Union Trib ~ Judge Lisa Schall ~ No jurist in state has a less favorable record

Huh?  Yesterday, the San Diego Union Tribune endorsed Judge Lisa Schall for re-election over jurist candidate and federal prosecutor, Carla Keehn. 
Today the UT writes of Schall, ” Judge has been admonished three times. No jurist in the state has a less favorable record.” Makes one question who is approving the UT election endorsements.
See our blog on the subject from earlier today: ABC NEWS ~ Clear Channel pulls local jurist candidate’s ad.
“The U-T editorial board believes her overall solid record of 29 years on the bench trumps those controversies. We endorse Judge Schall for re-election.’ Is that a Union Tribune typo?  Did they mean to say, Schall’s ‘overall SOILED record of 29 years on the bench’?”

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Hi, I'm an advocate for integrity in health marketing and in the courts.
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