Is publishing scientific fraud a criminal offense?

Poll says most say “Yes”.

Public Attitudes Toward Data Fraud And
Selective Reporting in Science


Justin Tyler Pickett 

School of Criminal Justice, University at Albany, SUNY 


Sean Patrick Roche 

University at Albany

July 9, 2016


Data fraud and selective reporting both present serious threats to the credibility of science. However, there remains considerable disagreement among scientists about how best to sanction data fraud, and about the ethicality of selective reporting. The public is arguably the largest stakeholder in the reproductibility of science; research is primarily paid for with public funds, and flawed science threatens the public’s welfare. Members of the public are able to make rapid but meaningful judgments about the morality of different behaviors using moral intuitions. Legal scholars emphasize that to maintain legitimacy, social control policies must be developed with consideration given to the public’s moral intuitions. We conducted two studies—a survey experiment with a nationwide convenience sample (N = 821), and a follow-up survey with a representative sample of US adults (N = 964)—to explore public judgments about the morality of data fraud and selective reporting in science. The findings show that the public overwhelming judges both data fraud and selective reporting as morally wrong, and supports a range of serious sanctions for these behaviors. Most notably, the vast majority of Americans support criminalizing data fraud, and many also believe the offense deserves a sentence of incarceration.

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1 Response to Is publishing scientific fraud a criminal offense?

  1. Where there is fraud in scientific data that results in theft, harm or death of life, then there should definitely be charges of criminality..Any ACOEM/ADA supported evidence in the worker comp system that mold does not cause illness (and does cause death because of lack of medical treatment) should be on the top of the list. The causes of mold has resulted in many getting sick or dying is huge, not just in America but in other countries. Although I would say that it is far worse in America because much of the leadership in this country has refused to help those who are sick and thus dying as a result, and this is in line with the CMA because many patients are not told they ahve mold related illnesses when getting examined for diagnosis or treatment. The fact that the AMA went along with this insidious scheme backed by ACOEM should be grounds for criminal charges and the AMA has lost it’s credibility just as the CMA & ACOEM has lost credibility too.
    IN the state of CA. many state workers just in Sacramento alone work in a building that is full of mold and the state of CA, the employer still has employees working in this building. The building should have been shut down many years ago. Many Kaiser employees were exposed to mold and never told about it. Many kaiser injured workers has of yet been told of mold n the buildings. This should be a criminal offense for both the State and Kaiser. But instead, the state of California allowed the ACOEM/ADA to add in the fraud data that mold does not cause illness in the California Workers compensation 2005, 6th Edition guidelines.
    The military also hides the fact there housing for soldiers and their families are laden with mold . How many military children and pregnant women were exposed to moldy homes that the Air FORCE owned but not tell them. Beale AFB is one of those bases that has not told military families of the ill effects of mold or that they were even exposed to mold.
    We may never know just how many people are effected by past and current mold exposure and that it is and should be highly criminal for those who chose to back up and support skewed scientific data such as for one, the 2005 ACOEM/ADA 6th Edition Worker Comp guidelines.
    To go one further, that because the State of California, with Kaiser and some in the military, ACOEM/ADA, knew of these mold infested buildings and still have not told those exposed or helped them, that the state, Kaiser and those in the military AND ACOEM/AMA should all be held as the intent to hide, intent with malice of forethought via skewed scientific data, (that was printed in the California 2005 6th Edition of the workers comp guidelines) that should warrant the highest criminal charges and prosecutions to the fullest extent of the law to commit deliberate written scientific fraud with the intent to then hide the harm or deaths of those who were and are still being exposed to mold.
    There is no justifiable reason for this scientific data fraud other than those above would not be held culpable for acts of undue harm committed against the people/citizens/workers/tax payers/soldiers of the State of California.

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