Riverstone-CEO Christy Freeland-Video

Riverstone Residential | CEO Christy Freeland | Multi-Housing World | Video

Riverstone’s CEOs are still very pleased with their green initiatives such as their styrofoam cups etc. Thats really good to know.

This CEO is asked about damage to their properties from the hurricanes. She replies that Riverstone has many properties in Texas and Louisiana that were damaged such as trees falling and roof damage. They are very busy repairing these.

She says they were very fortunate that there were no deaths. That means deaths related to these hurricanes. What about all the people in at least one complex I can say for sure that are being poisoned by the extreme amounts of toxic molds? Many may certainly die of illnesses related to the toxins from these molds.

Beware the repair work on their properties with water damage. They ignore and deny mold infestations even when they are visible and right in front of their face. They ignore along with their partners in crime – the Louisiana Housing Finance Agency – published mold reports.

And then, this CEO asks for donations for their associates. They should have enough money to do their cheap repairs from all the money they have saved from previous cheap repairs.

Video – http://www.brightcove.tv/title.jsp?title=1805377036

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