Current Photos – Toxic Mold Infested Jefferson Lakes Apartments – Mold Growth on Inside of Windows – Known & Approved for Leasing – Riverstone Residential – Louisiana Housing Finance Agency

An anonymous tenant sent these photos of mold growth on the inside of the windows of these extremely infested apartments.  Mold has been growing in the HAVC system, walls, etc. for years.  One photo is of mold growth in the apartment leasesd to us four years ago (#2907).  There is a picture I took of the mold growth on the patio window when we where there on this page – photos of mold in apt.  The current photo is of the window in an upstairs bathroom. That bedroom was the room where we first noticed a moldy smell.  This is new mold growth since we were there.  I had noticed a black mold growth and also a white to yellow color on the inside of apartment windows when out walking the dog.  Until this place, I have never seen mold growing on the inside window panes and it still remains the only place I have seen this.  

Since mold inspection reports and obvious mold infestation are ignored, Riverstone Residential and the Louisiana Housing Finance Agency welcomes anyone who would like to inquire about leasing one of these apartments – however you will not be informed of the dangerous and serious health consequences that can occur once exposed to the 24/7 inhalation of toxins via the mold infested HVAC system. 

Before publishing these photos, I had to verify that the mold was actually growing on the inside and not on the window screen or the outside of the windows as it may appear.  Windows were viewed – some as close as a few inches and if no srceen – touched – IT IS INSIDE.

Mold inspection reports show mold in many units (including HVAC). Windows like these are common at the complex.


The window screens and the outside of the windows in the first two photos have nothing on them – all the mold growth is on the inside. The third window had no screen. The last photo is the window of unit 2907.  A white-yellowish mold is growing around the edge.





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