Senate Whistleblower Hearing Thursday – Contact Congress Today! Send a Letter

Senate Whistleblower Hearing Thursday

Contact Congress Today!
Dear Action Alert Member,

Thank you so much for your continued support for whistleblower protection.  In the past year, you have sent over 11,000 messages to Congress demanding stronger whistleblower protection.  Congress has heard your voice, and this Thursday, June 11th, the Senate is holding a hearing on amendments to the Whistleblower Protection Act.

Now we need you, the American people, to testify.  The Senate wants to hear testimony and create a record in the Senate before making a decision on including critical provisions in the Act.  Currently the Senate legislation lacks full court access for federal employees and coverage for national security whistleblowers.  The Senate needs to pass the protections included in the House bill H.R. 1507.

Tell Congress meaningful whistleblower protection must include universal coverage and jury trials for all federal employees.

We must act now to convince the Senate that the public will not stand by idly and watch as the government undertakes unprecedented spending without protecting the federal employees responsible for oversight.  Please send a letter to Congress and pass this letter on to your friends and family.


Stephen M. Kohn
National Whistleblowers Center

Take Action!

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