CDC & PEHSU “A Perfect Partnership”….from Hell?

There are some great doctors in the Pediatric Environmental Health Specialty Units, PEHSUs.  But, by and large, they are being misinformed over illnesses caused by water damaged buildings (WDB).

THIS is what I been fighting for 11 YEARS. THIS is the bottleneck which causes the institutionalized discrimination of those injured and disabled by WDB — that is so horrible, some commit suicide.

Below is a link to a new CDC Blog just out today. It’s tooting how wonderful it is that the PEHSU’s are here to assist the government in the education of physicians and public over environmental illnesses.

What the blog does not say is that the funding for the PEHSU’s and the oversight of their websites, pass through the fingers of “nonprofit” medical associations which are still falsely preaching that it’s scientifically proven — that long term or permanent neurocognitive impairments, multi-symptom multi-system chronic inflammations CIRS-WDB, newly acquired environmental intolerances IE, debilitating chronic fatigue ME/CFS and sometimes death — are not to able to be caused by a WDB.

Todays CDC Blog:  Centers for Disease Control and Prevention “A Perfect Partnership: Pediatric Environmental Health Specialty Units

 “Over the course of 4 years (2010–2013), the North American PEHSU network delivered nearly 1500 presentations on topics from a general introduction to children’s health and the environment to focused presentations on air pollution, asthma, lead poisoning, and mold. The programs reached nearly 210,000 participants.” (Yikes!!)

The PEHSU money-controlling and website-controlling “non-profits” have influential members who are generating income as expert defense witnesses in mold litigation by promoting the false concept that it’s proven these illnesses are not occurring.   I’ve been begging Tom Frieden, Director of the CDC, and others in the federal government to do something about this serious problem that is harming so many.

4/15/16 Letter to CDC Director: ‘Please cease funding fraud over Toxic Mold Disabilities (Veritox Theory)

Dear Dr. Frieden, Dr. Perry, Ms. Milton and Dr. Mapp,,

Thank you for the CDC/DHHSUSDOJ and EPA reply letters dated March 7th[2}, March16th[3], and April 4th[4], 2016. The CDC and EPA replies were informative of how nonprofit medical associations are chosen to be non-government-organizations (NGO) assisting to provide information to U.S. physicians and the public with the use of federal funds…..“It was with reckless disregard for public health and safety, and a poorly thoughtout plan in the early 2000’s to try to shut down mold litigations and liability for claims of causation of environmental disability from WDB, by concoction and promotion of a fraudulent risk assessment theory – the Veritox Theory”.….Dr. Frieden, Will CDC continue funding American College of Medical Toxicology to disseminate information to U.S. physicians, while ACMT is still promoting the scientifically void Veritox Theory on their website? Yes ____  No _____

The CDC’s response is astounding when knowing how many are being harmed.

Dear Ms. Kramer:

Thank you for your letter to Dr. Thomas Frieden, Director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), expressing your continued concern about the American College of Medical Toxicology. Your message was forwarded to our office for a response. We regret that we have no new information to share with you since our last response. Thank you for your interest in CDC’s public health programs.


XXXX, Acting Executive Secretary, Office of the Chief of Staff, CDC

I’m not even asking or trying to tell them what to teach. I’s just asking that the CDC cease funding a deadly discriminatory litigation defense argument in misguided U.S. pediatrician education.

OSHA gets it, so why can’t the CDC, EPA and Department of Justice?  To quote from the March 9, 2015 WorkCompCentral article, “ACOEM Takes Down Position Paper Commonly Used By Defense in Mold Claims”:

“It was a litigation defense argument right from the get-go,’ she [KRAMER] said….Ritchie Shoemaker, a mold researcher who has testified in more than 200 court cases related to mold illness, said the ACOEM paper [authored by Saxon of UCLA, KELMAN & HARDIN of VERITOX, and based on the bogus Veritox Theory] was ubiquitous in litigation for many years. ‘After 2003, there were no cases that I participated in where defense did not quote ACOEM,’ he said….ACOEM [American College of Occupational & Environmental Medicine] representatives did not respond to multiple requests for comment. But Kramer told WorkCompCentral in an interview last week that Michael Hodgson, medical director for the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration, received a statement from ACOEM’s publications director [Marianne Dreger] last year that the organization would sunset the position paper in early 2015.”

 The relationship between the CDC and PEHSU is not perfect by far when it is tainted by a scientifically void litigation defense argument that is harming thousands of children.

I have been asking the CDC for ELEVEN YEARS to stop teaching this fraud! Argh!!!


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  1. One should read the ex-ceo president David Lawrence’s (1986-2000) bio done in 2014 and it will show conclusively he was the engineer on how to dummy down medical care and lower the standards for medical classifications. Kiaser has influenced both all for corporations and government and organizations, all to save and make money at Americans citizens health sake or lack thereof.. David Lawrence, still to this day, has the most influence on our lack of healthcare than anyone along with corporations, govt and military. Besides Kissenger who promoted kaiser to get more money with less healthcare (Nixon’s tape) Lawrence is the evil personified in the murderous minimizing of the American citizens health care, all for profit

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