California Judicial System Implodes Under Weight Of Inept Leadership ~ A Scathing Overview By Those In The Know

Obviously from prior blogs, we at Katy’s Exposure know the problem of politics and corruption in the California judicial system runs deep and has for quite some time. But we had no idea just how deep until we met those who actually work in the upper eschilon of the courts and can evidence even more than we can.

This blog is dedicated to the hundreds of California judges who are members of the Alliance of California Judges (AJC) and to all the brave Whistleblowers of rampant grift, fraud and abuse of authority & power among the leadership of the California judicial system. We thank Judicial Council Watcher and their contributors for the majority of information we share today; and for their dedication to enlighten the public and legislators as to the severity of the rampant corruption within the California judicial system from many aspects, on many levels. We feel fortunate to know and work with many to restore integrity in the courts and in public policies. And we are forever appreciative to All our like minded, fearless friends.

Ironically, it was one year ago today, July 22, 2010, Katy’s Exposure blogged about the nomination of a new Chief Justice for California, Tani Cantil-Sayauke, by then Governor Schwarzenegger. We had high hopes that a fresh face in the stewardship role of the California judicial system would undo years of conflicted interests, political jockeying and lack of oversight of the hand picked members of the Judicial Council (JC).

The JC sets policies and allocates funds for the judicial branch including all trial courts and the Administration of the Courts (AOC). The annual budget is in the billions. The AOC’s purpose is to support the needs of the courts with the use of funds allocated to them. The state’s 58 trial courts (counties) are allocated their own budgets at the beginning of each fiscal year. The JC has access to the trial courts’ monies should they desire to take them and give them to the AOC for statewide projects or administrative duties.

Under the leadership of Chief Justice Ronald George, massive amounts of tax dollars were allocated to the AOC and were wasted on a computer system that does not work, on overpaid and unlicensed contractors, on state pension funds given to non-state employees…the list is endless.

We had hoped that Cantil-Sayauke would reshape the judicial branch and mold justice for California’s families, workers and taxpayers by providing more than just lip service to the age old wisdom that justice delayed is justice denied. The top priority of judicial leadership should be to keep the trial courts functioning – not keep the administrators fat who are only there to support the courts.

One year later to the day, we sadly report that Cantil-Sayauke appears to have established herself as just another misplaced brick in the walls of the structually compromised House that Ronald George built. On this day, July 22, 2011, we came to a critical juncture in California where it was established that the California courts are now a fully owned subsidiary of Corporate America. Today it was decided by the new Chief Justice and JC that tax dollars would be diverted away from the trial courts to the dysfunctional AOC; causing many courts to close and leaving white collar crime to easily flourish – both within our judicial system and without.

The money will continue to be funneled to overpaid managers at the AOC, with track records of gross mismanagment and a long history of retaliation against employees and others who expose the mismanagement, fraud, waste, abuse, cronyism and corruption among the leadership of our judicial branch.

We at Katy’s have had personal experience with the corruption and cronyism of the California courts aiding Corporate America. We would like thank Federal OSHA for citing Katy’s Exposure as a reference for a new federal public health advisory (Reference #15). This helps us to deter the impact of the fraud and collusion of the US Chamber of Commerce and the House that George built. This is because it lends federally endorsed credibility that we have been telling the truth all along about a scientific fraud in public policy mass marketed by the US Chamber that George’s House has aided to continue by participating in malicious litigation, retaliation and attempted intimidation us into silence. It helps our friends who are Whistleblowers of other aspects of corruption in the courts who are stating and evidencing the same underlying problem that we are and involving many of the same people.

As of May 6, 2011, Katy’s Exposure has been threatened with legal action via the use of a fake legal document of an Amended Judgment never entered in a California case on December 18, 2008. Not in the Register of Action (ROA) that prints when the public reads the computer history of a case; it oddly shows in the computer “Case History”, which is what judges and court personnel see when they review the computer history of the case. Never found in the ROA, the fake judgement document just mailed to Katy’s originated from the North San Diego County Superior Court on January 9, 2009. It was originally mailed from the court to Sharon Kramer on this date and attached to a yellow Post-It with the message, “Ms. Kramer, this is the info you are seeking.”, after Ms. Kramer questioned the lack of any such document in the file or ever mailed to her. Ms. Kramer is the whistle blower of how it became a fraud in health policy that it was scientifically proven moldy buildings don’t harm and involiving the US Chamber. She first wrote of this in March of 2005, and the courts have been aiding to harass her ever since.

No kidding its the information we seek! And thanks for the direct evidence of the collusion and mail fraud to try to silence us. It is a Government Code 6200 violation punishable by prison time for court employees to falsify court documents. It’s a federal offense to then mail the fake legal document with the “12.18.08 MGarland” on it’s third page, interstate, to threaten a blog owner to stop writing of what the California courts have done to aid the US Chamber of Commerce. The yellow Post It is the direct evidence that the courts know they have woven a tangled web and tried to cover their tracks. On January 7, 2009, they denied to hear a Motion for Reconsideration based on a purported Entry of Amended Judgment, “12.18.08”, that never happened. The letter mailed to us is the evidence they want us silenced of just how bad corrupt the courts have been, while being fully aware they are aiding billions in fraud to continue.

They want us silenced of some of the most powerful judiciaries in the state of California, namely the Chair of the Executive Committee of the Judicial Council, the ex-Chair of the Commission on Judicial Performance and the ex-Chief Justice, rewarding the use of criminal perjury while strategically litigating to shut us up. This criminal perjury, used to establish a false yet libel law needed reason for malice while strategically litigating, was perpetrated by the authors of fraudulent medico-legal policy for the US Chamber Institute for Legal Reform (ILR), Bruce J. Kelman and Bryan D. Hardin of VeriTox Inc. Hardin is a retired Deputy Director of the CDC’s National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health.

Plainly stated, the courts have colluded to defraud the public, taxpayers and the California workers’ comp system of billions of dollars by being willing participants in a malicious, strategic litigating over a matter of public health while knowing they have aided false science to remain in policy, for now over six years.

Do we look like we are intimidated?

We have no intention of being bullied into silence by a threat that was mailed interstate to Katy’s via the US Postal Service with the enclosure of a fake California court document never found in any court record. Actions such as this, interstate mail fraud, tend to make us investigate deeper and speak louder about the corruption in the California judicial system and those who think themselves above the law – as they allocate themselves even more tax dollars while forcing courts to close.

Now let us show you what some of our friends know of the out of control judicial system of California.

July 17, 2011 Judicial Council Watcher Re: Today’s Judicial Council Meeting determining who gets the money. The dysfunctional AOC and Corporate America? Or the courts and the citizens of California?) “The Alliance of California Judges specifically proposes that on July 22, 2011, the Judicial Council direct staff to provide for $134 million in mitigation to the trial courts for 2011- 2012 beyond the proposed mitigation which emerged from the Trial Court Budget Working Group meeting on July 13, 2011. We call upon voting members of the Judicial Council to move, second, and support this option, or a similar option… We suggest that this additional mitigation be apportioned among (1) further AOC staff and operations reductions, (2) construction funds, and (3) maintenance and operation of CCMS V2, V3, and V4, and CCTC hosting of CCMS (including a complete cessation of CCMS activities, if necessary)… Continuing with an overstaffed central bureaucracy and continued funding of an improbable computer system is simply not an option…We also remind judges of the importance of enacting AB 1208. That law assures every trial court of a basic baseline level of funding without reduction for unapproved statewide initiatives that lack legislative approval or broad consensus within the branch. Had AB 1208 been the law, $600 million would not have been wasted on CCMS…The CCMS project cannot continue….Fund Condition Statements reveal that the State Court Facilities Construction Fund has a beginning balance of $382 million. There is $141 million of projected revenue, and a General Fund transfer of $350 million, leaving a total fund balance before expenditures of $173 million.”

February 8, 2011 Courthouse News, By MARIA DINZEO Scathing Audit Blasts $1.9 Billion Court Computer Project in California “A scathing audit of California’s court administration was released Tuesday by the Bureau of State Audits, blaming the administrators for a series of blunders in their 9-year effort to press a uniform computer system onto the state’s trial courts. The massive audit found that the bureaucrats had exercised “poor management” of the computer project, disguised its true $1.9 billion cost, and failed to analyze the needs of the trial courts. Despite the findings, those in charge of the project said they would press on. The head of the agency subjected to the auditor’s withering critique, William Vickrey, thanked the auditor and said the agency is pressing forward with deployment of the latest version of the IT system…. That statement brought an immediate and heated reaction from trial judges who have roundly lambasted the Administrative Office of the Courts and its IT project called Court Case Management System. “The AOC has mismanaged this project from the beginning, “ said Judge Maryanne Gilliard in Sacramento. “They have consistently hidden the true cost from legislative scrutiny.”… The Joint Legislative Audit Committee voted for its approval in February 2010, after hearing testimony from a group of trial judges and labor representatives who said the escalating cost of the computer system had contributed to the fiscal crisis in many courts, resulting in court closures and staff layoffs…. In her report, the auditor suggested the administrators had been hiding the ball of cost represented by the computer project for some time….”The AOC will need roughly 24 years to recover the investment in the project once CCMS is deployed to all 58 superior courts,” said the auditor. “The AOC is unable to demonstrate that the benefits of CCMS outweigh the nearly $1.9 billion cost.” …They failed to structure the contract with Deloitte Consulting to ensure “sufficient control over the cost and scope of the contract” which later ballooned to include 102 amendments, said auditor Howle…The system was loaded with defects, according to the audit, that caused individual trial courts to resist implementation… [S]aid Czuleger. “I was on the oversight committee and I wrote them on multiple occasions saying we should not be entering into another Deloitte contract until we had a business plan.” “They said they’d get one but it wasn’t a real business plan,” Czuleger added. “I was basically castigated by the AOC and accused of trying to kill CCMS. Bill Vickrey went all over the state and accused me of trying to kill CCMS when all I was trying to do is make sure they had a project that would succeed.” “This audit vindicates the position I took.”

July 18, 2011 Judicial Council Watcher~Breaking News – Another construction whistleblower! “Uzoma Okoro…was a Sacramento based facilities management administrator for the Office of Court Construction & Management’s Facilities Management Unit. This is the same AOC outfit that employed unlicensed contractors statewide from the Oregon border to the Mexican border. This is the same outfit that on December 9th 2009 had a unit-wide conference call in which they were instructed by Jerry Pfab and other FM managers to not use the name “Team Jacobs” anymore. “Just call them Jacobs.”…Bundling projects together to hide those costs does not help their case. If anything it makes the case against them more condemning”.

January 28, 2011 Judicial Council Watcher Re: Destruction of documents by Kim Turner of Marin County (now promoted to key AOC/JC position and key speaker at today’s meeting). The Marin County courts were under investigation for eggregious family court violations and involving the destroyed records. Cantil-Sayauke participated in this endeavor. “Here is the Center for Judicial Excellence’s response to Judge Boren and Ms. Kim Turner’s Op Ed about the recent Family Court Audit last Friday, which appears in today’s Marin Independent Journal. The IJ editors replaced my reference to Ms. Turner’s involvement in the document destruction with a more general reference to “the court,” though the Marin Court has posted the August AOC report acknowledging her pivotal role in the destruction on their website home page…THE California Bureau of State Audits last week released its 109-page report, detailing the results of its 17-month audit of the Marin and Sacramento Family Courts. Across the board and on nearly every measured aspect, the Sacramento and Marin family courts failed to meet the minimum standards required by law…So you may wonder what the latest audit of the Marin family court means, and how the same report described by state Sen. Mark Leno as “quite disturbing” could be hailed by local Marin court officials as “proving beyond any doubt” that “there’s no problem.”..Simple. The Marin Court has deliberately mischaracterized this audit as comprehensive and boasted that “the report does not contain a single finding of “… judges and mediators putting children at risk.”..Interestingly, the Center for Judicial Excellence and our allies drafted an earlier audit request focused on evaluating “increasing evidence that children in custody disputes are being removed from their primary, non-abusive caretakers and placed in the custody of parents who have been identified as the children’s physical or sexual abusers.”..In a considerable number of instances, the audit reported “limitations in their ability to determine the number of complaints received,” making their data unreliable…We must wonder whether the mass document destruction by the court and others during an eight-month standoff with the state auditor contributed to the significant gaps in recordkeeping….While the Marin Court seems unable or unwilling to accept auditor criticism and instead is attacking the center, we remain steadfast in our nearly five-year commitment to try to work collaboratively with the Marin Court to improve its service to our community’s children.

March 9, 2011, Judicial Council Watcher, Who Really Runs The Judicial Branch? A Parody of Sorts. Justice Richard Huffman – Appellate Justice, 4th district court of appeals, San Diego (Note: we at Katy’s can evidence this guy is as corrupt as they come. No one in the state of California with any decision making power seems to want to acknowledge our irrefutable evidence of his colluding on behalf of the US Chamber to defraud the public) “Recent controversies about policy making in the judicial branch have raised the question of whether trial and appellate judges have any voice in the process. The answer is – they have a voice as long as they stick to the agenda and speak only when it is their turn. It doesn’t necessarily mean the committee chair will listen but it gives them an opportunity to speak. It also permits us to use the committees members names to endorse JC position to give it an air of legitimacy, even if they disagree with it. Mr. Huffman has been a member of the Judicial Council of California since the dawn of time, taking a seat in the star chamber shortly after god created the heavens and the earth. He chairs the Council’s Executive and Planning Committee, which is charged with recruiting and nominating candidates for positions on the Council or its numerous advisory committees, pulling the strings of judicial council puppets and being the gateway between the public and the judicial council, between the AOC and the Judicial Council. E&P is the group that ultimately makes the executive decisions and does all planning on behalf of the branch. Mr. Vickrey and the Chief Justice are merely figureheads. All the real power is in Mr. Huffman’s E&P committee, making him the true unelected leader of the largest judiciary in the western world. And there his constituents, the public and legislators thought he was merely an appellate justice from San Diego.He has also chaired the Criminal Law Advisory Committee and a task force on cameras in the courtroom. He is currently a member of the Blue Ribbon Commission on Foster Care and a co-chair of the State Court/Tribal Court Forum. So, he has first hand experience with the decision making process of the judicial branch, primarily because it’s his E&P committee that makes all the decisions.” On average, the combination of task forces, advisory committees and working groups within the judicial branch includes over 400 judges, in addition to court executives involved in developing, recommending and implementing policy initiatives defined by the administrative office of the courts, rules of court and legislation to assist the California trial courts in delivering impartial justice to the citizens of this state, provided you have enough zeros in your bank account and as long as you’re not trying to take on his system…At any one time there may be a number of working groups of judges and court executives providing advice on important issues facing the branch. One example of such a group is the working group created after the case of Sturgeon v. Los Angeles County put supplemental judicial benefits,more commonly known as being paid by two masters, in the legislature, in the middle of the night without a hearing, public comment or a debate. The working group assisted the Chief Justice and the AOC in successfully advocating for legislation to preserve the existing supplemental judicial benefits for trial court judges because as you know, it was Huffman’s own court that called these extrajudicial benefits unlawful and George, who had accepted those benefits himself, declined to hear the case, choosing to write himself a retroactive amnesty bill instead…Justice Richard Huffman’s fourteen year reign over California’s Judicial Branch is yet another reason to pass the Calderon trial courts rights act of 2011.”

We could go on til the sacred cows come home of the fraud, waste, abuse of authority and all out corruption that is stealing California’s legal system from the citizens and giving it to the affiliates of the US Chamber, aided by holligans in Black Robes. There are many more Whistle blowers who have their evidence to share. But we will leave our readers with this fine overview of the problem as written by Jon Fleishman.

July 20, 2011, The Flash Report by Jon Fleischman The Chief Justice is Failing the Justice System, And Taxpayers “During the recent state budget debate California Chief Justice Tani Cantil-Sakauye weighed in loudly about the dire, negative impacts of proposed funding cuts to California’s court system…But in the case of Cantil-Sakauye and the courts, it turns out that her loud complaints may have been more about protecting her bureaucratic fiefdom than anything else…California’s court system handles 9 million cases a year. You would think the most important stakeholders of the court system would be families, businesses, victims of crime and law enforcement all depending on the fast, fair and effective work of the courts in order to settle disputes, keep businesses moving, see justice served and protect the public.

The Chief Justice and her hand picked Judicial Council have allowed the Administrative Office of the Courts (AOC) , which controls the $3.2 billion budget for California’s county trial courts to be operated outside of public oversight – with predictable results… Running amok with the taxpayer’s dollars, court leaders have squandered hundreds of millions dollars on pet projects, perks, benefits for themselves and a colossal computer system priced at over $2 billion that may never see the light of day.
Consider these facts:

• In February of this year the Bureau of State Audits released a scathing report of the Court’s statewide computer system. To cost over $2 billion, the Bureau found a lack of oversight, cost controls, mismanagement and waste…

• While nearly every organization in the state has been forced to lay off and furlough employees, cut hours and reduce staffing levels to a bare minimum, the AOC continues to hire high-priced employees as they have grown by more than 70 percent since 2004 and continue to hire despite a hiring freeze…

• The AOC has bungled courthouse construction. Making the federal government seem efficient and streamline is hard to do but the AOC managed to build courthouses for $1,700 a square foot while comparable federal courts houses have cost less than $850 a square foot. Witness the latest construction debacle at the AOC…

In the face of dramatic budget cuts to the judicial branch a simple question must be asked of the Chief Justice and her Judicial Council; Would the citizens of California, the victims of crime, civil litigants, and all those who depend on our courts to resolve divorces and child custody, ever miss several hundred AOC lawyers, and a plethora of AOC bureaucrats making over $170 thousand a year, receiving taxpayer paid pensions and lifetime health care at 10 years of service? I doubt it. .. The AOC’s top administrators have grown accustomed to working in the dark. Unlike every other public agency in California, the AOC is not required to make its records, including its budgets, available to the public. Nor do the Judicial Council and the AOC provide the public with meaningful opportunities to hear and provide input on matters that affect us all.

In closing, Chief Justice Tani Cantil-Sakauye has been extraordinarily unimpressive in her relative new role to date. She should take the opportunity to do an about-face, and be an advocate for both taxpayers and an effective court system rather than defending the status-quo of the bureaucracy created in large part by her predecessor.”

Mr. Fleischman, we couldn’t agree more! So when are our state and federal legislators going to put an end to this? Or maybe its time for the FBI. Enough already! Will someone please do their job to stop this rampant corruption and mismanagment of the California judicial system?

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Hi, I'm an advocate for integrity in health marketing and in the courts.
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4 Responses to California Judicial System Implodes Under Weight Of Inept Leadership ~ A Scathing Overview By Those In The Know

  1. Tom says:

    We have a case of a Superoir Court Judge fasifying an entire court transcript, but the Court Reporter Board allows no contesting of court transcripts. The Board dismisses all complaints so they will not go on to Division Of Investigation(DOI) for an independent investigation which would include reviewing the steno machine hard drive, audio recording and the laptop hard drive. These devices replaced the steno paper tape. Dept of Consumer Affairs (DCA) interceded to stop DOI’s investigation of the Board itself . Appeals and Supreme Court assume the transcripts they base their reviews upon to be accurate. Judicial Performance is powerless as they also depend on the transcript. The Reporter Board’s authority is only over those they license, yet the Board and the State agencies that are supposed regulate them are allowing them law enforcement powers & power over the judicial process. There is nothing to prevent a Judge from fabricating any transcript to create any out come with complete impunity. All the safeguards to prevent this have been circumvented and transcript manipulation is common place. As the State agencies that are supposed to prevent this have only enable it our complaint has progressed to the Senate Committee on Business and Professions where a number of Senate members are calling for public hearings. Please join us in demanding a public hearing.

  2. To Katy’s Exposure (and other like thinkers), keep up your good work! BE encouraged, judicial corruption won’t last –at the least, judicial / political corruption will be its own self-destruction. [In contrast to my judicial corruption exposing labors (ex. “Judge Thomas Porteous and the Judicial ‘Devil’s Den’ from Whence He Came”; *also, here in my state, I’ve been mostly fighting with no one standing with me –or supplying evidence (which probably won’t matter in light of New Orleans’ Banana Republic). But I have an abundance of Prima Facie proof!]

    Ironically, too many Americans have been indifferent, ill-informed, and naive about the utter destruction that corrupt judiciaries have upon ALL facets of life quality –as well as how this fosters murders, thefts, substance abuse, alcoholism, and more –its diminishes the entire economy! Incredibly, some people take issue with those of us who challenge entrenched illegalities –until the shoe is on indifferent people’s feet. Accordingly, corruption thrives! But that kind of detachment MUST change! As responsible human beings, we should help elected officials to be accountable by, at the least, staying apprised of goings-on in those arenas, and asking questions, compelling corrective action –prior to things getting out of hand!

    I hope that whistleblowers, and all others who assist with evidence hearten you and augment your confidence that God has provided you with help in order to get His job done. As for me, I’m trusting God’s Word for assurance that –in His time– people who fraudulently utilize judiciaries for self-dealing purposes will be dealt with! I further hope that people who realize that the political corruption battle surpasses human ability, will turn to God for His aid in OVERHAULING THE ENTIRE JUDICIARY across this nation (pray for my well-being please!) As such, if not Him, I know of no other help. Self-sufficiency is usually not prudent; and notwithstanding any brawn, I’ve become convinced that wisdom comes only from GOD. *Allow me to offer the following for contemplation: Amos 5:24 ; Luke 11:46; Luke 11:52; Amos 5:12; Psalm 15:5; 2 Chronicles 7:14.

  3. katy says:

    We were asked to post the following on behalf of Dr. Jack Thrasher
    “What the people of this country (United States for America) need to realize
    is as long as they tolerate the de facto governments, e.g. UNITED STATES OF
    AMERICA, INC., CALIFORNIA INC, ETC. the Constitution for the United States
    of American and the Constitution for the Republic of California will not
    function for the people, of the people and by the people. The de facto
    government located in WASHINGTON DC is in control. However, there is a
    movement in this country that has re-established the de jure government for
    the United States for America. I implore every person who reads this blog to
    seek out and discover the difference between de facto (CORPORATE GOVERNMENT)
    and de jure government (for the people, of the people and by the people, or
    common law, God’s laws, under the Constitution for the united states for
    America). One can start with the below urls.”

    Jack Dwayne Thrasher, Ph.D.

  4. I was a Judge…the first Judge to blow the whistle on court corruption that placed popularity ahead of public safety. Justice Huffman was the author of the Court decision denying my Whistleblower lawsuit on (factually incorrect) technical grounds. It was also his son, a Deputy District Attorney who I exposed in my Writ as being a D.D.A who loved to give out deals for “special people” which I would not go along with. Justice Huffman had a conflict of interest in handling my Writ (at a minimum it exposed his son’s ineptitude)…yet he failed to recuse himself. More information to come….stay tuned. ONE PERSON AT A TIME JUSTICE WILL BE RESTORED TO THE JUDICIAL SYSTEM.

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