Was mold injured teen Jared Dussault “suicided” for money? Yea, he was.

Dear All,
I have been in this fight for a long time.  While it is always unsettling when we lose a child to the Toxic Mold Issue, it is almost unbearable for me and many others to watch when we lose a child by their own tortured hand — because someone was so worried about their pocketbook that they bullied the child into suicide.
“Suicided” is a relatively new term in the English language.  It means bullying a weaker person to the point that they feel like their life will never be of worth and that the taking their own life is the only way to stop the pain and dispair or their perceived self-worthlessness.
The tragic Dussault family story that culminated in the suiciding of Jared Dussalt in the words of his mother, Kelli:
“Our lives have become like pieces of a puzzle, that we can not seem to put back together. Sickness has become a way of life, in fact we have long forgotten what it feels like to be well….Getting out of bed has never hurt so much and I hate to see the lives of my children simply stop. As my son say’s ‘this isn’t living.  So why is this happening across America?”
I can tell you exactly why this is happening across America. Its happening because of greed by those who influence public health policies, medical practices and the courts in the United States.
For more information on who bullied and discriminated against this environmentally injured family and who, in paid positions of government, failed to protect them from the money-motivated bullying, please read:  “Mold injured teen commits suicide. Mother pleads for laws to protect children
Also see the VIDEO of the now deceased Jared Dussault pleading for Collier County, Florida government to help stop the devastating bullying and discrimination of his sick mother and younger siblings.
Yea, we’re all upset about this one.  But our feelings are miniscule compared to the heartache and outrage Jared’s mother and younger brother and sister must be feeling for the loss of this kind young man who did everything he could to save his family from ruination against tall odds.
Namely, the tall odds lay in the United States Department of Justice.
The systematic, financially motivated, U.S. Department of Justice backed discrimination against those disabled by biocontaminants in water damaged buildings in the United States must be made to STOP!
On August 7, 2015, nine days before Jared Dussault was suicided, I received a  LETTER from the U.S. Department of Justice in California after conferring with the home office in DC and the FBI.  It was a refusal to prosecute for criminal acts in the California state courts (2005 to 2013) which have aided and abetted the heartless discrimination and suiciding for money of Jared Dussault in the State of Florida.
Plainly stated, the USDOJ has been using scientific fraud to defend against liaiblity for federal employees and military families injured by moldy buildings.  Officers of the California courts committed criminal acts to help them cover it up.  Now, Jared Dussaualt is dead.
The scientific fraud frequently used by the USDOJ — that a flawed linear risk assessment model is proof mold toxins in water damaged buildings can never reach a level to harm — has also been frequently used by private sector “experts” such as Exponent. Exponent consultants were hired to deny liability for causing illness in the Dussault family.
Our hearts go out to the Dussault family for paying the ultimate price of U.S. and state government backed discrimination and bullying of the environmentally injured.
I personally can’t rest until the discrimination and criminality is stopped from killing other children.
Sharon Noonan Kramer

About Sharon Kramer

Hi, I'm an advocate for integrity in health marketing and in the courts.
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2 Responses to Was mold injured teen Jared Dussault “suicided” for money? Yea, he was.

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  2. Dina Padilla says:

    We all have to wonder why the USDOJ does not do anything on behalf of the American people who pay the salaries of those civil servants. MAYBE it is time for real civil servants to retain those positions for the American people’s good..
    Sharon, what you are finding out is that our government does not work for us. It works for profit driven organizations, and yes that means the medical and judicial community. We as a country and citizen’s have been sold out.by our very own legislators and justice system. This is not a democracy but Faschism.
    Thank you for trying.

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