Mold, standing water in home lead to parents’ arrest

Wendy Victora
Daily News

FORT WALTON BEACH — Parents of four young children were charged with felony child neglect Oct. 12 after officials found “severe mold” in their home at 638 NE Golf Course Drive.

There was also standing water in some of the rooms, with electrical cords lying in water while plugged in, according to the Fort Walton Beach Police Department arrest reports.

Richard Edward Taylor, who is 29, and Sonya L. Taylor, who is 26, were taken to the Okaloosa County Jail. Both posted a $1,000 bond the next day. 

Read the arrest reports of Richard and Sonya Taylor.

Relatives and friends of the couple said they had repeatedly offered to help them clean up the house and repair the roof that was allowing rain to leak into the residence. They said they had offered to help beginning in June 2008 and continuing through Sept. 2009, according to the report.

“We will live the way we want to live,” Sonya Taylor told one individual offering assistance.

The couple had four children, ranging in age from 3 to 7, living in the home.

They told police that the whole family had been sickened by the mold, but they apparently made no attempts to fix the home or move to a safer residence, the report said.

The Taylors listed their address on the arrest report as being on Bob McCaskill Drive in DeFuniak Springs.

They are scheduled to appear in court Nov. 17. 

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1 Response to Mold, standing water in home lead to parents’ arrest

  1. Day Life says:

    DCF is not going to take these children. They will jump through hoops (at the taxpayers expense) to leave the children in this home. They keep the families together. They do not protect the children until it’s to a point that a horses ass would know they need to be taken. The oldest child is seven. So the parents had seven years to get a clue. If after seven years and four lives this is the best they can do it’s a no brainer. They will do GREAT even REMARKABLE while they are under the eyes of DCF (if they are). People that can do this to their child for ANY length of time know they will be losing their meal ticket and or their pity/pride ticket. These people will not under ANY circumstance do what is best for the children and DCF will be right there (if they are involved) helping them. It’s sad that parents these days have such little love for their children that they will not do what is best for them. So shameful!!!

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