Re: Environmental Concerns~ Reply to Gov Brown’s directive to contact Atty General Kamala Harris

Honorable Governor Brown,

Thank you for your email of July 1, 2015 (see end of this reply email).  I am flattered that you are honored I turned to you for help, once again.  However, I believe your staff’s email to be in error when directing me to Attorney General Kamala Harris. I feel quite certain that the Governor of California’s help is required to address the issues I raise.
I have asked for assistance from Attorney General Harris in the past, to no avail.  Now that she is running for the United States Senate seat of Barbara Boxer, it is less likely than ever that she will intercede in this matter to stop corruption in the California judicial branch, in District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis’ office, in Sheriff William Gore’s department and in the California State Bar.
Because of the politics of the matter and the political stature of those involved, it is highly unlikely that Senate candidate Harris will act in her capacity as CA’s Attorney General in this matter. It is highly unlikely that without encouragement from you, Governor Brown, that she will pursue investigation and charges against San Diego District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis and San Diego County Sheriff William Gore for their criminal roles in aiding to cover up that Justice Richard Huffman and Justice Judith McConnell fixed a SLAPP suit to defraud the American public of billions of dollars.
In the process of defrauding the public by falsifying court documents in the SLAPP suit, they also caused the continuance of discrimination of environmentally injured people in courts, worker injury claims handling practices, medical schools (including the UC system), and physicians’ offices nationwide.
As I think you know, I was extremely appreciative in 2010, when you removed the concept from the state’s Industrial Relations policy that California occupational physicians should adhere to the advice of the American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine (ACOEM) when diagnosing and treating workers injured by contaminants in water damaged building. However, your honorable act did little to nothing to stop the erred practice by the workcomp physicians.  They continue to this day to mistreat and demean workers injured by moldy work environments — while the cost of their care and survival gets shifted onto taxpayers via social service programs.
[The fraud occurred by two toxicologists, Bruce Kelman and Bryan Hardin of Veritox, Inc, applying extrapolations to data they had taken from a single rodent study. They falsely professed that their calculations alone proved toxic mold in water damaged buildings could never reach a level to harm people.  In 2002, ACOEM legitimized it by making it a position statement.  In 2003, the US Chamber Institute for Legal Reform and the Manhattan Center for Legal Policy, mass marketed the false concept to US courts that people claiming illness from Toxic Mold were scientifically proven to be hysterical liars — to stave off liability for stakeholders of moldy buildings.  Kelman and Veritox then became expert defense witnesses hired by the US DOJ to stave off federal liability for causation of illness, including illness in military families living in moldy housing. To date, they have been paid approximately $1.5M by the USDOJ for their testimonies.
In 2005, I wrote about how they marketed it and I named who was involved. Leading officers of the CA courts framed me for libel with actual malice for the words “altered his under oath statements” in the writing in a SLAPP suit brought by Kelman and Veritox. Kelman committed perjury to manufacture a reason for malice, his attorney, Keith Scheuer, repeatedly suborned it — while justices in the Fourth District Division One Appellate Court suppressed the evidence of the perjury multiple times.  The justices also falsified court documents to conceal that they knew Hardin, a retired deputy director of CDC NIOSH, was an improperly undisclosed party to the SLAPP. Judgements, remittiturs, abstracts of judgements, and numerous other court documents were falsified. As a result of corruption in the SLAPP, the fraud played on in courtrooms and medical practices all over the United States.]
Because of unbridled corruption in the California legal system over the fixed SLAPP suit since 2005, it took me until February of this year to stop the false concept that it was proven toxic mold in buildings does not harm — as matter of policy, nationwide. Although it has now been sunset by ACOEM, I am aware that the ACOEM mold statement is still being used in courts and claims handling practices as a reason to deny injured workers their rightful benefits.  (see WorkCompCentral, February 2015 “ACOEM Takes Down Position Paper commonly Used to Defend against Mold Claims” )
In the ten year process of the California courts trying to silence me of what they’ve done to aid this fraud to continue, it cost my family everything we own — for my refusal to be silenced. I was jailed for two nights in San Diego County in 2012 for my refusal to commit perjury by signing a false confession of being guilty of libel — by order of a judge whose court had no subject matter jurisdiction, Judge Thomas Nugent (first relocated then retired).
While I was jailed, my alleged civil contempt of court somehow morphed into criminal contempt on the record.  I never would have known it, were it not for a private sector website which posts incarceration records. Sheriff Gore’s administrator of records, Deborah Duncan, submitted the false criminal record to the FBI in 2012.  She refused to correct it for six months while claiming that the Sheriff Department’s computer system did not have the capability to correct the false criminal records.
And again, DA Bonnie Dumanis refused to investigate her friends in the local Superior and Appellate court; now along with refusing to investigate Sheriff Gore and his staff for falsifying federal criminal records.  In 2014, Sheriff Gore then endorsed Dumanis for re-election as DA, and even contributed $1000.00 to her re-election campaign.
All five of the San Diego County Supervisors endorsed both Dumanis and Gore for re-election in 2014. At the time of their endorsements, they had been made fully aware of the roles the two played to conceal corruption in the local courts for the purpose of defrauding the United States public; and fully aware of the terrifying harassment and cyberstalking I was experiencing for refusing silence of the defrauding.  (See video of my January 2014 testimony to the County Supervisors
In 2010 at your direction, Governor Brown, I filed a complaint for review with the California State Bar against the SLAPP plaintiff attorney, Keith Scheuer, for suborning his client’s perjury to manufacture a reason for malice in the SLAPP suit. Long story short, in December of 2011, Mr. Wonder Liang of the State Bar claimed they lost the complaint and simultaneously claimed it was proven there was nothing to it.
He retired two days after sending me the denial letter and I was jailed 90 days later for refusing to commit perjury.  I filed additional complaints in 2012 for Mr. Scheuer’s repeated submissions of fraudulent documents to the courts. Jill Sperber of the Bar informed me that they were never investigated and were placed in the closed complaint file. (that Liang claimed was lost). Ms. Sperber then retired. The harassment of me and the abuse of the courts, continued with additional judges then falsifying additional court records, and Mr. Scheuer submitting additional fraudulent documents to the courts. Sick people continued to suffer unnecessarily, nationwide.
I currently have tens of thousands of dollars in fraudulent liens on my property and a permanent injunction never to republish a sentence that was not even in my 2005 writing that was the subject writing of the SLAPP suit.  The writing was the first to publicly expose how the scientific fraud that it was proven toxic mold does not harm was mass-marketed into policy, claims handling practices, medical schools and courts.
As of today, July 2, 2015:
There have been multiple Bureau of State Auditor (BSA) audits of the Judicial Council’s gross mismanagement of the judicial branch.  Yet, the ethics problems and mismanagement continue.  Just this past month, Justice Huffman’s committee of alleged “Efficiency and Accountability” tried to once again gain stealth control of the multi-million dollar, trial courts’ budgets. (See Courthouse News, June 30 2015 “California Judicial Council Talks Budget”
Additionally, the former director of the State Bar, Joe Dunn, has filed a whistleblower lawsuit against his former employer for concealing misdeeds of California attorneys. Mr. Dunn’s accusations are consistent with the newly released BSA audit of the State Bar. They are consistent with what I know to be true of the State Bar providing cover for corrupt attorneys; and as a result, providing cover-up for compromised, influential judges and justices such as Richard Huffman and Judith McConnell. (See BSA report issued to you on June 19, 2015 “CA State Auditor says State Bar has failed to protect the public from bad attorneys”. )
While the numerous BSA audits have helped to shed light on problem areas in judicial branch of government; the audit reports do not serve to their capacity of highest and best use to protect the public from fraud, waste and abuse in the California courts and administrative offices. Without the legislature and the Governor forcing that the BSA recommendations be adhered to; and with Harris refusing to prosecute for corruption in the courts — the important audit findings are diminished to merely documentation that a long history of systemic problems in the branch is known to have occurred.
The majority of the same people who have mismanaged the judicial branch for years are left in position to continue mismanaging — with the repeated false promise of “Okay, we promise we won’t do it again. And this time we really, really mean it. Now can we have more money?”. To my knowledge, no one in the judicial branch has ever had criminal charges filed against them by Attorney General Harris, based on the frauds that the audits uncover. No one is ever punished for the thousands of lives they devastate.
If you honestly believe that Attorney General Harris would actually investigate my well founded accusations of systemic criminality in the California legal system while trying to cover up that they fixed a SLAPP suit to defraud the public — including by some of California’s leading judiciaries, DA Dumanis, Sheriff Gore and the State Bar — I will follow your directive to me to contact her, yet again.
As the Governor of California, if you could please contact her first to make my introduction, it would go a long way toward causing her to act to investigate my claims of the systemic corruption being used to fleece the United States public.  Please let me know when you have made my introduction to California Attorney General Harris; so that I will know when it is time to follow your directive to me, for the good of the people of California and all the United States.
Thank you again for your help, Governor Brown.
Mrs. Sharon Noonan Kramer
P.S. For a greater understanding of how the systemic ethics problems in California’s legal communities have harmed the lives of thousands while circumventing justice all across the United States, please listen to this interview I gave for Indoor Air Quality Radio on June 19, 2015
In a message dated 7/1/2015 11:19:58 A.M. Pacific Daylight Time, writes:
Thank you for contacting Governor Brown.  He is honored that you have turned to him for assistance on this matter.  The issue you discussed falls under the jurisdiction of the Attorney General of California.  You are encouraged to contact her office at:
Office of the Attorney General
Public Inquiry Unit
Post Office Box 944255
Sacramento, CA  94244-2550
(800) 952-5225
To find more information regarding what issues fall under the jurisdiction of the California Department of Justice and the Attorney General, please visit, thank you for contacting our office.
Constituent Affairs
Office of Governor Jerry Brown

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  1. katy says:

    Thank you, Valerie. I’m trying as hard as I can to get US doctors unbrainwashed that its proven toxic mold does not harm. THAT is what is going to change the face of this entire issue.

  2. excellent reply Sharon – I listened to your radio broadcast tonight. That was excellent also!

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