Declaring War on the Toxic Mold Gossiping Ninnies

As some of you know, I am constantly having to fend off the Gossiping Ninnies in the Toxic Mold issue.  These aren’t naysayers of the dangers of mold. These are stupid pompous asses within the mold community itself who do everything they can to try to discredit the importance of getting the naysaying fraud out of gov’t backed policies and medical association position statements.

This is the area of this issue that I have worked for over a decade, i.e, removing science fraud from federally funded policies, physician educational materials and toxic torts.  It’s cost me all (including going to jail) not to shut up of the naysaying scientific fraud, how it is marketed to U.S. physicians with federal funds, and how lives are devastated from it.

The Ninnies spend much time on FB patting each other on the back of how wonderful they are at advancing the science and are “helping” people – while they reach maybe the same 500 people at a time with their words of wisdom.  

The sad thing is, they are right about avoidance of mold being key to recovery. But they can’t seem to grasp that it doesn’t matter if they are right if the U.S. government is mass-marketing that they are wrong.  News flash, the U.S. government can reach millions of physicians, policy setters and people in general in matter of minutes with whatever they choose to market. 

Nope. These little pompous asses think any efforts to try to change government backed and funded policy is just frivolous and they take every opportunity they can to discredit work and cast doubt in this area.  They make me extremely angry by their convoluting the issue and confusing those being injured by contaminants in water damaged buildings with their petty gossip.

This is because of the thousands of lives being devastated by them making it a thousands times harder to cause gov’t backed policy change.  They make me so mad that am not above publicly using the “F” word and even the “C” word regarding the Gossiping Ninnies.

So last week the Daily Beast ran a horrible article right out of the naysayers’ playbook.  It was written by a physician with a fellowship at Emory, Dr. Farah Khan.  It’s titled, “You are not a doctor. Why Is the Internet So Obsessed with ‘Toxic Mold’?”  The article is what’s known as “astroturfing”.

The very first sentence in the Daily Beast article is this “caring” physician making fun of her patient for asking questions if mold could be contributing to his health condition.  She then goes on to cite the retired Mold Position Statement of the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology (AAAAI) as current accepted science of why mold could not be causing or contributing to the problem. (See last page in link above noting the Position Statement is sunset).  

She linked to Dr. Ritchie Shoemaker’s mold conference that was occurring at the same time in LA when this article came out, while trying to present that she knows it’s just quackery (and again making fun of her own patient).

There is a mother whose child died from being sick with mold and being institutionally discriminated against because of this naysaying science being promoted by horrid people like Dr. Khan.  The mother put out a blog last week asking that people contact the Daily Beast and request that they take the hateful and discrimination-causing article down.  

The mother spent days fact checking and writing her blog. OMG!  She cited me challenging the AAAAI out-of-date publication in the Daily Beast article and requesting they take the article down. This, of course, was unacceptable to the Gossiping Ninnies.

no-gossiping_design.png (280×280)So what did the Gossiping Ninnies do?  They immediately jumped into gear of gossiping on FB and promoting that my work and those who seek to remove fraud from policy is nothing, position statements come down on their own, don’t worry about some bogus article, they’ll never change, etc. 

Here’s one example.  This one was posted directly on the mother’s blog — gutting any chance that her blog would cause Moldies to actually jump into unified action to try to shut down the astroturfing and government backed science fraud, which is harming so many.

A charter member of the Toxic Mold Gossiping Ninny Club, who has been a thorn in my side for years, wrote in the comment section on the mother’s blog:

“Sadly, there is nothing that can be done, to have the Daily Beast article revised or removed, due to the way the internet functions. The out-of-date source that the article’s author used, to write her misleading article, will exist as an internet reference source until the end of time. The way the internet was created failed to provide a way to delete information when that information was updated by the source of that information. Both the updated, and the out-of-date information remain searchable by Google, and the selection of which of those two sources to believe is left to the intelligence of the web surfer. The “sunsetting” of the old source has always been misunderstood by my dear friend Sharon Kramer. Sunsetting only means that you can no longer find the old source when you search that one website. The sunsetting was an automatic procedure of the publisher of the out-of date article, not a great victory for Sharon’s persistent attacks and legal maneuvers. After a pre-set number of years, that publisher stated that the old information was no longer the current opinion of “their” group, and would no longer appear when searched for on their web site. In some instances, when such a removal is made, Google informs the searcher that she is viewing a “cached” article, and not an article that appears on an active web site. But not in all cases. An example of this, are my 20 year old listings on the singles dating web sites that I created over 20 years ago. On those sites my photo still shows a nice full head of black hair and a flat stomach. I am forever young, in spite of my repeated requests to those dating services to delete me from their membership.”

My response was:

First of all, let me say that Joe X is in NO WAY a dear friend of mine, nor does he understand what it means when a medical association “sunsets” position statements. That would most likely be because he didn’t work with Dr. Hodgson of OSHA for a couple of years to cause the sunsetting of the ACOEM mold statement. He doesn’t have the behind the scenes emails in his possession of what it took to get it down. I do.

People like Joe who are always willing to voice their opinions, but actually do ZERO to remove false science from policies, medical school teachings and toxic torts over the mold issue, are who make it difficult on us who actually do cause changes in policy.

It’s people like Joe who aid the false science to continue to cause the institutionalized discrimination to continue. Nope. Joe X is no friend of mine and if you are trying to get help from a mainstream physician (who is still being misinformed) Joe is no friend of your’s either. He might as well work for the defense in mold litigation.

This article by the Emory Fellow is what’s known as “astroturfing”. What Joe is doing, while trying to present that he is my friend, is the same.

The piece de resistance of the Confederacy of Dunces is the concept that the Daily Beast article must have run because the doctors are afraid of the Ninnies.  Pure nonsense.  This is how the naysayers have astroturfed  the scientific fraud into physician education over the mold issue for years for the purpose of influencing mold litigations — another area the Ninnies seem to know nothing about.  (See 2007 Wall Street Journal article “Amid Suits Over Mold Experts Wear Two Hats” for how and why the science fraud is marketed to doctors to influence the courts)

So Gossiping Ninnies, this post is for YOU.  It’s hard enough to have to fight the Centers for Disease Control and systemic corruption in California courts for aiding the naysaying fraud to continue to harm so many – by criminal means.  No one needs your little gossipy asses constantly nipping at my heels and trying to discredit me every step of the journey for daring to tell the truth of how the fraud remains in policy.

Sit down and shut the fuck up because there is naysaying scientific fraud to be removed from policies over the Toxic Mold issue and lives to be saved.  Your stupid gossip makes it 1000 times harder to accomplish this.  


Everyone in the “mold community” knows who this little band of asses are.  They’ve been trashing people for years, not just me, in their self-promotion — while people are dying from the fraud remaining in policies.  I think it’s long past time that they be made to stop.

If you would like to voice your concern to the Editor of the Daily Beast regarding their publication of Dr. Khan’s dangerous and discriminatory astroturfing, the contact information is:

Daily Beast Article-Farah Kahn

If you would like for the Gossiping Ninnies to see this so maybe they will get a clue to stop, just repost it on FB.  They’ll come out of the woodwork spouting snide comments faster than a water damaged building can begin to grow mold.  It will be easy to identify who they are!

Never one to speak behind people’s backs.

Sharon Noonan Kramer

About Sharon Kramer

Hi, I'm an advocate for integrity in health marketing and in the courts.
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1 Response to Declaring War on the Toxic Mold Gossiping Ninnies

  1. Dana says:

    This is one reason why I have pulled away from the mold community because I am aware of some of these “ninnies”. I have even had to block one of them because of the harassment. What everyone in the mold community needs to understand is that we are all wanting the same thing and although we may have different paths to get to the end goal it is not helpful to discredit someone who has fought so hard to help those who have become sick and have died because of exposure to toxic mold. None of us have to agree 100% on which path is better or right and the longer this battle of wills continues of who is right or wrong in their approach to solving this complicated mold issue, the longer it will take to get to the path of true healing. Please, everyone, understand that what you say and do within the mold community affects every person withun the community. Please understand that how you discredit someone or single out someone for doing what they can do the best way they can also discredits the whole community. And this is specific to those who keep participating in this smear campaign against Sharon Kramer, you are not just harming Sharon, you are harming everyone who has ever been harmed by toxic mold.

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