Union of Concerned Scientists Launch Center For Science & Democracy

They want to know why YOU think science is important for Democracy. 

According to their announcement:

“In today’s hyper-partisan political environment, the public and decision makers often ignore independent science and technical analysis in favor of assertions from ideologues and thinly veiled spokespeople for powerful vested interests.

This trend toward deliberate misinformation and neglect of science not only threatens the principles of transparency and accountability on which our democracy is based, but it often puts the health and safety of Americans at risk.

To help meet this grave challenge, the Union of Concerned Scientists is launching the Center for Science and Democracy  to strengthen the American democracy by restoring the essential role of science, evidence-based decision making, and constructive debate as a means to improve the health, security, and prosperity of all Americans.

UCS will launch the new Center for Science and Democracy at two events that will feature interactive panel discussions with leading thinkers on the role science plays in a functioning democracy.  RSVP to watch the East Coast or West Coast launch events. 

A cornerstone of the Center for Science and Democracy will be the Lewis M. Branscomb Science and Democracy Forum. The forum series will bring experts, decision makers, and the public together to tackle key issues at the intersection of science and democracy, including special interests’ influence on science used in government decision making.
We look forward to sharing more information with you about this exciting new initiative in the coming months.


Kevin Knobloch

Union of Concerned Scientists
2 Brattle Square Cambridge, MA 02138-3780
phone: 800-666-8276 | Fax: 617-864-9405

We at Katy’s applaud the continuing efforts of UCS to keep integrity in science and in society as a whole.  They want to know why YOU think science is important for Democracy.


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Hi, I'm an advocate for integrity in health marketing and in the courts.
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3 Responses to Union of Concerned Scientists Launch Center For Science & Democracy

  1. Science is important for a democracy because getting at the truth is the only way to know what you are actually voting for, and the “scientific method” is the only way to get at the truth.

    One certainly does not get at the truth by listening to politicians. Systematic observation, measurement, and testing. Results that are repeatable, validated by experts, and supported by the preponderance of evidence. This is the “scientific method” this is how you get to the truth.

    By the “truth” I mean accurate cause and effect which allows you to do something most voters in a democracy [in the US anyway] appear unable to do, which is:

    A causes B, B causes C, therefore A causes C.

  2. Dana Toliver says:

    I agree with Jeanie & would add that we also need proper education for doctors, as well & we need to keep politics & government out of science… Scientists need to be able to be scientists, doctors need to be doctors & politicians need to stick to politics & we the people need to be told the truth & have access to the truth so we can make our own informed choices about our own lives!

  3. Jeanie says:

    True and good science, and proper public education is truely what we need and it should have allways been that way. no more kissing up to big industry’s wants and needs, it’s way past time to put the people first.

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