ASTROTURF, MEDIA & MOLD ~ A Valuable Lesson To Be Learned

Please take 10 minutes to watch this illuminating TED TALK by investigative journalist, Sharryl Attkisson.  It explains how and why false science has been mass-marketed over the mold issue via “nonprofit” medical associations, their journals, media outlets, and special interest groups to cause people to believe false science is true.

This is what I’ve been screaming about for ten years, i.e. how they mass-marketed the false concept that Water Damaged Building (WDB) biocontaminants will never reach a level to cause Chronic Inflammatory Responses CIRS-WDB.

In 2012, they put me in jail in California, under the color of law, for refusing to say that the mass-marketing of scientific fraud I exposed (first in 2005) was not fraud covered up by corruption in the California courts — as the mold community, researchers, physicians, IAQ pros and attorneys sat back and (at best) scratched their heads.

The scientific fraud is a one-two punch:

1. Toxicologists who influence public health policies have marketed a fraudulent risk-assessment model, “the Veritox Theory“, [the direct evidence of astroturfing with the aid of the CDC, USDOJ and corruption in the California courts is in the link “the Veritox Theory”] that faslely professes to prove microbial toxins in WDB will never reach a level that is harmful to human health.  They then used it to promote the concept that anyone claiming the disabling symptoms of CIRS-WDB, were making the symptoms up to try to scam insurers, employers, landlords, builders, school districts, and property sellers.

2. Allergists who influence public health policies have marketed the false concept that all illnesses from mold are IgE mediated.  If someone has been tested for mold by an allergist and did not have an IgE response, it meant that mold (and all other contaminants in WDB) could not be causing their symptoms.  They then used it to promote the concept that anyone claiming disabling symptoms of CIRS-WDB, were making the symptoms up to try to scam insurers, employers, landlords, builders, school districts, and property sellers.

3. As accurately stated in the TED TALK, anyone who challenged the spins of science and astrotufing of the spins were labeled as “quacks” or “liars” or “hypocondriacs” or “unscrupulous attorneys” or ignorant people who believe everything they read on the Internet.

For me, personally, they’ve tried to shut me up by ten years of Strategic Litigation Against Public Participation (SLAPP) in the San Diego courts. I could ring some people’s necks in the mold issue (figuratively speaking) for helping them retaliate to aid the fraud.

Those who I refer to as “Gossiping Ninnies”  started gossiping in self-promotion like they know more than they really do about the SLAPP suits; and began blabbering like that they knew why I went to jail was because I did something wrong.

NO! I went to jail for refusing to be coerced to say that the truth that I first exposed about the astroturfing of false science over the mold issue in 2005, is a lie.

Some of the Gossiping Ninnies started blabbering the fraudulent concept that I am a “vexatious litigant” while character assassinating me without even knowing what that legal term means or the harm their stupid gossip was doing.

I was the one sued in SLAPP — not the one suing — hardly grounds for being a vexatious litigant.  By their stupid gossip they have aided the fraud to continue to harm all of us by making me appear a liar for saying I have been retaliated against for exposing fraud — that harms the Gossiping Ninnies and many others.

But this isn’t about me. This is important to understand because I’m an example of how Gossiping Ninnies in the mold issue unwittingly became deadly harmful astorturfers themselves — while harming themselves and everyone else. Astroturfing thrives in the mold issue by people parroting what they believe to be true based on the gossip of others.  It hasn’t just happened in my aspect of matter.  It happens ALOT in the mold issue.

The latest purposeful astroturf over the mold issue of which I am aware is a recent article in the Huffington Post titled “The Truth about Toxic Mold“. The author, Blaire King,  attempted to resurrect the dead and debunked Veritox Theory (no longer promoted as a “nonprofit” medical association mold position statement, but is still published in the association’s journal as “Adverse Human Health Effects Associated with Molds in the Indoor Environment” Hardin, Kelman, Saxon 2003). Hardin and Kelman are owners of Veritox, Inc. — the plaintiffs in the fixed SLAPP.  Saxon is a physician affiliated with UCLA. They are all three prolific toxic tort expert defense witnesses in mold litigation.

When ask why he he published a reference to the debunked Veritox risk-assessment model in the HuffPo as falsely alleged current accepted science and if he intended to retract/correct the astroturfing, Mr. King replied, “the article that says the exact thing as the CDC and California Dept of Health? No thanks I’m good.“.

Blair King Tweet-page-001

If you are being impacted over the mold issue or are involved in writing policy over the issue, please do yourself a favor and take ten minutes to watch this TED TALK.

The most important message of all to be learned from this TED TALK:  If you find yourself accidentally astroturfing by relying on gossip or false writing of others — do the right thing.  Let it be known that you made an error — so that the fraud you’ve aided to spread and grow gets nipped in the bud.

Remember: it’s science fraud that it’s proven biocontaminants in WDB can’t reach a level to cause CIRS-WDB.  It’s also fraud that a nonresponse when IgE tested for mold, means biocontaminants in WDB are not causing symptoms of illness and disability. Don’t let anyone astroturf-you into believing otherwise!!!

Have a great weekend.  More on this subject on Monday.

Sharon Noonan Kramer

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Hi, I'm an advocate for integrity in health marketing and in the courts.
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