2007 Mold Inspection Report – More Pages – Jefferson Lakes Apts – Riverstone Residential – Louisiana Housing Finance Agency

This test was conducted in order to facilitate the identification of possible biological agents present on interior surfaces at Jefferson Lakes Apartments 12400 Jefferson Hwy. Baton Rouge, LA. 70816.

These pages from the report contain the type of testing that was done in 6 apartments in the Phase 3 buildings along with the results and recommendations.

The results show HIGH levels (in 3 of the 6 and low to medium in 1) of apparent microbial growth which is not consistent with naturally occurring conditions.

Again, as in the 49 units of the 76 inspected in Phase 1 & 2 that have mold in the HVAC system these do too. Also included are the recommendations of the visual inspection of apartments in phase 1 & 2 buildings that were posted earlier.

Riverstone Residential, after knowing of my 2005 report documenting MOLD continues to deny they know of mold and continues to say no one reports mold!

I called the The Louisiana Housing Finance Agency and told them of my 2005 IAQ – Microbial – Fungal Report. I did not know about this 2007 report when I called and it is hard to believe they did not know about it since they were involved in the sale of this complex when the report was done. The person I spoke with said they would certainly be concerned about a problem like this. He wanted me to send a copy of my report but I believe they are supposed to investigate reports or complaints without a very expensive professional report which most people making a complaint would not have.

People are living there now.

Years of mold growth has resulted in high levels of poisons.

They still allow people to move in even with documented evidence of the TOXIC ENVIRONMENT including INFANTS and CHILDREN.


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