– Another Sick Teacher Speaks Out Against ACOEM Mold Statement – State Board of Health – Olympia, Washington

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Denise Frisino
P.O. Box 25083
Seattle, WA 98165

March 2, 2009

State Board of Health
Olympia Washington

Dear State Board of Health Members,

Thank you for taking the time to read my letter and my enclosed materials.

I ran into two of my former students from Hamilton International Middle School in the last two weeks, usually a very joyous encounter. However, when I learned of their health problems, I was deeply saddened.

While at Hamilton, a school that is in the process of being partially renovated, a building where some of the workers performing this renovation have become ill and have been out on L & I, a building in which I got cancer, I taught these students.

One told me she finally saw a doctor pertaining to her reoccurring problem, the same problem she always complained about in my class, and the doctor told her he needed toimmediately remove the large growths on her ovaries. One of the other teachers in this building had a growth removed “the size  fruit”. My other student told me she had her breast cancer removed at age 21. Theses two students were lucky; two students have died of brain cancers.

I remind you of how the District responded to our complaints of indoor air problems and molds. They hired EXPERTS who found nothing.

Enclosed is a recent review of one of the EXPERTS hired by the district.

A Critique of the ACOEM Statement on Mold, by James Craner, MD, MPH, FACOEM, FACP

When reading the recommendations Dr. Craner states:


ACOEM as an organization should not continue to defend its Mold Statement. Instead, it should acknowledge its wrongdoings and retract both the original Statement88 and the JOEM publication of it,3 as well asits “Ambush” response.117  If ACOEM is to salvage any respect as an organization, it must create an open process with its membership to address mold and other controversial issues in a much more balanced manner, consistent with the stated ACOEM mission and generally accepted methods for evidence-based guidelines and peer review.5–7,47–49

The events that led to the Mold Statement’s publication justify the need for a review and overhaul of ACOEM management and policies. Important questions must be asked from within and outside the organization.  As an organization that represents the majority of OEM physicians, ACOEM must find leadership and management that embraces a willingness to accept meaningful, substantive reform to deal with the serious ethical and professional problems of OEM. The following measures would begin the necessary steps toward achieving such reform:

VOL 14/NO 4, OCT/DEC 2008 • Conflicts of Interest and the ACOEM Statement on Mold • 295 – PDF

We are late to the aid of my former students and their health. We are late to providing SAFE environments to our current students across the State because there are no rules to protect them. We are late in insisting our Government take the correct actions for the health and benefit of our students and staff, a Legislature that now claims there are no funds to implement these rules. We are late because you chose to wait. Act now. Your delay has prolonged the process and pushed it into an unknown future.

Thank you,
Denise Frisino

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