Posted on BP Slick Blog – Video – Dolphins and Whale basted in BP Oil! “I saw at least 100 Dolphins dying or struggling to get out of the oil”

BY Hurricane Creekkeeper

This is without a doubt, the most disturbing video I have ever produced.

I saw at least 100 Dolphins dying or struggling to get out of the oil. It was many miles from any water that was not contaminated. In all likelihood, the Dolphins and Sperm Whale seen in this video are dead by now.

The Dolphins were disoriented. Some already dead and others struggling to keep their heads up high enough to see the fires. The Sperm Whale was covered in oil.

We have to spread this around the world! Who will be accountable for their lives?

All involved in this disaster will be held accountable to a higher power than any on Earth. Man should not destroy the gentle creatures God created.

Link to Video

Accompanying photos can be viewed here

Link to BP Slick Blog

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