Paradigm Change offers help to those with debilitating intolerance to mold

Dear All,
The Executive Director of Paradigm Change is Lisa Petrison, Ph.D. For years, the organization has been a strong advocate for those who have developed various forms of idiopathic intolerances and debilitating weaknesses after exposure to an excessive amount of mold and other biocontaminants that are often found in water damaged buildings.
Below is a message sent today by Dr. Petrison.  It is regarding the many endeavors occurring to provide help to the environmentally injured and disabled.
Begin forwarded message:
“August 29, 2015
Dear Friends,
For those who missed the initial free screening of Dave Asprey’s excellent move “Moldy” (which I am in), or who would like to see it again, there is a free screening this weekend (through Sunday, 8/30/15).
The event honors Jared Dussault, a 17-year-old mold victim who killed himself after expressing discouragement about his illness and who had stated that he wished everyone could see this movie.
In order to provide assistance to mold victims working to recover their health, Paradigm Change has launched a new standalone help forum, Mold Avoiders.
It serves as a complement to the Mold Avoiders Facebook group, which now has more than 900 members.
The forum includes an “Ask the Experts” help desk, where people can get their questions answered by experienced mold avoiders, healthcare practitioners and respected remediators. If you fall into one of those categories and would be willing to even occasionally share your knowledge with those in need, please sign up to receive emails of new help desk questions.
More information about the new forum is summarized in a Paradigm Change blog article.
In other Paradigm Change news:
To accompany the launch of the forum, a compilation book of a previous Q&A project – called The Avoiding Mold Archives – has been released.
The basics about Environmental Mold Testing are summarized in a new page on the Paradigm Change website.
A list of Mold Remediators who have received positive reports from mold victims also has been added to the site.
In order to draw attention to the financial devastation that toxic mold illness typically causes, a page of Mold Illness Fundraisers also is now on the website..
On the healing front, I wrote a new article for the Living Clean in a Dirty World blog, called “What I’ve Learned (So Far) About Getting Set Up for Ozone Therapy.”
Some great new mold-oriented podcast resources:
Functional medicine physician Jill Carnahan did an excellent interview on
Dr. Ritchie Shoemaker did an interview with influential biohacker Chris Kresser.
Dave Asprey did an interview on The Moldy page on the Paradigm Change website summarizes other interviews of Dave done in connection with the film.
The New Orleans Times-Picayune wrote a remarkable three-part news story focusing on whether the failure to clean up mold after Hurricane Katrina was responsible for the deaths of four professors, all of whom worked on the same floor of a campus building.
Finally, 261 people have now responded to the Mold Avoidance Survey.
I prepared an in-depth write-up of the first responses to the survey. The final results are going to be really enlightening!
The survey deadline has been extended to September 10, 2015. If you have done any kind of mold avoidance and not taken the survey yet, please participate (and encourage others to participate as well).
Thanks much to everyone who has taken the survey so far and for all the general support provided to making the dangers of toxic mold more widely known..
Best regards,
Lisa Petrison, Ph.D.
Executive Director
Paradigm Change
Email: “

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