2007 Mold Inspection Report – Jefferson Lakes Apts – Riverstone Residential – Louisiana Housing Finance Agency

This Mold Inspection Report was performed during the time this complex was involved in a sale with the Louisiana Housing Finance Agency.

My report (which will be posted soon) was done in 2005.

In March of 2008 a motion for summary judgement was granted to Riverstone Residential because the Judge said we did not show that management knew or should have known of this mold infestation that has been growing in these buildings for years. More on the history of these buildings and why they are so infeseted with years of mold growth to come.

The Judge’s wife is the Commissioner of Administration and on the State Bond Commission that in 2007 approved the sale of this complex.

My attorney had knowledge and a copy of this report. Not that we needed more proof that they had been hiding this for years and still are, but he did not mention this report in court or to me. Everything has been manipulated (illegally) to keep this from even going to court.

The supoena for records from the company who did this report was for records from 2005 and three years previous to see when they had tested there before but they sent 2005 and years after. This was the same case with Guarantee Systems, they sent assorted records for 2004 and after. They have done an unbelievable amount of air and dryer duct cleaning at the complex and this too was done specifically to not provide certain information.

I posted another instance of manipulation with an affidavit – yes – by my attorney – to avoid providing certain records and will repost it here.

I will post my repeated questions to my attorney as to why we do not have records for the right years along with his obvious and total avoidance to acknowledge the question or respond.

To find out that your basic rights can be abused by others and then abused again and then denied by the justice system and your own attorney – and all this after being exposed to that mold infested and toxic apartment (especially with a baby) is almost too much to comprehend.

This cannot just go away. katy

This is one part of the report.

These pages show apartments that were visually inspected for mold and the results. 49 out of just the 76 that were actually inspected show VISUAL MOLD in the HVAC system!

Riverstone Residential, after knowing of my 2005 report documenting MOLD denies that they know of mold. And they continue to say there are no reports of mold.

I called the The Louisiana Housing Finance Agency in 2008 and told them of my 2005 IAQ – Microbial – Fungal Report. I did not know this 2007 report was in existence at the time I called. The person I spoke with said they would certainly be concerned about a problem like this. He wanted me to send a copy of my report but I believe they are supposed to investigate reports or complaints without a very expensive professional report which most people making a complaint would not have.

I find it hard to believe that this 2007 report was not known since all were involved in a transaction with this complex.


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