Documented Facts – Truth – Riverstone Residential – Louisiana Housing Finance Agency

There are documented facts about a public health issue that continues to be blatantly ignored concerning Jefferson Lakes Apartments in Baton Rouge, LA and managed by Riverstone Residential.

Documented mold inspection reports were ignored by the sellers, purchasers, Riverstone Residential, the Louisiana Housing Finance Agency, and the State of Louisiana when all were involved in a transaction concerning this complex.

These unethical and unconscionable people leased an apartment to us (myself, my daughter, and her one year old baby) that was filled with years of toxin producing molds.  Many apartments in the complex are filled with extreme amounts of molds.

Even though the owners, Riverstone Residential, the LHFA, and The State of LA know this – our report in 2005 and the report in 2007, visual mold growth (not to mention the odors) and many other complaints – people are still allowed to move into these highly toxic apartments and it seems they have no plans to change that. 

Our rights to pursue litigation have been manipulated rather obviously – manipulated documents, lies, a judge with a conflict of interest and worst of all an unethical attorney – Arthur J Smith III who very obviously is guilty of malpractice.

These people have a conscious disregard for peoples health and laws.  How dare they be allowed to do this to us and to others and have it all be ignored.

More documents to be posted.

Sometimes the truth is unpleasant. This whole experience has been more than “unpleasant” for us especially the health affects caused by letting us move into an apartment that they obviously knew has had increasing amounts of mold growth for years.  This is the case in many of the apartments.

About Sharon Kramer

Hi, I'm an advocate for integrity in health marketing and in the courts.
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