ABC 10 News ~ Clear Channel pulls local jurist candidate’s ad.

On Friday, May 9th, ABC Channel 10 News ran a story regarding “pressure” being put on an advertizing company of national stature, Clear Channel, to remove their billboards that were paid for by a candidate to office as a San Diego County Superior Court judge, Carla Keehn.  Clear Channel had approved the ad content prior to the billboards being erected.
One can watch the ABC 10 Newscast HERE regarding the censorship of unknown origin.  
No one seems to be talking about WHO put pressure on WHOM to cause the removal of the campaign billboards, which accurately state that Keehn’s opponent, Judge Lisa Schall, has a criminal conviction in her past.  This is widely known and has been reported over and over again in the San Diego media since 2008. Schall was convicted for drunk driving and has multiple public amonishments from the California Commission on Judicial Performance for ethics violations when serving as a judge. 
So why can everyone else publicly write of this without censorship, except Schall’s challenger for her jurist seat, Carla Keehn? Who is controlling the censorship of Judicial Candidate Keehn?
We’ve been following this race closely and blogging about it a lot. We have a pony in the race.  When serving as a trial judge, Schall falsified materical court documents in 2008.  The local jurists covered up her fraud upon the court and continued to use the void legal documents without jurisdiction, as they falsified more. This includes as the sole foundational document to a second harassing case from 2010 to present.  The second case was meant to scare us into silence of the criminal acts in the first, causing a major public fleecing to continue, nationwide. (didn’t work)
The Commission on Judicial Performance (CJP) won’t admonish any of the colluding judges and justices involved, including their former chairwoman Justice Judith McConnell; and the county DA, Bonnie Dumanis, will not prosecute the local jurists for conspiring to defraud while knowing their courts had no subject matter jurisdiction.  By law, no jurisdiction = no judical immunity from prosecution (except if Dumanis is the county DA).
Schall falsified the 2008 judgment in a fixed SLAPP suit to the benefit of federal contractors, Veritox, Inc.,  and their clients.  A sick joke, Veritox literally means “truth poison”. Veritas for truth. Toxicus for poison. They are expert toxic tort defense witnesses for the U.S. Department of Justice.  The corporation was formerly known as GlobalTox, Inc..  In 2003, two of the corporation’s owners, Bruce Kelman and Bryan Hardin, were bribed by a think-tank to publish false science for the the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. 
Hardin retired as a US Assistant Surgeon General and Deputy Director of CDC NIOSH in 2000.  The two men forged the name of a UCLA physician, Andrew Saxon, on the Chamber paper to make it look like legit science to the courts.  The UC Regents are aware of the UC name being used to mislead courts to the benefit of US Chamber affiliates.  So are both U.S. California Senators and the U.S. Senate members of the Health, Education, Labor, and Pension Committee (HELP) – all of them. So is Governor Brown.
Veritox has been enabled to continue to fleece the public with scientific fraud in courts all over the country — directly because they have been aided to get away with criminal acts as plaintiffs in SLAPP in San Diego county via falsified court documents of Schall and the conspiring jurists. 
If it ever gets to REAL public light that all local jurists used Schall’s falsified court docs since 2008 to conceal fraud upon the court in SLAPP to aid the defrauding of the public nationwide; Congressmen’s, Senators’, public officials’, “non-profit” partners of government, and jurists’ heads would roll from California to Washington DC.  After nine years of SLAPP, its BILLIONS of dollars of fraud that they have either hands on abetted — or just can’t seem to grasp that fraud upon the court in SLAPP is criminal — while their constituents are being fleeced.
In other words, if you are a living, breathing person anywhere in the U.S., you have a pony in this San Diego jurist race, too.  “Pressure” was just used on a huge national billboard company to remove the evidence from the voting public’s view that a little county judge, Lisa Schall, is an unethical person and judge. 
Who has the clout for that kind of pressure on a national advertiser and why would they care about this county judicial race?
We blogged about the billboard debacle yesterday, “Judicial Candidate Rule # 2 ~ Thou Shalt Not Expose A Sitting Judge’s Crime” (I always say “we” because I don’t own this blog. )
The day before, we blogged about San Diego DA Bonnie Dumanis, covering up for the local criminals in the local courts, as she herself runs for re-election,  DA Dumanis and the Soiled White Coats, White Collars & Black Robes
Today a real journalist, Doug Porter from San Diego Free Press, uncovered much more about the billboard take down scandal.  (We’re not journalists. We’re just damn good and relentless harassed whistleblowers because we won’t shut up about the massive fraud in the San Diego County courts aiding the public fleecing to continue, nationwide.)
In today’s article titled, “Clear Channel Responds to Political Pressure, Quashes Billboard Ads for Judicial Candidate“, Mr. Porter writes:
The candidate [Keehn] says the company [Clear Channel]  “received pressure to take the billboards down and they would not tell me from whom the pressure came.” This action is consistent with earlier assertions made by Keehn about surreptitious efforts by incumbent Judge Lisa Schall and/or her supporters to deny or withdraw endorsements for the challenger.  
That was stated too nicely.  Schall’s fellow judges threatened Keehn’s endorsers of retaliation by local judges if they did not unendorse Keehn.  See March 14th Complaint to Presiding Judge David Danielson – who is endorsing Schall’s re-election as one of the “all 125 San Diego Superior Court judges“.  Continuing on with Mr. Porter’s excellent writing:
The outdoor advertising panels were reserved five months ago by Keehn’s campaign. Payment was made and artwork for the billboards was delivered in April.  The billboards went up at four locations on Wednesday, May 7th. They were removed Friday, May 9th.
Clear Channel account executive Erin Brophy approved the ad copy, even going so far as to suggest a change:
—–Original Message—–
From: Brophy, Erin
Sent: Monday, April 21, 2014 5:00 PM
Subject: RE: Final Keehn Billboard Art
I think that for the Freeway boards this is too wordy, you are not going to be able to read this when you are driving by at 60 miles an hour. I think that you should maybe just leave it at THE ONLY CANDIDATE NOT CONVICTED OF A CRIME. For the freeway board and drop the rest of the words on the right side of the board.
Ah HA!  The plot thinkens.  Clear Channel actually edited it!  Continuing on with quotes from Mr. Porter’s article:
Clear Channel Feels the Pressure
First thing Friday morning the Keehn campaign received an email from Clear Channel with photos of the board and the message: “Photos for you! These look good :)
Just a couple of hours later the “looks good :)” message changed to “We have a problem.”
According to a Keehn campaign volunteer “We got a call saying that the billboards had to come down as Clear Channel was receiving “pressure.”
Initially Clear Channel indicated the boards “would probably stay up for the weekend so you will get the weekend exposure.”
Later in the day the message changed again. “We were told they were coming down ASAP.”
And by 3pm Friday they were down.
Keehn told 10News that the outdoor advertising company refused to tell the her any details about the “pressure.”…
There has been no mention of the Clear Channel billboard takedown anywhere else in the San Diego news media as of this morning.
The story definitely wasn’t covered at UT-San Diego, which endorsed the incumbent [Schall] today.
The only real decision for voters is in Office 20. Incumbent Judge Lisa Schall is a former prosecutor who has been on the bench since her appointment by Gov. George Deukmejian in 1985. She received the Bar’s highest rating of “well qualified,” and she has the endorsement of virtually all other judges on the bench, numerous retired judges, Goldsmith, Coker and a variety of professional organizations. But she has been admonished three times by the state Commission on Judicial Performance, including once for her guilty plea in 2008 to alcohol-related reckless driving. Her opponent is Carla Keehn, a former Army captain and an assistant U.S. attorney for the past 18 years who was rated as “qualified” by the Bar. The admonishments Schall received are a legitimate issue for voters to consider. The U-T editorial board believes her overall solid record of 29 years on the bench trumps those controversies. We endorse Judge Schall for re-election.
Is that a Union Tribune typo?  Did they mean to say, Schall’s “overall SOILED record of 29 years on the bench”? Continuing on:
I have to wonder if her 29 years on the bench trumps any need for their reporters to dig into the efforts of the legal and judicial establishment to protect their own from those pesky voters. If you follow this stuff even semi-closely a pattern emerges.
From District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis (whose endorsement of Schall “disappeared” from her campaign website in March) to City Attorney Jan Goldsmith to the judicial establishment of the Superior Courts here in San Diego, it appears to as though the black robed wall of silence functions most effectively.
I reached out to the Clear Channel national office this morning as I was writing this story and was assured by communications Vice President David Grabert their Southern California team would follow up with a response. If and when that happens I’ll update this story. (The 10News story said Clear Channel failed to respond for their broadcast.)”
Looks to us that the real thing needing to be taken down in San Diego County, is the tightly woven network comprised of compromised politicians and jurists; many of whom are now running for re-election under the guise of  “public servants”.  And we (I) keehnly speak from the voice of experience.
Mrs. Sharon Noonan Kramer, advocate for integrity in health marketing and the courts.



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