REMINDER: 10 Point Check List For Those Already Filmed By Lawless America For Congressional Testimony

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We received notification of what we need to do to help Lawless America with their mission to bring accountability to U.S. courts.  So we’re making our list and checkin’ it twice to help them prove who’s been naughty, not nice!  Thought this 10 point check list might help others, too.

1.  PARTICIPATE in the Lawless America TalkShoe Program, Sunday, December 16, 2012, 10 pm EST

2. REVIEW & CONFIRM our video. Go to, and search for our Congressional Testimony video.  If it has been posted, review it.  Then SEND AN EMAIL to with the subject in all caps: “VIDEO REVIEW”.  Advise in our email if our video appears to be okay.  It should start with our name.  Name should be spelled correctly in the YouTube listing.  Note if there are any errors (weak audio, gaps of silence or Bill speaking off camera, etc.)

3. VERIFY our video is properly listed. Check for our Movie Listing Page at Click on the letter of our first name, and then page down to find our name.  If we don’t find our name, email  with the subject in all caps: MOVIE LISTING PAGE NEEDED. 

4. REQUIRED written testimony. It is required that our written 3-minute Congressional Testimony should be pasted into the “Complaint details” section of the Movie Listing Page.  If not there, add it.   

5. COMPLETE documentation. If we find our name on the Movie Listing Page, add anything that we would like Congress to have the ability to access after they see our video.  We can add photos, links to videos, pdf files, Word files, etc.  Note that members of Congress and our state’s legislators will all be provided with a CD that will hyperlink our name to our Movie Listing Page, so we want as much information as possible here.

6. APPEAR in person.  Make every effort possible to “Meet Me in DC” on February 5-6, 2013.  Here is what we need to know: 

7. RSVP To “Meet Me In DC”, Lawless America has a Facebook page — for the Meet Me In DC event. If on Facebook, RSVP there as well as the Lawless America website.  One person is needed from every state, and ideally, one constituent for each member of Congress. 

8. PROPOSE LEGISLATION (our last chance) on Legal Reform and Government and Judicial Corruption — proposed legislation to be presented to Congress on February 5, 2013 — If we have specific ideas that are important to us, this is our Last Chance to get them considered for the comprehensive proposed legislation. For details go to:  

9. LOCAL GRAND JURY INDICTMENTS Now is our chance to bring criminal charges in local grand juries in April 2013. It will be a key first step in the plans to put the crooks on trial for various crimes, including treason, where appropriate.  Specifics will be provided in January, but this will get we started — 

10. FRIEND ON FACEBOOK To stay up to the minute on the latest developments, check as they post updates throughout each day.  If one is not yet a Lawless America Friend on Facebook, please send a request on Facebook.

For more information of this endeavor and/or Lawless America The Movie, contact William M. Windsor  Movie Trip Phone: 770-578-1094  Fax: 770-578-1057

P.S. REMEMBER to sign the Petition!!

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