Tuesday Sept. 1, 2009 VFVC ON THE AIR LIVE! Show Topic – Linda K. May of Pontiac, Illinois – So-Called Mold and Toxin Expert


9-10 EST

8-9 CST

6-7 PST


Your hosts:

Gene Simes & Jere Beery


Linda K. May of Pontiac, Illinois

So-Called Mold and Toxin Expert


 Call in at 1-319-648-5143 and lets talk!





I’m sure by now most of you at one point or another over the past three weeks have heard the rumors of Ms. May and her test kit and laboratory testing to determine if you were exposed to or contaminated by Agent Orange.


Members of Veterans-For-Change and a couple of doctors and members of OFFE (Operation Firing For Effect) as well as new media have investigated Ms. May and have proven beyond any doubt what-so-ever she’s a fraud, a fake, a phony!


And we continue our efforts to stop her from committing fraud against our veterans!


First it was school children and “toxic mold” in schools, then the elderly, now veterans!


Tune in to this very informative talk show on Tuesday and get the facts, the web link for the radio show is above!


Please be sure to pass this along to your own private mailing lists, we need to inform all veterans nationwide to prevent anyone from falling prey to her scam! 


For more information on the Linda May Story:

Veterans Target Of Mold Lady


About Sharon Kramer

Hi, I'm an advocate for integrity in health marketing and in the courts.
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