Black Mold Exposure Documentary Trailer

Black Mold Exposure Movie Trailer

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  1. Teresa McCormick says:

    The mold cover up to the public detriment is fostered by the wood products industry, building industry and the insurance industry. Home inspectors associations have banned together to state that they are not responsible for reporting visible mold and the State of Washington Department of Agriculture is actually teaching home inspectors who have no way of telling soft rot fungus from visible mold, that mold has no structural concerns therefore need not be reported on home inspections. Who are they protecting it certainly is not the public. The mold guidance policy for home inspectors is the best kept secret in the State of Washington and appeared within the first few years Weyerhaueser Quadrant Homes first found out about extensive mold in homes they built. This is not the first action or the last that Weyerhauser will push through Washington. Both State and Federal Dollars are going to flooding yearly caused by Weyerhaeuser clear cutting of mountains along I-5. Wake up and smell the coffee. Corporate corruption and Undue influence is alive and well in Washington State as well as across the country.

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