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A year ago today was my 2nd day in jail for refusing coercion into perjury to defraud the United States public

One year ago today I was playing hop scotch with three incarcerated prostitutes to pass the time in the Las Colinas Women’s Detention Center in Santee, California. Given the requirements of their profession, of course they beat me.  They were … Continue reading

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How Much Harassment Can A Whistle Blower Take? Ask The Families Of Aaron Swartz & Christopher Dorner

“Although I would never kill anyone like LAPD whistle blower, Christopher Dorner, or commit suicide like SOPA whistle blower, Aaron Swartz; I COMPLETELY understand what drove these men to desperate acts in the face of relentless, systematic terrorizing and retaliation for speaking the truth of organized corruption … Continue reading

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Kelman & GlobalTox v. Kramer ~ Motion To Vacate The Void Judgment

SUPERIOR COURT FOR THE STATE OF CALIFORNIA FOR THE COUNTY OF SAN DIEGO, NORTH DISTRICT Filed September 20, 2012    KEY EXCERPTS OF THE MOTION: Bottom line is that officers of courts framed a defendant for libel to make an … Continue reading

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April 12, 2012~Notice To Judge Thomas Nugent~Cease & Desist Harassment Of Sharon Kramer

“The judgment of contempt entered here under Cal. Code of Civil Procedure 1218(a) constitutes neither a misdemeanor nor a felony conviction and Defendant’s record should be corrected forthwith.  Dated:  April 5, 2012, THOMAS P. NUGENT, Judge of the Superior Court” … Continue reading

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New Blog! ContemptOfCourtFor.ME Ask Obama To Intercede To Stop Corruption At Helm Of Ca’s Judicial Branch

We are pleased to announce our new sister blog, ContemptOfCourtFor.Me We have had it with the tomfoolery going on at the helm of the California judicial branch.  There are millions of dollars missing from the court construction fund, employee whistle blowers being … Continue reading

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