Toxic Mold Litigation Riverstone Residential

These are the gloves I used to pick up and pack things to move out of the toxic apartment at Jefferson Lakes. I was not picking up anything that would have a black residue and I was not trying to rub any off – in fact I did not even want to touch anything with the gloves ON. But since I was inhaling it in large quantities anyway it does not really matter.


This is the mold that had covered everything we had in the apartment after just 4 months. This is not dust. This is on everything after wiping off any dust. It grows on metals and even gets in jewelry and it starts consuming items made of wood, paper etc. People too. This is the sticky mold that was on the coat hangers in the closets even though air vents are not in the closets. This is the black residue that would wash out of our hair in the shower (yes – you could see the black residue in the water).

This is the black mold the baby was breathing, touching, and eating and drinking since it was on his baby bottles and the toys he put in his mouth.

This is the mold that is still in us.

This is an extreme amount of mold and Riverstone Residential knew about this in 2005 and again in 2007 mold reports along with the Louisiana Housing Finance Agency.

They continue to lease these apartments.

Our litigation against them for poisoning us (how could they do that to a baby and still be allowed to poison more) is very obviously being manipulated by these unethical, greedy people and others – the Louisiana Housing Finance Agency which knows about the toxins in the apartments along with Riverstone Residential and the State of Louisiana and the judicial system there that allows and ignores this. They must either have some business and investments connecting them or they are just spineless, souless cowards and puppets. Probably business and investment partners.

What allowing this to continue says is that no matter how much evidence or harm – victims of these people (who think they are MORE important and who can pay for that importance) – have no rights. Allowing this to continue says that the money made leasing these toxic apartments is more important than we are and the others who lived there before, live there now, and will live there.

That is what this all comes down to if it continues to be ignored.

Understanding this has almost become more horrible, devastating, and stressful than being exposed to all the toxins we have in us.

About Sharon Kramer

Hi, I'm an advocate for integrity in health marketing and in the courts.
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