KPBS ~ DA Bonnie Dumanis in Hot Water again. (She’s earned more along with Judge Schall)

by Sharon Noonan Kramer, advocate for integrity in health marketing and U.S. courts. 
According to a KPBS broadcast of yesterday, a “Former Chula Vista Aide Seeks To Undo Plea Deal Over Dumanis Call”. KPBS states,
“An aide to former Chula Vista Mayor Steve Padilla wants a court to set aside his misdemeanor guilty plea he said he wouldn’t have made if he’d known about a call District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis reportedly made to his boss back in 2005…In a sworn declaration, Padilla said Dumanis asked him to appoint her aide Jesse Navarro to a vacant city council position. Padilla said he turned her down. Within weeks of the refusal, Dumanis opened investigations into Chula Vista city officials…The District Attorney’s Office charged Jason Moore [Padilla’s aide] with five counts of felony perjury in 2006….Moore was accused of lying to a grand jury…Moore later pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor… Moore’s lawyer, Knut Johnson, said he would have advised against that guilty plea if he had known that District Attorney Dumanis had called Moore’s boss, Padilla, months earlier.”
less hot water in theWhat???? San Diego County District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis prosecutes for perjury in San Diego County courts?  To my knowledge, she won’t prosecute perjurers or the local jurists who suborn the perjury as they falsify court documents to conceal the damage from the fraud. See “Environmental Advocate Sharon Kramer ~US DOJ Lying Experts~Cal Courts & Mold~ Not a pretty story!!
To quote from the above blog:
“Note the file stamps on the below linked documents, meaning the courts have all of the below concealed evidence of plaintiff Kelman’s perjury to manufacture a reason for malice in the SLAPP suit, to be able to continue defraud the public with scientific fraud when serving as an expert defense witness in courts all across the country…San Diego District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis has REPEATEDLY refused to prosecute the county’s judges, justices, Veritox or their attorney for falsifying court documents — as the falsified court documents have continued to be used to harass me in the San Diego Courts…. See 2013 Notice to Justice McConnell and DA Dumanis to “Stop harassing me, you have no jurisdiction” 
 And I’m still waiting on DA Dumanis and Judge Schall to have to explain why Dumanis was stated in February 2014 as Schall’s #1 endorser for re-election to Jurist Seat 20; with the endorsement removed from public view on Schall’s campaign website in March.  I happen to know that Dumanis happens to know that Schall has falsified court documents, that have been used by federal contractors to be able to continue to fleece the U.S. public. 
Could Schall’s falsified court documents be the reason for the now hidden DA Dumanis endorsement of Judge Schall? Or maybe its because Dumanis knows that not only is material perjury a felony, but so is willfully suborning it; and she wouldn’t want to be seen as endorsing someone for re-election to a San Diego County Superior Court judicial office who she and some of her deputies are proven to know is a felon, Judge Schall.

About Sharon Kramer

Hi, I'm an advocate for integrity in health marketing and in the courts.
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