2theadvocate.com | Some Metro Council members didn’t vote for HUD funding | Should go to the Louisiana Housing Finance Agency – “the Professionals”?

Some Metro Council members didn’t vote for HUD funding.
This money is to go to non-profits and church groups to build housing but one metro council member thinks it should go to the Louisiana Housing Finance Agency – “the Professionals”.
These are the “Professionals” who were involved in the sale of Jefferson Lakes Apartments (managed by Riverstone Residential) in Baton Rouge and knew a toxic mold report was done at the time of the sale showing high levels of molds in the HVAC units and visible mold growth in many apartments.  
These are the “Professionals” who ignored this report and still allow people to move into these highly toxic apartments even though their job is “to provide safe and affordable housing” .
Since no one seems to be bothered by this and they are still allowed to knowingly and criminally expose people including babies and children to high levels of toxins produced by extreme amounts of mold growth in these apartments then it would seem safer for churches, etc. to provide housing.  katy
Video – http://media.swagit.com/s/wbrz/The_Advocate/10222008-36.high.flash8.html

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