Video – Tenant Sickened By Mold Awarded $1 Million – Landlords Ignored Complaints & Continued Leasing

From the news story – “They just kept turning it over after slapping on a new coat of paint,” said attorney Robert Doyle.

This is exactly what Riverstone Residential, the former owners, and now the Louisiana Housing Finance Agency have been and are doing at Jefferson Lakes Apartments – affidavit-plaintiffs-2005-iaq-microbial-fungal-report and mold-inspection-reports.  We have been in litigation for the same reasons only we don’t have an ethical attorney like these people have – attorney-malpractice. They also have an intelligent judge that does not seem to have connections to the case that could possibly influence him – court-transcript-judge-timothy-kelly

I am shocked that all of this corruption can be so blatant and obvious yet allowed to continue and shocked to find out that the attorney who is supposed to help you has been lying and working towards having no case at all. The added stress of having my rights and those of my daughter and her 1 year old baby ignored and denied only make the health issues (some still showing up and worsening) much worse.  The baby has asthma now and has had pnuemonia several times and our attorney had that information but did not present it in Riverstone’s motion for summary justice.  He did not want other health information about us (saying we had to get passed the lease issue first) because he knew he could not introduce new information in an appeal to the motion for summary judgement, therefore the appeal would be denied.  He should not be allowed to practice law.

This is far from over.  katy

Article –

BOSTON — A civil jury has awarded Helen Herman what amounts to, with interest, just over $1 million dollars for damages suffered while living at 56 River Road Rear in Tewksbury four years ago.

“Although the verdict was awesome, we love it, it doesn’t bring back my health,” said Herman.

Newscenter 5’s Amalia Barreda first did a story in March 2005 on a mold problem in the house they were renting, which Herman claimed was making her sick. She said her landlords, area developers John Sullivan and his father, Kevin Sullivan, ignored her complaints.

At the time, the couple’s own mold home testing kit revealed alarming results. Molds appeared that could trigger debilitating ailments. Severe asthma is among the things that permanently disabled Herman, and forced her to leave her MBTA job of 20 years.

“My doctor suggested I leave, and I was devastated,” said Herman.

Herman’s husband said all of their possessions were contaminated.

“We wound up throwing everything we owned in the trash,” said Christian Langlois.

The couple said their complaints to the Sullivans fell on deaf ears. Barreda reported that over the telephone their attorney told Newscenter 5 they were “disappointed in the jury verdict.” Michael O’Reilly added, “we do intend to pursue fully our rights on appeal.”

But Herman’s attorneys said the jury heard strong evidence that the Sullivans repeatedly ignored the mold problem, even after Herman and her husband moved out.

“They just kept turning it over after slapping on a new coat of paint,” said attorney Robert Doyle.

The judge has taken a very important matter under advisement, and that is that under the Consumer Protection Act, the judge could double or even triple the jury’s verdict.

the boston

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