What happens in Vegas doesn’t always stay in Vegas and not all increased house odds take place on the casino floor. This is yet another a case where one state funded entity, the Regents of the University of California, have some explaining to do over their deceptive role in aiding another state’s agency, the Nevada Health Department District of Las Vegas, to cover the house of government in aiding each other to defraud the public over the mold issue. 

In the Pauluk case, the Regents allowed their imprimatur to be used by a retired UCLA physician on reports denying causation of illness on behalf of the Nevada Health Department.  The retired UCLA physician no longer shares his expert defense witnesses fees with the Regents.  That’s an unlawful no no according to the UC bylaws to allow the state university name to be used in such a manner for the profit of an individual who used the UC name.  

The UC allowing their name to lend false credibility to a litigation defense argument aided tremendously to continue to jeopardize the safety of the employees in this building by how it was used to cast doubt on the cause of death of Mr. Pauluk.  The Regents are well aware of the deceptive role that they have played over the mold issue that aids to defraud the public and taxpayers in CA and nationwide – while jeopardizing the safety of employees, occupants and school children nationwide.  

Read More at KATY’S EXPOSURE BLOG, May 2010 of scientists, physicians and researchers politely urging the Regents to stop making money off of promotion of false science in litigation that is used to deny financial responsibility for causation of moldy building induced illnesses and deaths. 

KLAS TV, LAS VEGAS April 2012 — Health District Named in Lawsuit over Man’s Death

“Corrosion and threats of a roof collapse are among the issues that prompted the Southern Nevada Health District to shut down its main office. The wife of a former worker says the closure comes 10 years too late.  She claims structural flaws allowed toxic mold to grow which killed her husband.

The former employee, Daniel Pauluk, worked at the district from 2003 to 2006 and died a year later. His wife tells 8 News NOW that she filed a federal lawsuit in 2007 claiming the building is responsible for her husband’s death…. 

Her husband died in 2007. Pauluk says 14 other people within a 50-foot radius of Dan’s desk have died too.  She alleges mold spores from his clothes and shoes were brought into the Pauluk family home and have also infected her. Wendy’s lungs are full of tumors and she is currently undergoing life-saving treatment in Mexico.

READ MORE and view video regarding the Pauluk wrongful death lawsuit involving a NV Health Department.


We also issued this related post today.  Its regarding yet another state, Texas,  getting caught using it’s government agencies to defraud the taxpayers over the mold issue. This, while leaving the sick and dying US citizens nowhere to turn for help but foreign countries for treatment and US social services to be able to feed their families.

Lawsuit of Former Texas Medical Board Member, Who Is Also Paid Expert Witness For Insurers, Is Dismissed

Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons Volume 17 Number 1 Spring 2012 Editorial by Lawrence R. Huntoon, M.D., Ph.D.   LAWSUIT OF TEXAS MEDICAL BOARD MEMBER DISMISSED   “Miller is a physician and, from 2003 until 2007, he served on the Texas Medical Board (TMB). He was the chairman of the TMBs disciplinary Process Review Committee…. […]  Read more of this post 


And if you want to understand just how far the State of California is willing to go to conceal their unlawful role in the debacle of defrauding the public of billions, visit our sister website, ContemptOfCourtFor.ME 

The California courts just unlawfully incarcerated and thus unlawfully strip searched a US citizen in March 2012 for refusing to be coerced to commit criminal perjury.  Her signature on a fraudulent document they were requiring her to sign or go to jail states, “I do not believe Dr. Kelman committed perjury”.

Her signature would have absolved the above noted bad behavior and much, much more.  Given only two options by the Court (with no jurisdiction) of forced perjury aiding to defraud the public or unlawful incarceration, she chose unlawful incarceration.

VIDEO of Mr. Kelman committing perjury in California to establish needed reason for malice in a libel case while strategically litigating to keep the science fraud going in US courts.  All courts to oversee the libel case turned a blind eye to Mr. Kelman’s perjury while the Regents and others have continued to profit from the deceit off the backs of the sick, dying and the American taxpayer.

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  1. bob says:

    The US is an Ogopolistic Plutocracy. It is not a democracy, and never was. The special interests run everything including the congress, the judiciary and the executive branch. The fact that the electoral college still exists to make sure that the “ignorant voters” do not put a person into the presidency that the special interests control only shows how long this situation has existed.

    The US was founded by rich people who did not want to pay taxes and right wing religious zealots.
    The employed slaves and indentured servitude. Nothing has changed except.

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