Concerns of Gov Brown’s Nomination of Judge Dato to 4th/1st Appellate Court

Governor Jerry Brown has nominated Judge William S. Dato to serve as a justice in the California Fourth District Court of Appeal (4th/1st). I happen to know that this appointment would not promote autonomy and integrity in the California courts.

Judge Dato played a key role in the creation of the void judgment and fraudulent lien that is on my property — for my daring to expose how the United States government, state governments and NGO partners market naysaying science fraud to discriminate against the Toxic Mold Disabled.

4th/1st Presiding Justice Judith McConnell and Justice Patricia Benke are obstructing the vacating of the void judgment and the removal of the fraudulent lien that Dato helped to create.b9a73dcc-b13f-42c2-a1b6-cd35cd48db9d

They can’t allow the fraudulent legal documents to be vacated/removed without spotlighting that multiple San Diego jurists have been harassing me for years with falsified court documents on behalf of plaintiffs to fixed Strategic Litigation Against Public Participation (SLAPP).

The plaintiffs, who are the beneficiaries and participants in the now twelve years of fixed-SLAPP, are Bruce Kelman and Veritox, Inc. They are also Toxic Mold expert defense witnesses for the United States government. They are hired by toxic tort defense attorneys of the US Dept of Justice.  They also serve as experts for states, counties, and cities sued for causing environmental disabilities and deaths.

The fixed-SLAPP is over my 2005 writing exposing that Veritox’s expert testimonies are based on widely marketed garbage science — a bogus risk model, the Veritox Theory.  It’s nothing but a tool to cheat people who are disabled from Toxic Mold.

The 4th/1st justices’ obstruction of the vacating of falsified court documents in fixed-SLAPP, is the lynch-pin to the entire scam.  The acts of refusal to lawfully correct court records in SLAPP conceals that criminal means have been used by DOJ’s Toxic Mold expert witnesses to conceal that their testimonies are based on science fraud.

The 4th/1st justices’ refusals-to-act to correct the SLAPP records are also the lynch-pin-acts which conceal that crimes have been committed by California judiciary to aid the science fraud of Veritox to continue in mold litigations from coast to coast.

 So today, I filed a request to Governor Brown to withdraw his nomination of Judge Dato to serve as justice in the 4th/1st Court of Appeal.

 I also filed an extensive objection with the Commission on Judicial Appointment giving reason why they should not appoint Judge Dato to the 4th/1st.

And I filed a request to speak against the appoint of Judge Dato at the Commission hearing which takes place in the 4th/1st Appellate Court in San Diego on February 9th.

One may read the three documents at my blog “Veritox means Truth-Poison

Some highlights:

 To Brown:

“In 2011, you assumed the offices of California Governor and President of the University of California (UC) Regents. Since that time I have been providing your offices with evidence of the relentless case-fixing of a Strategic Litigation Against Public Participation (SLAPP) in your courts. The unrepentant SLAPP fixing is causing heinous discrimination and sometimes deaths of the Toxic Mold Disabled (TMD) by enabling institutionalized, discriminatory, scientific fraud.

I have been seeking your help to stop the unrepentant-SLAPP-fixing’s enabling of the continued-marketing-and-usages of a deadly bogus risk assessment model (the Veritox Theory4) in policies, courts, claims handling practices, and physician educational materials (including at the UC, the California Department of Health, and the California Industrial Relations Board).

I have been seeking your help to stop the relentless and criminal retaliation of me under the color of law in your courts, for my daring to expose that the Veritox Theory is nothing more than a paid-for-hire mass-marketed scientific-fraud being promoted as legitimate science. (See extensive files in the Governor’s office and UC Regents’ office.)…..

Additionally, your newest appointee to the San Diego Superior Court, Judge Laura Duffy, refused on multiple occasions to prosecute the SLAPP-fixing jurists, the DOJ’s hired guns at VERITOX, and their attorney SCHEUER when she was serving as the DOJ Federal Attorney in the Southern District of California.

 This means there are CA appellate justices who will be reviewing decisions of a CA judge who knows of the justices and her new-judicial-peers collusively committing unpunished criminal acts, which the new judge enabled to continue. The case-fixing jurists in turn know that they have reason to be beholden to the newest judge for not jailing them for a massive collusive crime to defraud the public. The potential for collusive case fixing, cronyism, or peer pressure to commit judicial misconduct in future San Diego County cases is glaringly obvious…

So for six years, Governor Brown, your office-staff have been telling me that you do not have the capability to thwart deadly cronyism in the California courts. But today, I know that is not the case.

Please act today on behalf of the health, safety, and welfare of the citizens and workers of California and the United States; and on behalf of assuring integrity and autonomy to our courts.

Please rescind your nomination of William S. DATO to serve as a justice in the 4th/1st with his equally compromised judicial peers of Justices Judith McConnell, Patricia Benke, Richard Huffman, Cynthia Aaron, and Joanne Irion.

Instead of placing your new Attorney General Xavior Becerra in a compromised position by asking him to appoint Judge DATO to the 4th/1st in the interest of justice; could you please instead in the interest of justice, ask AG Becerra to prosecute Judge DATO and over half of the justices of the 4th/1st?

The direct evidence is undeniable. They are criminally involved in twelve years of unrepentant SLAPP-fixing to defraud the citizens of California and the United States. To date, no one will punish them.”

To the Commission on Judicial Appointment:


“There are a severe ethics problem in the California courts which caused the need for the audit of the Judicial Council, the audit of the State Bar, and the upcoming-audit of the Commission on Judicial Performance.

For good cause as shown above, I believe that Judge Dato may have fallen prey to the erred mindset that, above all else, he is to protect his fellow jurists instead of protecting the Constitutional rights of litigants in California’s courts. The erred Speak With One Voice mindset among California jurists and favored attorneys is literally killing people as this matter proves.

All it would take to save thousands of lives from the continued usage of the bogus Veritox Theory, is for 4th/1st Justices McConnell and Benke to recall their fraud-concealing remittiturs and direct lower courts to order the removal of fraudulent liens based on void judgments that Judge Dato helped to create.

The fact that they will not lawfully cause the vacating of void SLAPP-documents & the removal of fraudulent liens from property; and find it appropriate that Judge Dato should join them in the 4th/1st by nomination of the Governor and appointment by the Attorney General & Chief Justice; is a testament to how compromised California’s courts have been allowed to become with little to no oversight.

Thank you for your consideration of this matter.”

Sharon Kramer

About Sharon Kramer

Hi, I'm an advocate for integrity in health marketing and in the courts.
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