Justice Cantil-Sakayue
California Attorney General Xavier Becerra


[29] On 6/04/18 I caught the San Diego County Records Dept backdating a fraudulent entry into the electronic case file as occurring on 9/24/08
[30] They used it in 7/18 to renew SLAPP’s ten year old Void Judgment that does not state by decree that the jury found I was not guilty of libeling Veritox. This appellate court obstructed from being vacated Void Judgement is the criminal lynch-pin to ALL the above described fraud. It is the document they used to jail me and continue to use to frame me for libel with Veritox, Inc.
[31] 6/07 ACOEM, A Professional Association In Service To Industry (International Journal of Occ-Env Health)
[32] 7/08 Video of Bruce Kelman laughing in deposition about the 20+ orgs from across the U.S. representing thousands who were asking Waxman to investigate. (to be uploaded on 3/12/19)
[33] 3/06/19 What Senator Feinstein is aware of & two page request for protection/investigation.
[34] 3/11 Attorney General Harris refusing to prosecute for the case fixing (and Brown sending me to her again in 2015)
[35] The Toxic Judgment Veritox v. Kramer October 4, 2018. (see beginning at 1 hour 24 min in for the not even close to funny “harmless error” jokes while promoting a case-fixing judge to be an appellate justice)

UPDATE 3/17/19  Health Impact News, “One Woman’s Relentless Pursuit of the Truth as a Toxic Mold Whistle-blower”

About the Author: John P. Thomas is a health writer for Health Impact News. He holds a B.A. in Psychology from the University of Michigan, and a Master of Science in Public Health (M.S.P.H.) from the School of Public Health, Department of Health Administration, at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

“It is a story about how scientists were hired to prepare two reports designed to prove that long-term indoor mold exposure does not harm human health, and how judicial corruption has protected that faulty science from being discredited.

It is the story of how the legal system has been used as a weapon to try to silence Sharon Kramer for telling the truth about judicial corruption in California and for talking about the practice of toxicology is being misused by experts who testify for the defense in mold trials.”

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12 Adenovirus Deaths While Inhabiting Moldy Environments. Request to CDC for Better Health Advisories.

November 30, 2018

Dr. Robert Redfield, Director
1700 Clifton Rd NE
Atlanta, GA 30329

Copies to: Alex Azar II, Secretary of DHHS; U.S. Senators Lamar Alexander & Patty Murray, Chair & Ranking Member Senate HELP; U.S. Senators Dianne Feinstein & Kamala Harris (CA); CA Attorney General Xavier Becerra; and the Board of Directors of the Association of Occupational and Environmental Clinics (AOEC)

Re: Twelve recent deaths from the adenovirus while inhabiting “moldy” environments. [1] Please educate U.S. physicians of the potentially lethal synergistic-risk for vulnerable populations.  (in pdf form)

Dear Dr. Redfield,

      Various news outlets are reporting that experts, including from the CDC, are promoting the concept that there is no connection between mold and the adenovirus. [2, 3] With all due respect, this is a half-truth and half-truths are the same as lies. This particular lie can cause more deaths in the future if U.S. physicians continue to be misinformed by experts’ half-truths.

       It is true that mold is not known to be a cause of the adenovirus. However, it is untrue that there is no known probable causal connection between excessive mold exposure and deaths from respiratory infections, particularly among vulnerable sub-populations. [4, 5]


[1] 10/09/15 As defined by the State of CA Health & Safety Code 17920(j) “Mold” means microscopic organisms or fungi that can grow in damp conditions in the interior of a building.”
[2] 11/26/18 Health.com “Dad Blames Dorm Mold for Daughter’s Death from Adenovirus—Here’s What an Expert Says” quoting Albert Rizzo, MD, chief medical officer at the American Lung Association, “Dr. Rizzo says there is no direct relationship between adenovirus and mold….”
[3] 11/21/18 Washington Post “No ‘consistent connection’ between mold problem and adenovirus infections, U-Md. Says” quoting the CDC as “Similarly, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said no link exists between mold and adenovirus.”
[4] 2005 CDC “Population-Specific Recommendations for Protection from Exposure to Mold in Flooded Buildings by Specific Activity and Risk Factor” “Affected individuals should consult with their physicians before entering the affected area…Includes immunosuppressant drug therapy, such as cancer chemotherapy, corticosteroid, or other immunosuppressive drug therapy; and diseases impairing host defense….” 
[5] 2006 CDC “Mold Prevention Strategies and Possible Health Effects in the Aftermath of Hurricanes and Major Floods “In general, persons who are immunosuppressed are at increased risk for infection from mold. Immunosuppression can result from immunosuppressive medication, from medical conditions and diseases that cause immunosuppression..”


        It is public knowledge that many have become ill with the adenovirus, but only twelve youths have reportedly died from it in the recent months. It is public knowledge that all twelve had underlying conditions which weakened their immune systems and that all twelve were inhabiting moldy environments at the time that their newly acquired viral infections turned deadly. [6, 7, 8, 9]

        If U.S. physicians are not informed of the plausible synergistic cause of death (weak immune system + respiratory virus + mold) they are going to continue to treat their most vulnerable patients for the adenovirus and other respiratory infections while incautiously leaving their patients living and working in mold. More fatalities could occur.

       As such, U.S. physicians being misinformed by experts’ half-truths is the most plausible cause of viral illnesses such as the adenovirus ultimately causing demise of patients, who are not being warned by their doctors to stop living and/or working in mold.

[6] 11/16/18 NBC News “Death toll rises to 11 children in adenovirus outbreak at New Jersey rehabilitation center”The child had been a resident at Wanaque Center for Nursing and Rehabilitation in Haskell, one of 34 children who became ill between Sept. 26 and Nov. 12 after being ‘associated’ with an adenovirus outbreak, state health officials said. The adenovirus can cause a range of symptoms and illnesses, including cold-like symptoms, pneumonia and sore throat. It can be severe for people with certain respiratory diseases or weakened immune systems, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.”
[7] 10/28/18 New York Post “Worker offers glimpse into ‘filthy’ medical facility where kids died of adenovirus” “The employee at the Wanaque Center for Nursing and Rehabilitation — who requested anonymity because of concerns about retaliation from higher-ups — described dirty rooms, old and rusty equipment, mold, and poor upkeep to NJ.com.”
[8] 11/27/18 CBS News “Parents of Maryland student who died say health center didn’t test for adenovirus” “The CDC has not indicated that there’s any link between mold and adenovirus. The university says on its website that ‘it appears that there is no consistent connection between mold exposure and the incidents of adenovirus infection affecting UMD students.’ Olivia [decease U of Md student] was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease before coming to college and took medication, which her father says weakened her immune system. Within weeks of starting school, he says Olivia began expressing concerns about mold in her dorm room in Elkton Hall.”
[9] 11/27/18 Baltimore Sun “Maryland students, parents complain university hasn’t done enough to combat mold, adenovirus” After mold sickened students and forced the evacuation of a dorm early in the semester, a surge of adenovirus struck the campus, infecting at least nine students and killing one. Students and parents say they’re frustrated and frightened. Health problems began early in the semester for students like Kristian Moller, an 18-year-old freshman, who began coughing about three weeks after moving into Easton Hall. By mid-November, he was hospitalized at Calvert Health Medical Center with pneumonia.”


        The CDC has multiple avenues to relay needed health advisories to U.S. physicians and to the public. One way is by use of the CDC Health Marketing Department. [10]

        Another way is by use of non-government organizations (NGO). CDC/ATSDR claims to have a “perfect partnership” with the Pediatric Environmental Health Specialty Units. (PEHSU). [11]  NGO PEHSUs are located within the medical clinics of the NGO Association of Occupational and Environmental Clinics (AOEC). AOECs and PEHSUs are located at medical schools throughout the United States. CDC could easily direct an e-blast advisory via PEHSU/AOEC to their physician members, including university-affiliated clinic physicians.

         One of the recent deaths was a freshman living in a moldy dorm at the University of Maryland. She was reportedly taking immune system suppressive steroids for her underlying Crohn’s disease. She newly-acquired the adenovirus. News reports state that she was at Johns Hopkins at the time of her death. The University of Maryland School of Medicine and Johns Hopkins University both host AOECs. [12]

        The CDC has known of the increased risk of mold exposure for sub-populations (such as those including this young girl and the eleven additional deceased) for no less than thirteen years. (See fn 4 & 5) As such, there is no justification that in the future, physicians affiliated with these universities and clinics would not being properly educated to the potential lethal effects from excessive mold exposure for immune-weakened sub-populations.

[10] CDC “Health Marketing is a multidisciplinary area of public health practice. Drawing from fields such as marketing, communication, and public health promotion, health marketing provides a framework.. that can be used to guide work in public health research, interventions, and communication campaigns.
[11] 10/05/16 CDC blog “A Perfect Partnership: Pediatric Environmental Health Specialty Units” “How do you bridge the gap between the growing concern over environmentally related pediatric health problems and the fact that many physicians feel inadequately educated to address such concerns? Between what parents would like to know about environmental effects on their children’s health and the need for a trusted source of objective, science-based information? With a pediatric environmental health specialty unit (PEHSU)”
[12] Locations of PEHSUs & AOECs


          Inconsistent messaging and half-truths when mold is a potential contributing factor to causation of illnesses and deaths is a long-standing, ongoing federal inter-agency problem. [13] The underlying problem stems from conflicted interests among government agencies, some of their NGO policy-writing partners, and mutual financial interests in denying liability for causation of mold-induced disabilities and deaths. Toxic tort defense attorneys at government agencies, including the federal government, rely on NGO policy-setting experts to serve as their expert defense witnesses in mold litigations.

        Several of the policies that have been set by NGO partners have been designed to match defense testimonies that are purposed to stave off liability for causation of disabilities and deaths. Some of these same NGO experts, who serve for government attorneys, also serve for private sector defense attorneys. This occurs primarily when they are hired by toxic tort defense attorneys who are retained by insurers of water damaged buildings. [14]

      University-affiliated-physicians, who have authored flawed policies for NGOs, generate personal income as expert defense witnesses in mold litigations. For years, universities themselves have been generating income from the flawed expert defense witness opinions in mold litigations, legitimized by flawed policies penned by their physician employees. [15,16,17]

        Like the government agencies and private sector insurers, some universities have avoided liability for their negligent acts causing mold-related disabilities and deaths via university-income-generating naysaying expert opinions being written into policies and used in courts. [18]

        It is a dishonest-double-dipper of simultaneously saving financial liability when…..…. generating income from half-truths and lies purposed to be used in courts. The double-dipper is recklessly leaving U.S treating-physicians in the dark of how to appropriately treat their immune-system-challenged patients when they are exposed to mold.

[13] 10/15/08 Federal GAO “Indoor Mold: Better Coordination of Research on Health Effects and More Consistent Guidance Would Improve Federal Efforts” “As a result, the public may not be sufficiently advised of indoor mold’s potential health risks.”
[14] 1/10/07 Wall Street Journal Amid Suits Over Mold Experts Wear Two Hats, Authors of Science Papers Also Cited by the Defense in Mold Litigation” “The paper [by Bruce Kelman, ex-CDC employee Bryan Hardin, and Andrew Saxon of UCLA] has become a key defense tool wielded by builders, landlords and insurers in litigation. It has also been used to assuage fears of parents following discovery of mold in schools. One point that rarely emerges in these cases: The paper was written by people who regularly are paid experts for the defense side in mold litigation…The dual roles show how conflicts of interest can color debate on emerging health issues and influence litigation related to it” 
[15] 3/17/15 Environmental Health Perspectives “A Standard of Knowledge for the Professional Practice of Toxicology” by Janis Hulla U.S. Army Corps of Engineers; Lewis Kitner AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals; and Bruce Kelman Veritox, Inc.” “The ABT [American Board of Toxicology] Board of Directors recently elected to update its professional Standard of Knowledge. In developing the updated Standard, the Board members empowered a committee of currently practicing toxicologists to design and implement a process to return information useful in defining the skills and knowledge taught in academic institutions and acquired through the professional practices of toxicology.” https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4529009/
[16] 2/15/06 USDOJ hired Bruce Kelman of Veritox, Inc. as an expert defense witness in a military housing mold litigation. (see his expert report) The USDOJ has hired Veritox principles as expert defense witnesses in toxic torts for over fifteen years and have paid them over $1M.
[17] 11/05/18 Business Insider “U.S. senators, citing Reuters report, demand fixes in military housing” “Two U.S. senators [Feinstein & Harris] on Monday called on the Department of Defense and one of its largest landlords to fix housing hazards documented by Reuters at military bases nationwide, including a Marine compound in southern California [Camp Pendleton, San Diego].”
[18] (See fn 14, WSJ article) “Two other medical societies have also published statements on mold written, in part, by legal defense experts… The paper’s third author was Andrew Saxon, then chief of clinical immunology and allergy at the medical school of the University of California, Los Angeles. He, too, has served as a defense expert in numerous mold suits. Dr. Saxon says he is paid $510 an hour for his help. If called to testify in court, his rate rises to $720 an hour, according to a deposition he gave. Until he retired from UCLA in September, money he earned as a legal-defense expert was paid to the university, and he says UCLA then gave him a little less than half of it. Dr. Saxon estimates he generates $250,000 to $500,000 a year from expert defense work, which includes non-mold cases.”


        This paragraph is directed to CA Senators Feinstein and Harris, along with CA Attorney General Becerra: Agnotology is the study of culturally induced ignorance or doubt, particularly by the manipulation of scientific data. The agnotology of the mold issue has been proven and publicly exposed over and over again. The health hazards caused by the financially beneficial data manipulations in institutions of higher education and compromised NGOs will not be completely eradicated from U.S. public health policies, physician educational materials, claims handling practices, and mold cases nationwide — without your interventions to stop the continuing honest services frauds in the State of California. (See fn.14,16-18, 20-22)

           From studying the agnotology of the mold issue and lobbying for changes in health marketing for over fourteen years, I know that financially driven conflicted interest is the primary bottleneck which is deterring appropriate U.S. physician education by the federal government and several of its NGO partners. The agnotology strongly appears to have contributed to the recent deaths by causing lack of U.S. physician awareness of risk. [19, 20, 21]

[19] 1/12/16 Request to CDC & EPA to cease marketing a litigation defense argument (via NGO partners) as public health advisories over mold induced illnesses. “People are experiencing chronic fatigue, multi-system/multi-symptom inflammations, and newly acquired environmental intolerances after exposure to Mold. They can get no help from US physicians, who have had it crammed down their throats by CDC funded “nonprofits” that it is proven the disabled are liars, mentally ill, and/or scammers. The cost to society as a whole is in the billions.”
[20] 5/15/10 Request to the Regents of the University of California by physicians, researchers, industrial hygienists and advocates to cease enabling the UC name to be improperly used by the defense in U.S. mold litigations and in companion flawed policies.   **I am aware that as of November 2018, Dr. Andrew Saxon still promotes that he is affiliated with the UC when testifying for the defense in U.S. mold trials, purposed to lend credentialed credibility to his words.**
[21] 2/5/07 Report to Federal GAO “CDC The Outsourcing of Environmental Medicine” by JoEllen Perez and Sharon Kramer” “The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is giving millions of dollars to private medical associations to research and educate physicians about environmental illnesses. Who, if anyone, is providing government oversight?”


       Given that all twelve of the recent atypical deaths from adenovirus have the common denominators of underlying chronic conditions and inhabiting moldy environments at the time of their deaths; and given that moldy environments and immunocompromising-vector-borne diseases are on the rise due to temperature changes, increased floods, hurricanes, and fire-fighting measures; please promptly practice the precautionary principle to protect the public’s health, safety and lives in the future.

         Please get the whole truth (based on CDC current accepted science fn. 4 & 5) to U.S. physicians of the risks posed by mold, plausibly contributing to deaths among the immune-weakened; and the need for physicians to advise their vulnerable-population-patients to avoid inhabiting or working in environments with excessive mold in the future.

         Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter.

Sharon Noonan Kramer
Advocate for Integrity in Health Marketing [22]

[22] 10/4/18 “The Toxic Judgment” I have a BBA in marketing from Ole Miss, 1977. In 2005, I publicly exposed how junk science was being mass-marketed into public health policies and physician educational materials for the purpose of staving off liability for causation of disabilities and deaths in U.S. mold litigations. For ten years, the CA courts have been framing me for libel with a void judgment that fraudulently does not state by decree that a jury found I was not guilty of libeling Veritox, Inc. In June 2018 the courts backdated a fraudulent entry into the electronic case file to facilitate the renewal of the void judgment. This is intended to keep the fraud that I exposed (subject of this letter) going by criminal means for another ten years. This is how I know that the CDC, other federal & state agencies along with federal & state legislators and courts need to do a far better job of protecting the public’s health and safety from the deeply-rooted agnotology in the mold i$$ue. “The Toxic Judgment is a three-hour video which explains and provides direct evidence of the ongoing problem in detail.
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On Nov 6th please vote NO retention of five San Diego Appellate Justices


Video: “The Toxic Judgment, Veritox v. Kramer” published on October 4, 2018

by Sharon Noonan Kramer

I am a forty–year resident of San Diego County. I have a degree in marketing and am a medical journal published author re: conflicts of interest when setting environmental public health policies throughout the United States.

In 2005, I published a writing on PRWeb that exposed how junk science (a bogus risk assessment model concocted by dishonest toxicologists) was being mass-marketed into policies for the purpose of causing insurer fraud in U.S. claims handling practices and toxic torts.  It is a multi-billion dollar scam.

The above named justices have worked in concert with other local judges, justices, their clerks and attorneys to frame me for libel for my 2005 writing, to keep the insurer fraud scam going from coast to coast.  Since 2008, the legal document they use to frame me is the Toxic Judgment.

It fraudulently does not state by decree that the 2008 jury found my 2005 writing did not libel the unethical-toxicologists who are the owners of the corporation, GlobalTox, Inc. (now Veritox, Inc.). Nor does the Toxic Judgment state that I was awarded costs as the trial prevailing party.

Veritox owners are the creators of the bogus risk model that my 2005 writing exposed is smoke & mirrors junk science.  They are prolific toxic tort expert defense witnesses hired by attorneys who are retained by insurers throughout the United States. They are federal contractors of the United States Department of Justice & Department of Defense. They are public policy setters.

The next time that their scam (that I exposed in 2005 & the local courts have been framing me for libel to keep it going ever since) was written of, it was on the front page and above the fold of the Wall Street Journal in 2007.

I am one of hundreds of California citizens who worked together from 2016 to 2018 to cause the California legislature to direct the State Auditor to audit the judicial branch’s toothless watchdog, the Commission on Judicial Performance (CJP). Many know of judicial crimes (“case-fixing”) going unpunished throughout the state.  The AUDIT began earlier this month.

Demonstrating no fear that the CJP or State Auditor (or anyone else) will ever cause them to be held accountable for case-fixing to cause the continuance of the multi-billion-dollar insurer fraud scam based on Veritox’s junk science; the case-fixing with the Toxic Judgment involving the above named justices, audaciously rages on in the San Diego courts.

In June of 2018, I caught the North San Diego County Court records department backdating a fraudulent entry into the case’s electronic record. The false entry was needed and used to facilitate the renewal of Toxic Judgment, so it can criminally remain in effect for ten more years. This is so the local courts can continue to use it to frame me for libel and harassment on behalf of the owners of Veritox and their attorney clients — who rely on the junk science that I exposed to win their toxic tort cases.

All of the above and more is documented in “The Toxic Judgment“. One may fast-forward and jump around in the above-linked video. Beginning at one hour twenty-four minutes in, one may see the video clip of me orally reporting on February 9, 2017, this ongoing CJP unpunished judicial case-rigging with the Toxic Void Judgment.

Who I was reporting the collusive judicial crime to, is California’s Chief Justice Cantil-Sakayue and Attorney General (AG) Xavier Becerra.  In the public’s best interest, I was trying to stop involved Judge William Dato from being promoted to the position of associate appellate justice in the Fourth District Division One Court of Appeal.

Indicative of how pervasive the problem really is with no fear of ever being held accountable, the Chief Justice and Attorney General cracked jokes about “harmless error” with one of the other local judges involved, Judge Joel Pressman (now retired). The room filled with judges, justices and their clerks laughed hysterically at the poor taste jokes — including some of those named above. This is documented by video clips, too.

Over my objections and with no questions asked of him regarding his role in the ongoing case-fixing with the Toxic Judgment to defraud the public, Judge Dato became Justice Dato on February 9, 2017.  In February of 2018, he was appointed by the Chief Justice and the CA Supreme Court to serve as a Commissioner of the CJP (the state’s toothless and compromised judicial watchdog).

As “The Toxic Judgment” shows, many know of the disturbing above-the-law mentality in California’s courts with no fear of ever being held accountable.  Willful legal errors when case-fixing to knowingly devastate thousands of lives and rob taxpayers in the process, are not funny errors nor are they “harmless errors”. Nor should they be rewarded by voter-retention of judicial office.

We can do better!

Please help to take a bite out of judicial above-the-law mentality in California.

Vote NO retention of the “HI-BAD” Appellate Justices in San Diego

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San Diego courts caught backdating fraudulent electronic case records.

I cannot even believe how dirty the CA courts are, with no fear of ever being held accountable.  In June of 2018, I caught them backdating fraudulent entries into the electronic case-file (the Register of Action (ROA) and the Case History).

They had to do it in order to criminally renew the void judgment they have been criminally harassing me with for ten years.  The Supervisor of the North San Diego Superior Court records dept told me on August 31, 2018, that they were “directed” to do it.

This is the Void Judgment that I have been screaming about for TEN YEARS b/c it’s the document that they have used to frame me as libeling the owners of Veritox, Inc. (formerly GlobalTox, Inc.) for my exposing their gov’t backed junk science in U.S. Toxic Mold litigations in 2005.

The courts and Veritox’s attorney, Keith Scheuer, created this Void Judgment ten years ago via Mr. Scheuer concocting it and two court deputy clerks falsifying court documents and electronic case files in late 2008 early 2009.

Most people seem to think that the August 2008 jury found that I was guilty of libeling this corporation that is co-owned by ex-CDC NIOSH deputy director, Bryan Hardin.  But the jury found I was NOT guilty of libeling Veritox.   The courts have just been falsifying court documents and electronic records to make it appear that way, including the case’s judgment that they just renewed via fraudulent ROA entries.

Judgments have to be renewed every ten years to remain viable and they have to be supported by the ROA to do it.  So the San Diego Superior court just criminally renewed this one from 2008 by corrupting the ROA with a fraudulent, backdated entry — which means they just took a thirteen year fixed SLAPP suit that began in 2005; and criminally turned it into a twenty-three years fixed SLAPP suit that will keep going until 2028.

They don’t give a damn about justice or the people  — and they know no one prosecutes judges and clerks who case-fix together.  (Just ask Attorney General Becerra if that statement is not correct.  He LIED TO ME ON VIDEO with the Chief Justice sitting right next to him on February 9, 2017 when he said his CADOJ would investigate this ongoing epic crime).

Their audacity is truly amazing.  Even with being caught in June 2018, backdating more fraudulent entries into the ROA before they renewed the void judgment on July 17, 2018, they went ahead and did it.

Why not?  The CA Attorney General’s office is useless at stopping the rampant judicial corruption problem plaguing our courts.  Most people don’t know this, but when judges and branch employees get sued in federal court for case-fixing together — the CA Attorney General become the defense attorney of record.  The CADOJ then uses the public’s tax-dollars to pay for the defense of the public-cheating judges and those who aid and abet them.

I swear on my father’s grave that I think the California judicial branch is more proficient than the Mafia when it comes to organized crime; and the California Attorney General’s office (and your tax dollars) are used to enable them.  No Joke.

So, what is a girl (who can’t stand to watch people lose all they own and some die from the cronyism)  to do?  I guess I will just keep screaming and writing of what feels like a life-sentence of judicial gang banging, until someone grows a conscience and makes it stop.

 We are going again on Oct 5, 2018 because I can under the law.  I am NOT shutting up or putting up with this crime for another ten years while having to watch people lose everything they own and some die from the newly renewed toxic void judgment.

I have asked San Diego Superior Court CEO Mike Roddy and San Diego Presiding Judge Peter Deddeh to get those fraudulent entries out of the electronic record (the Register of Action (ROA) and Case History) before the 5th, so Judge Earl Maas III is forced to lawfully vacate the newly renewed void judgment. This is the fraudulent little document that greatly harms THOUSANDS of people from coast to coast and continues to criminally harass me under the color of law for refusing silence of the relentless case-fixing.

I am not kidding one iota when I say that they can make pedophile priests look like choir boys when it comes to feigning respectability while abusing their power to hurt people and CYA for each other.

Priests can only screw their victims one or two at a time.  In this matter alone, the CA judicial branch has screwed thousands of people at once with one fraudulent court document (and a few fraudulent electronic case entries to hide and enable it).  They just put it in writing that they are going to continue to do it for the next ten years, if someone doesn’t stop them.

Here’s (a minute portion of) the proof:  In the matter of Bruce J. Kelman & GlobalTox, Inc. v Sharon Kramer, Case GIN044539 North San Diego County Superior Court.  Hearing date, October 5, 2018 at 1:30 PM in Dept 28.


18.09.12 Motion

Sharon Kramer


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TOXIC MOLD: CA Dept of Health QUIETLY Stops Marketing Litigation Defense Argument


          The State of California is no longer referring physicians to the American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine’s “Adverse Human Health Effects Associated with Molds in the Indoor Environment” for guidance of how to (mis)treat mold injured Californian, including workers.

         Commonly referred to as the ACOEM Mold Statement, the paper was authored in 2002 by toxic tort expert defense witnesses – toxicologists Bruce J. Kelman, PhD and Bryan D. Hardin, PhD of GlobalTox, Inc. (now Veritox, Inc.); along with Andrew Saxon, MD of UCLA.

          It was promoted as ACOEM’s position statement on the illnesses caused by exposure to mold in water damaged buildings (WDB); as an “Evidence Based Statement”; and as the scientific understanding of ACOEM’s thousands of occupational physicians (aka workman’s compensation doctors who decide if workers’ claims of on-the-job-injuries from contaminated WDB will be covered by workcomp insurance).

          In November of 2005, then California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger endorsed that California physicians could refer to the ACOEM Mold Statement for guidance.   This was via a state publication titled “Mold In the Indoor Workplaces”. It may still be found on private sector websites in its original form.  https://www.slideshare.net/BlackMoldRemovalPro/california-mold-in-the-workplace

It’s first and fourth pages read as follows in relevant part:

HESIS 2005  HESIS 2005 2.png

          Sometime within the last two years the document was changed without dating the change — making it appear that the State of California never endorsed the ACOEM Mold Statement.  As seen on the California Department of Health website, the document now looks like this on its first and fourth pages with reference to ACOEM for guidance, omitted:

Click to access molds.pdf

HESIS 2016

HESIS 2016 2








How I know California’s “Mold in Indoor Workplaces” was quietly changed within the last two years.

          On March 9, 2015 WorkCompCentral published an article by Ben Miller titled “ACOEM Takes Down Position Paper Commonly Used To Defend Against Mold Claims” In most relevant parts the article states,

The American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine appears to have retired a controversial position statement on mold that critics say has been used to deny workers’ compensation claims for more than a decade.

The position paper, titled Adverse Human Health Effects Associated with Molds in the Indoor Environment, essentially stated that mold is not likely to cause many of the illnesses that employees mark down as job-related on workers’ compensation forms, according to mold activist Sharon Kramer.

The paper no longer appears on the organization’s website. A search for previous versions of ACOEM’s policies and positions page using WayBack Machine – a website that takes snapshots of web pages and preserves them so users can compare changes later on – shows the paper appearing no later than Dec. 29.

ACOEM representatives did not respond to multiple requests for comment. But Kramer told WorkCompCentral in an interview last week that Michael Hodgson, medical director for the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration, received a statement from ACOEM’s publications director [Marianne Dreger] last year that the organization would sunset the position paper in early 2015.

Kramer said the sunsetting that appears to have occurred takes away any weight the paper might hold as a defense against workers’ compensation claims where the claimant is seeking benefits for mold-related illness.

“It’s sort of damning for anybody who tries to use that in court because they basically said, ‘Eh, this [is] no longer our understanding,’” Kramer said.

Kramer said the position statement was first published in 2002, then revised in 2011. Neither paper, she said, acknowledged mounting evidence supporting that mold can cause respiratory problems and inflammatory responses in the body.

It was a litigation defense argument right from the get-go,” she said.

Ritchie Shoemaker, a mold researcher who has testified in more than 200 court cases related to mold illness, said the ACOEM paper was ubiquitous in litigation for many years.

“After 2003, there were no cases that I participated in where defense did not quote ACOEM,” he said.

Mold inhalation causes reactions of varying degrees, depending on the individual, Shoemaker said, and can present itself in an array of symptoms – confusion, memory problems, numbness and tingling, tremors, respiratory problems and even joint problems that look like rheumatoid arthritis at first glance.

“It’s fascinating to see the diversity of inflammatory responses that we have,” Shoemaker said. That position has been supported in literature from the World Health Organization as well as the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health.

Shoemaker said there are several ways to show that a patient has been exposed to the inhalation of mycotoxins, which mold produces. Blood samples, brain imaging and soon genetic tests can all be used to show a “fingerprint” that only mycotoxin inhalation produces, he said….

Shoemaker said that even though the ACOEM paper appears to have been sunset, he expects it to continue cropping up in court because ACOEM was the last organization to hold the position that mold inhalation wasn’t likely to cause medical problems.

“They don’t have anything else,” Shoemaker said. “The British were throwing rocks at Washington as he crossed the Delaware River because the Hessians were too drunk to fire their muskets.”

           Dr. Shoemaker is right.  “Adverse Human Health Effects Associated with Mold in the Indoor Environment” is still used in litigation as a deceitful weapon against the sick, disabled and dying. It is used by high-paid toxic tort defense expert witnesses and the defense attorneys retained by insurers who hire them.  It is frequently discredited, but the experts are paid — win or lose; and it still serves to delay justice for the mold-disabled.

          The only reason they are able to still use the junk science, is because even though ACOEM sunset it as a position statement in 2015, they never retracted it from publication in the Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine (JOEM).

           For a greater understanding of how the ACOEM Mold Statement has been (and still is) used to greatly harm people, please read the January 10, 2007 Wall Street Journal article titled “Amid Suits Over Mold, Experts Wear Two Hats, Authors of Science Paper Often Cited by the Defense Also Help in Litigation” by David Armstrong.  A couple of key quotes:

Dr. Craner maintains, is that “a lot people with legitimate environmental health problems are losing their homes and their jobs because of legal decisions based on this so-called ‘evidence-based’ statement.”

The paper’s authors say their conclusions are validated by the Institute of Medicine’s paper. But the author of the Institute paper’s mold toxicity chapter, Harriett Ammann, disagrees, and criticizes the ACOEM paper’s methodology: “They took hypothetical exposure and hypothetical toxicity and jumped to the conclusion there is nothing there.”

          Because I was aware that the paper “Adverse Human Health Effects Associated with Mold in the Indoor Environment” was still being promoted by the CA Department of Health and Industrial Relations Board in late 2015,  and that it was still being used against mold injured workers to deny their workcomp insurance claims; I contacted an associate who I knew had worked in setting policies over this issue for many years.

          On December 8, 2015 this person sent me a reply email that said (redacted) “Ms Kramer- I have added a few generally favorable comments and forwarded your email to a friend at the CA Dept of Public Health.”  [I have no idea who this wonderful CDPH person is. My associate did not tell me.]

Two weeks later, my associate sent me another email that said (redacted) “Ms Kramer – Here is the response I received from my friend at CDPH. Happy Holidays, XXXX —

       XXXX, thanks for your email. It was good to chat…A few responses below.


Molds in Indoor Workplaces

Physicians can refer to the American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine (ACOEM) statement, Adverse Human Health Effects Associated with Molds in the Indoor Environmentwww.acoem.org/guidelines/article.asp?ID=52.

I checked, and the webpage for the Occupational Health Branch, HESIS at CDPH still does  refer to the ACOEM position paper, which I always thought was not a good document for various reasons.  However, it seems that the link is dead and will not connect. 

          So that’s how I know California’s “Mold in the Indoor Workplace” was not edited any earlier than 2016 to cease marketing the litigation defense argument that was concocted in 2002 by the prolific expert defense witnesses at Veritox, Inc. — Bruce Kelman and Bryan Hardin — along with Andrew Saxon of UCLA.

        This Public Service Announcement is another nail in the coffin of the epic insurer fraud scam, based on the junk science of Veritox, Inc., that it’s allegedly proven mycotoxins in water damaged buildings cannot plausibly reach a level to harm anyone.

Sharon Noonan Kramer










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