WorkCompCentral Re: The take-down of the ACOEM Mold Statement

WorkCompCentral, 3/09/15 “ACOEM Takes Down Position Paper commonly Used to Defend against Mold Claims” by Ben Miller.
by Sharon Noonan Kramer
I wish I could share this excellent WorkCompCentral (WCC) article by Ben Miller in its entirety.  But I can’t.  That would be copyright infringement. WCC relies on the purchase of their articles so they may fund the authorship and publication of more information which needs to be widely known about the U.S. Work Comp system.
One can purchase and read Mr. Miller’s report on the quiet demise of one of the biggest frauds ever to hit the work comp system, the ACOEM Mold Position Statement, HERE.
In the meantime, here are some key quotes from the WCC article:
“The American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine appears to have retired a controversial position statement on mold that critics say has been used to deny workers’ compensation claims for more than a decade….The paper no longer appears on the organization’s website…..
Kramer told WorkCompCentral in an interview last week that Michael Hodgson, medical director for the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration, received a statement from ACOEM’s publications director [Marianne Dreger] last year that the organization would sunset the position paper in early 2015….
‘It’s sort of damning for anybody who tries to use that in court because they [ACOEM] basically said, ‘Eh, this no longer our understanding,’ Kramer said…. ‘It was a litigation defense argument right from the get-go,’ she said.
Ritchie Shoemaker, a mold researcher who has testified in more than 200 court cases related to mold illness, said the ACOEM paper was ubiquitous in litigation for many years. ‘After 2003, there were no cases that I participated in where defense did not quote ACOEM,’ he said…. 
Mold inhalation causes reactions of varying degrees, depending on the individual, Shoemaker said, and can present itself in an array of symptoms – confusion, memory problems, numbness and tingling, tremors, respiratory problems and even joint problems that look like rheumatoid arthritis at first glance…’If all we look at is just a genomic sample, we can take it as a blind without knowing anything about the patient and tell you with 93% accuracy whether we’re dealing with a mold patient,’ he said….
‘They [the high paid, medical defensors in mold litigation] don’t have anything else,’ Shoemaker said. ‘The British were throwing rocks at Washington as he crossed the Delaware River because the Hessians were too drunk to fire their muskets.”
ACOEM representatives did not respond to multiple requests for comment.”
And on a personal note:  Happy Anniversary to me and thanks for the anniversary present WorkCompCentral!  It was ten years ago today, March 9, 2005, that I first published the first article of how the scientific fraud of ACOEM, the U.S. Chamber,  and the defensors of Veritox; was collusively mass marketed into U.S. public health policy for the purpose of misleading the courts to deny liability for causation of illness, injury and death.
One can read my March 2005 writing HERE.  I currently have a permanent injunction never to republish this accurate article again, by order of multiple California jurists — whose courts had no subject matter jurisdiction — because officers of the courts falsified key court documents.  Judgments, abstracts, remittiturs and many other court docs in the matter of Kelman & Veritox v. Kramer are all null and void — because of the coram non judice fraud upon the court.  As such, I’m going to continue to republish my 2005 writing along with the direct evidence of the criminal acts in the California courts – which aided the underlying fraud of Veritox to continue in policies and courts…that is, until the WCC’s announcement of it ceasing, Today!
So today I’m feeling a bit victorious. And I say to those who have aided and abetted the long continuance of this fraud and the relentless retaliation I have experienced for exposing it, “May your children rot in Hell for the sins of their mothers and fathers who have condemned many children to Hell here on Earth”  (Inside joke – black comedy!)
To all who helped stop this fraud in science and policy, THANK YOU!! We finally took ‘er down!
Now, on to taking down the fraudsters in California’s legal system who made the fight for public and workers safety so tough, through their use of crimnal means under the color of law.
Let’s start here: the below billboard was paid for with tax dollars when San Diego County’s District Attorney was unsuccessfully running for mayor in 2012.  Its advertising and honest services fraud by DA Bonnie Dumanis. She played a significant role in keeping fraudsters in the local courts, while aiding workcomp fraud over the mold issue nationwide.  (the mustache and goatee are not real and  no, I’m not the one who painted it own her)

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  1. I am so happy this has disappeared. I am so ready for laws and regulations to appear. Justice for all! Thanks for all you do, Sharon.

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