Freedom of Speech For The Public Good At What Cost In America? Coming up~A series of posts detailing and evidencing invasive hacking through AT&T Wireless, UVerse, Comcast, Verizon and Blackberry (and more).

Cell phone hacking is only one small part of what can be a total loss of your legal right to privacy. The information posted on this blog, Katy’s Exposure, has help to expose billions in environmental health threats and those responsible. It has also been hijacked to proxy servers causing the posts to not go directly go to the World Wide Web.

Because I dared to write and evidence the truth to the point that my blog has been cited as reference for a Federal OSHA environmental safety publication; I have experienced industries’ invasive hacking and identity theft. I have been personally threatened not to write the truth anymore of those responsible for aiding environmental illness to flourish.

The hacking has affected all of my electronic accounts and services and made my life a living Hell. No one does anything to stop it. So I will expose that, too. Over the next coming weeks I will be sharing my evidence and complaints to the SCC, the US Postal Service Investigative Branch, the FBI and other government agencies.

Be aware that if you find something downloaded on your computer titled Motive/UVerse history/Mcci browser and a Java Script virus (more to come), that this can also affect the settings and programming on all of your IT linked equipment. Your right to gain and share information then becomes compromised and controlled by hackers. Your digital equipment and settings become corrupted and interfered with remotely.

Your right to speak the truth in America becomes severely impaired and cut off from those who could most use the information.

More to come. Katy

About Sharon Kramer

Hi, I'm an advocate for integrity in health marketing and in the courts.
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