Daily Kos sheds light on corrupt judges who target and bully lawyers

This is a HUGE problem in California.  Bullied and intimidated lawyers are leaving those wronged by officers of the courts nowhere to turn for professional counsel — when its dead obvious judges have been colluding to cover up for themselves and other judges who’ve been practicing politics, not law, in the courts. If the lawyers think they are getting targeted, they might want to look at what happens to those who can find no brave, noble lawyer when judges have been misbehaving and want it covered up.
The following are direct quotes from the July 28th Daily Kos article, “Lawyers Who Criticize Judges Are Being Punished
“They don’t speak up. The reason is you get targeted and you could lose your license,” said Barbara Kauffman of lawyers who witness judicial misconduct. Last month the California attorney contacted state officials alleging that a family court judge in Marin County tampered with court records.
Civil rights attorney Don Bailey had his law license suspended for five years in October by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court. “The reason I lost my license is because I criticized judges,” said Bailey, a former Democratic Congressman and state auditor general, in a phone interview last week.
The pattern of attorneys losing their careers or facing hefty fines after speaking out against judges has legal experts worried. The law professor and legal analyst Jonathan Turley wrote of Bailey’s license suspension, “While some would agree with the case, there is a worrisome line of cases targeting lawyers who criticize judges.”
America’s judicial system is extremely ineffective at removing bad judges, said Kathleen Russell, the founder of the Center for Judicial Excellence, a non-profit that is working to stop family court judges from giving child custody to domestic abusers and pedophiles. “Judges are judicially trafficking children to abusers by ignoring evidence of child abuse. Even when judges behave maliciously, there is no law that holds them accountable.”
The above article should serve as a wake-up call for many of just how out of control our courts really are. A judge may be legally held liable for criminal acts when they act without their courts having jurisdiction.
There are several acts which may cause a judge to lose jurisdiction and thus lose judicial immunity from prosecution.  So what if no one (aka other judges, law enforcement agencies, judicial ethics policing agencies and political cronies) will do anything to hold them accountable.  Falsifying material court documents and sending the frauds through the mail are felonies and federal offenses punishable by years in prison.
Its common knowledge that officers of the California courts are getting away with these types of crimes every single day.  No one who could and should interceed to stop the fraudsters, does anything to stop them.  Lives continue to be devastated by not only the fraudsters themselves, but equally by all the willfully blind eyes who aid them to continue to defraud the public.

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1 Response to Daily Kos sheds light on corrupt judges who target and bully lawyers

  1. Judicial Bullying is an AWFUL and almost incurable problem! Aside from the ordeal lawyers to which lawyers are subjected by judges, people who need their services are impacted by evil judges! Bad (and often hubris) judges cause good lawyers to give bad representation to clients, and cause people with no money to not acquire representation since it’s not worth it for lawyers to commit career suicide trying to help clients who can’t pay while getting beat over the head by courtroom judges. And then, there’s cutthroat litigating whereby lawyers seem to become depraved by depravity. As a New Orleans native, when the impeachment trial of former federal judge Porteous resulted in lawyers testifying how it is “the Louisiana way” for judges to behave as Porteous did, i wrote a commentary, sharing my horrors as I unsuccessfully fought my own court cases without a lawyer. “Judge Thomas Porteous and the Judicial ‘Devil’s Den’ from Whence He Came” http://newsblaze.com/story/20100922041842lawg.nb/topstory.html

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