How Litigation against Riverstone gets Dismissed – Court Transcript – 19th Judicial District Court – Judge Timothy E. Kelly – Baton Rouge, LA

I just read a transcript of what was said in court when a motion for summary judgement was granted to Riverstone Residential. I am so shocked right now that I will have to let this sink in and add it to all the other obvious proof that Riverstone is allowed to get away with documented criminal acts, lies, altered records, etc. The records subpoenaed for the plaintiffs were for the wrong years, look suspicious and an affidavit is to the wrong company. Also leaving out some records when subpoenaed is against the law.

As far as the judge and the transcript – I bet he would not want a judge deciding important issues about his own family the way he did for us. He either does not have any understanding of this issue and should have educated himself so he could make intelligent statements (because this transcript shows only stupidity) or could it be his decision is influenced by money and politics – his wife is the Commissioner of Administration and is on the Louisiana State Bond Commission that in 2007 – and even with a mold report done for the whole Jefferson Lakes Apartments Complex showing high levels of molds in the HVAC system, etc. – approved the purchase and so called “renovations” of this complex by the Louisiana Housing Finance Agency who now (along with Riverstone) continue leasing these known highly toxic apartments to unsuspecting victims. These criminals are above the law too.

According to this transcript – the very reason this “judge” granted the motion for summary judgement now becomes proof that Riverstone Residential has knowledge these apartments contain toxins and that by leasing these apartments to people they are exposing them to known toxins that can cause illness and death. They knew this in 2005 and the evidence (if complete, correct, and not altered) is overwhelming.

Let me mention we were never shown the apartment we moved into – we were shown another one with the same floor plan. Most have mold that they hide easily for a while until the mold growth is out of control and they have to vacume the “dust” out of the ducts.

I will post the complete transcript. Be very concerned about your rights or rather your lack of rights and who is making decisions concerning those rights.

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Hi, I'm an advocate for integrity in health marketing and in the courts.
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