The records sent by Guarantee Services – the company Riverstone Residential usually used to clean out as much mold as possible in the air ducts and dryer vents at Jefferson Lakes Apartments

I say usually because I have photos of at least one other company they used.

The records they sent are not what were subpoenaed because the records that were subpoenaed would have evidence of duct cleaning in the apartment we were leased.  Usually that is the reason the attorney would want those records but not in this case.  There was also no subpoena for records of say any other companies that clean air ducts and dyer vents.  

The records for 2005 and the three previous years were subpoenaed but here we have a miscellaneous collection (2004 – 2007) on a quick report with a selected few more detailed invoices (which have no particular importance over any of the others) thrown in.  This random selection of records (even though it does show an obsessive amount of air duct and dryer vent cleaning) was thrown together for the judge, who wasn’t really going do more than take a quick glance (if that) then grant the motion for summary judgement for the defendant as was the desire of all parties including the plaintiffs attorney!  See attorney malpractice and court documents.

The amount charged for air duct cleaning is usually $215.00 and dryer vent cleaning is usually $150.00.

Guarantee Service Customer Quick Report

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