Kelman & GlobalTox v. Kramer ~ Motion To Vacate The Void Judgment

Report Insurance Fraud To WHOM???? The defrauders?



Filed September 20, 2012   


Bottom line is that officers of courts framed a defendant for libel to make an accurate writing over a matter impacting public health appear to make a false and libelous statement that the writing did not make as they suppressed the evidence that the plaintiff committed perjury to establish libel law needed reason for malice.  For seven years they have falsified many court documents and suppressed massive amounts of unimpeached evidence to force the false finding of libel with actual malice and to conceal the truth of court aided fraud; including in a second case in which they have attempted to gag the defendant from writing of what the courts have done and continue to do that is adverse to the public’s best interest; as they retaliate against the defendant by unlawful and criminal means for her refusal of silence.

The Science Fraud: Mold toxins, or mycotoxins, are secondary metabolites of mold and are naturally occurring chemicals. When present in water damaged buildings “WDB” there are co-contaminants and multiple routes of exposure.  It is not even close to legitimate exposure science to make such a fraudulent claim that extrapolations applied to a mechanistic research model can be used by themselves as proof of no injury or death of individuals from an exposure in actual field conditions.  As stated by the National Academy of Sciences, Third Edition, References On Scientific Evidence:

 Models are idealized mathematical expressions of the relationship between two or more variables. They are usually derived from basic physical and chemical principles that are well established under idealized circumstances, but may not be validated under actual field conditions. Models thus cannot generate completely accurate predictions of chemical concentrations in the environment.

These litigations have been strategic litigation against public participation since inception.  One month after the first trial court denied my anti-SLAPP motion in September of 2005 while suppressing the evidence that Kelman committed perjury to establish false light reason for my alleged malicious reason to expose massive fraud in public health policy and the courts; Governor Schwarzenegger endorsed the fraudulent science of Kelman and Hardin into California’s “workers comp reform”.  This “reform” has played a major role in the dire financial condition of the State of California by the rampant cost shifting onto state social service programs when workman comp insurers are able to game the system by the use of the bogus science to deny liability for causation of disability of injured workers.

This matter has cost my husband and me several millions of dollars in litigation costs, lost wages, forced sale of stock and 401K plans, etc.  It has taken us to the brink of poverty. I would like to make a living again as a reputable and trusted real estate agent in Rancho Santa Fe. However that is not possible with the defamation of me by the courts falsely deeming me to be a malicious liar and refusing to correct their errors, even while knowing how many lives, including mine, continue to be devastated from their collective unlawful actions.

Read the Motion and Evidence of the courts conspiring to defraud the public and trying to keep their collective misdeeds from coming to light, in its entirety at ContemptOfCourtFor.ME

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