Exposing Compromised Justices In San Diego Abetting False Concept It Is Proven “Toxic Mold” Does Not Harm

13.03.08 Congress Get Off Your ArseIn 2005, Sharon Noonan Kramer wrote of how it became a false concept in public health policy that it was scientifically proven by Bruce Kelman & Bryan Hardin that microbial toxins in water damaged buildings do not harm.

In 2006, Justices Judith McConnell, Cynthia Aaron and Alex McDonald of the California Fourth District Division One Appellate Court, San Diego, CA, aided and abetted Kelman, Hardin, their corporation of Veritox, Inc., and their attorney, Keith Scheuer, to frame Sharon for libel for five words in the writing, “altered his under oath statements”.  This, to cast doubt on the truth of the entire writing by falsely making Sharon appear to be a malicious liar.

In 2010 Justice Patricia Benke, Richard Huffman and Joanne Irrion concealed what their judicial peers had criminally done in 2006 and the continued adverse impact on the public and Sharon because of it.

In 2012, Sharon was jailed by Judge Thomas Nugent for refusing to be coerced into signing a false confession.  The Sheriff Department record was ordered to be falsified by Judge Nugent to conceal the true reason for the incarceration.

Now in 2013, Justice McConnell is feigning she has subject matter jurisdiction to decide what happens in this case – which is all about concealing what she did in 2006 by criminal means to defraud the public over the mold issue.  EVERY DAY this corrupt game plays on in San Diego, someone, somewhere is having their life devastated by the scientific fraud of Kelman and Hardin remaining in public health policy and US Courts. 

Polticians from coast to coast know of the criminality of this matter.  No one steps in to stop it or the damage from it to Sharon and lives of thousands.

Read more at our sister blog, ContemptOfCourtFor.Me. 


About Sharon Kramer

Hi, I'm an advocate for integrity in health marketing and in the courts.
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2 Responses to Exposing Compromised Justices In San Diego Abetting False Concept It Is Proven “Toxic Mold” Does Not Harm

  1. Karen Fuller says:

    To knowingly take actions which lead to the death of another is murder/homicide is it not?

    I am sick from mould related illness and so is my wonderful son – a young 11 year old, still with trust in life. Justice McConnell – what shall I say to him when we cant get a proper diagnosis? I haven’t told him about another lady here in the UK who is further down the toxic mould road than us and dying from this dreadful illness. Yes, your choices affect us too.

    Blessings to you Sharon. The truth will prevail – it always does….

  2. william vanderbilt says:

    Where is the justice when ,,, because of who you are you have the ability to drag these matters through the court system for years and years. In the mean time,,,many thousands of people are suffering and dying because of the junk science and outright lies being protected by this court.. I believe that this could be a much simpler matter.. Just expose the truth,,which is obvious,, then determine who intentionally falsified the facts and covered up the truth.. Prosecute the guilty parties and move on to the next case.. The facts in this matter cannot be changed no matter how many years are spent in court trying to do just that.. At some point,, it is the duty of the court to promote justice. No court should have the right nor the incentive to manipulate the justice system in ways that protect the guilty and persecute the innocent.. and that is exactly what is happening here..

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