Texas judge abuses his child for Net usage. Cal Courts threaten Katy’s Bloggers with jail time for exposing by Net, many children abused by their actions

    This is a VIDEO of a abusive Texas Family Law Judge beating his daughter for using the Internet. So offensively abusive, one must sign into YouTube and be over 18 to view.

    Our hearts go out to this poor girl. We at Katy’s Exposure blog know what it feels like for judiciaries to abuse their positions of authority to try to beat people into submission for using the Internet against the judiciaries’  wishes and personal interests.

    Although disturbing to watch, the Texas judge in the video does not hold a candle to the leaders of California’s judicial system when it comes to abuse and trying to stop the use of the Internet. This in a manner that is adverse to many children’s health and safety. The owner of Katy’s Exposure Blog, who just happens to also be in Texas, received a threat mailed interstate from California via the US Postal Service in May of 2011, to stop publishing information of a public record case in California involving abusive judicial practices. (pdf links may take a few seconds to open) The case is Bruce J. Kelman & GlobalTox, Inc., v. Sharon Kramer, Case No. GIN044539, filed in May 2005 in the Superior Court of San Diego, California. 

     The threat came from a California licensed attorney is that if she publishes on Katy’s Exposure Blog about the California court case that is a matter of public record involving many leaders of California’s judicial branch and the US Chamber of Commerce’s environmental science in the courtroom, she will be sued for “republishing defamation”. 

    The threat is based on a temporary injuntive relief order (Gag Order) that the attorney obtained from the San Diego Superior Court on May 2, 2011. It precludes Sharon Kramer from being able to write of the prior case involving the US Chamber of Commerce that is a matter of public record. The case gagging Sharon from writing of what the courts have done is Kelman v. Kramer, Case No. 37-2010-00061530 -CU-DF-NC, filed November 10, 2011. 

    The sole claim of the first case was that Sharon Kramer’s use of the phrase, “altered his under oath statements” in a March 2005 Internet posting was a maliciously false accusation that Bruce Kelman, author of environmental policy for the US Chamber, committed perjury on the witness stand in an Oregon trial in February of 2005.  The phrase was used by Sharon in the sentence,

“Upon viewing documents presented by the Hayne’s attorney of Kelman’s prior testimony from a case in Arizona, Dr. Kelman ‘altered his under oath statements’ on the witness stand.” 

       The threat to Katy’s and to Sharon is that they are not to republish, “Dr. Kelman altered his under oath statements’ when he testified on the witness stand in an Oregon trial“, even when discussing it in the context of a court case that is a matter of public record. We have never republished the phrase for which Sharon was sued, “altered his under oath statements” without discussing it in the context of the case — that is a matter of public record. 

       We can write and publish all day of the scientific fraud in public health and workers’ comp policies over the mold issue involving VeriTox, ACOEM and the US Chamber without using the phrase, “altered his under oath statements”.

But what we cannot do without using that phrase is write and evidence of what the courts did to frame a US citizen for libel to the advantage of the US Chamber of Commerce & adverse to public health.

      This is because those are the sole five word that are the foundation of the public record case. If one cannot write of what words for which they were sued, they also cannot explain the case, evidence judicial “errors” and the judicial errors’ continued adverse impact on public health and workers comp policies.

     Sharon’s March 2005 writing was the first to expose how it became a false concept in US public health policy that it was scientifically proven moldy buildings do not harm.  The second time it was publicly written of, it was on the front page of the Wall Street Journal, January 2007.

    Sharon has a degree in marketing. Her March 2005 writing named the names of those involved in the mass marketing of misinformation into policy and to the courts: Bruce Kelman; GlobalTox (now known as Veritox); the Manhattan Institute think-tank; US Congressman Gary Miller (R-Ca); the occupational medicine trade association American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine (ACOEM); and the US Chamber of Commerce.

     In October of 2005 and under the pretext of Workers Comp Reform, Governor Schwarzenegger endorsed the “science” of ACOEM and the US Chamber into California workers’ comp policy, stating physicians who treat injured workers should adhere to ACOEM’s mold position statement. It aided many an insurer to deny liability for the costs incurred by workers who are injured from water damaged work environments. The cost was then shifted onto the taxpayer in the form of disability programs and social services.

     In October of 2011, Governor Brown removed it from California Workers’ Comp policy that physicians who treat injured workers should adhere to the ACOEM mold position statement. While aiding to curtail insurer cost shifting onto taxpayers, the scientific fraud of ACOEM & the US Chamber still lingers in many cases throughout the US and in California.

    Sharon, who is a Katy’s blogger, has been instrumental in the reshaping public health policy over the mold issue for the good of the public, even being the catalyst for a federal audit of the issue. Katy’s Exposure Blog has been cited as Reference No 15 for an April 2011 federal OSHA advisory regarding public health and indoor air quality. This is adverse to the interests of the VeriTox, Inc. whose owners are prolific expert defense witnesses in mold litigation.  It is adverse to the affiliates of the US Chamber of Commerce.  

    Sharon is now is facing a criminial record and possible jail time at the hands of the California courts for writing and evidencing what the judges, justices and their clerks have done in the case – that has aided a fraud in public and workers’ comp policy to continue to harm thousands over the mold issue. The owner of Katy’s Exposure has been threatened with legal action should she publish court documents and other information of a case that is a matter of public record.

     See pages 6 & 7 of Exhibit 1, that was attached to the October 12, 2011 Complaint for Contempt of Court by the environmental policy author for the US Chamber of Commerce, Bruce Kelman of VeriTox, Inc. It is the Internet posting on Katy’s on Sept 13, 2011, for which Sharon Kramer is most likely going to jail for refusing to be silenced of judicial abuses in strategic litigations adversely impacting public health. Its a posting about the public record California case, Kelman & GlobalTox v. Kramer, with many judicial and clerical “errors” evidenced by legal documents from the case.  

     The September 13, 2011 post evidences leaders of the California Judicial Council being sent Letters asking for an audit of the case and asking that they stop harassing us and violating our Constitutional rights for EVIDENCING what they have done and the adverse impact of public health policy. Among other judicial actions in the libel case of  Kelman & GlobalTox v. Kramer, the courts suppressed the evidence that the US Chamber “enviornmental policy” author, Bruce Kelman, committed perjury to establish needed reason for malice. They suppressed the evidence that environmental health advocate, Sharon Kramer, was never impeached as to the subjective belief in the validity of her words. 

  Since when in the United States of America can courts threaten to give someone a criminal record and send them to jail for publicly writing of cases that are matters of public record? 

              Since when can licensed attorneys use the US Postal Service to threaten people by interstate mail for putting information of public records court cases on the Net, complete with the linked legal evidence?

Is it just us, or is no one in the United States permitted to write,

“In the matter of Kelman & GlobalTox v. Kramer, Bruce Kelman and GlobalTox, Inc., sued Sharon Kramer for the words, Dr. Kelman ‘altered his under oath statements’ on the witness stand”?

    The affects of some judicial abuses are visable as shown in the Texas Judge video.  Others are just as harmful, insidious and abusive as illustrated by the actions of the judicial branch leaders of the State of California.


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1 Response to Texas judge abuses his child for Net usage. Cal Courts threaten Katy’s Bloggers with jail time for exposing by Net, many children abused by their actions

  1. Dana Toliver says:

    That video was absolutely horrible and sad! As a judge he should be fired, as a father he should be jailed along with the mother!!!! And people wonder why I don’t have faith in our judicial system!!!

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