Help restore ethics to California’s courts. Vote Keehn & Ware for San Diego Superior Court Judges

Dear All,

     If you are registered to vote in San Diego County, or have friends and family who are registered to vote in the county; please ask them to vote for Carla Keehn and Paul Ware for Judicial Seats 38 and 25 — if you are so inclined.  The below San Diego Free Press article and comments help to illuminate why these two county races are important to restoring integrity in California’s courts.  

Superior Court Judges Averse to Open Seat Contests


James Clark says

May 15, 2016 at 3:22 pm

“As a practicing attorney, I take a pragmatic approach to judicial elections. If I have professional experience with a judge up for re-election, I weigh that heavily in my decision. I have no professional experience with Carla Keehn. I have substantial professional experience with Judge Katz. Simply put, she is good at what she does, she works hard and she will make the tough call when that is what it comes down to. So, for me, I will vote for Judge Katz because my experience is that she is appropriately discharging her duties as a Superior Court Judge. Ms. Keehn may well be an excellent judge at some other point in time but not for Superior Court Judicial Office 38 on June 7, 2016. There is no reason to replace Judge Katz.”


Sharon Kramer says:

May 16, 2016 at 7:29 am

“Dear Mr. Clark,

     As an advocate for integrity in the California courts, I take a more analytical, pragmatic approach to judicial elections. 

     Twenty-five years ago the practice of “hometowning” in the San Diego courts rose to the level of blatant case-fixing for those who bestowed favor upon the judges. It was so bad that three judges – Adams, Malkus and Greer, were found to be taking bribes in conspiracy to commit racketeering. Two of them, Adams and Malkus, went to prison; and one, [Michael] Greer, was given somewhat of a reprieve for turning state’s evidence. 

     Given that known history of what can happen when judges accept favor from practicing lawyers and are cajoled into feeling that they should reciprocate; I think extremely bad judgement is currently on display in these local judicial races. 

     Do you think it is wise and gives no appearance of impropriety for two judges to have practicing criminal defense lawyers soliciting money for the judges to keep their judicial seats? (Keri Greer Katz, Seat 38 & James Mangione, Seat 25) 

     I find the eyebrow-raising situation potentially hazardous to impartiality and the administration of justice in the courts. Multiple local judges (not just Greer Katz and Mangione) are collectively accepting favor of local practicing attorneys purposed toward keeping the judges in office. 

     I think Doug Porter [author of the San Diego Free Press article] is correct. There IS a “black-robed wall” in the San Diego courts — and for the sake of judicial integrity, it needs to be torn down. I’m voting for judicial-seat challengers, Carla Keehn for Seat 38 and Paul Ware for Seat 25. All four candidates for the two races have been rated “Qualified” by the SDCBA.

     For a greater understanding of how the tactics being employed in these two races relate to the systemic problems in the California courts, please read the blog ‘San Diego Judicial Races: Local Lawyers Raising Money and Red Flags’

     Carla Keehn is a federal prosecutor. Paul Ware is a Marine judge. James Mangione was appointed to the San Diego Superior Court in November 2015. Keri Greer- Katz was appointed to the San Diego Superior Court in January 2014, is the daughter of Judge Michael Greer and the wife of San Diego Superior Court Judge Aaron Katz.

     Please feel free to share this message with whomever you wish.

Thank you,


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Hi, I'm an advocate for integrity in health marketing and in the courts.
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