600 court cases under review in California corruption probe

By the Associated Press | June 15, 2015 | 8:55 PM EDT

“There has been a clerk somewhere that was entering false information … getting cash in exchange for making stuff disappear,”

SANTA ANA, Calif. (AP) — Hundreds of Orange County court cases are being scrutinized amid suspicions that someone was paid to fix DUI and other traffic violations by falsifying court records.

The FBI and county prosecutors are investigating, and about 600 Superior Court cases, some dating to 2006, are going before a judge this month to determine whether they should be reheard, the Orange County Register reported (http://bit.ly/1B8TvRo).

The probe involves suspicions that some employees recorded fake sentence reductions and dismissals for drunken driving and misdemeanor traffic cases and in at least one case, falsely made it appear a defendant had served jail time, the Register reported.

No arrests have been made. Representatives for the FBI, the court and the county district attorney’s office declined to comment.

On Friday, 110 attorneys and former criminal defendants were summoned to the courtroom of Judge Thomas Borris and told there were errors in the court records. “You are here to convince me there is not a mistake in your case,” Borris said.

“There has been a clerk somewhere that was entering false information … getting cash in exchange for making stuff disappear,” said Sheny Gutierrez, one of the attorneys who appeared.

Ramon Vasquez said he was given a work program in 2012 after pleading guilty to driving on a suspended license. The judge said the case would be undone unless he produced documents, the Register said.

“I think it’s injustice,” Vasquez said. “If there’s a flaw in the court system, it’s on them, it’s not on us.”

Borris eventually reversed settlements in about a dozen cases. The defendants were given the options of negotiating with a prosecutor or the judge or hiring a private attorney.

Jesus Sanchez, 29, drove from Arizona to appear. His misdemeanor charge of driving on a suspended license was dismissed in 2012. After appearing before the judge, he agreed to plead guilty to the misdemeanor and pay a fine.

FBI agents waited in the hall outside of the courtroom to question defendants and show them mug shots, the Register reported.

The judge also ordered the immediate arrest of Harania Farias, who had said she had served three months in a private jail in La Verne on a 2013 DUI charge. She was taken into custody in court and held without bail, the newspaper reported.

Not only did the private jail confirm Farias never was there, documents showing that she was allowed to serve time there appeared to be forged, and Lolita Kirk, the attorney who supposedly submitted the documents, told the Register she never had represented the woman.

Other lawyers listed as attorneys of record told the judge that they had never represented the defendants. Attorney Charmaine Druyor said that, in the courthouse on Friday, she met the person she supposedly had defended and realized that she had never represented him.

“It’s very odd, everything going on here today. It’s just bizarre,” she said.


Information from: The Orange County Register, http://www.ocregister.com

Wonder when they will start the San Diego County probe?  I have a bunch of falsified court documents in my possession, i.e. remittiturs, judgements, abstract of judgments, liens, and many more in two SLAPP suits trying to shut me up.  They were falsified by multiple court employees to aid the scientific fraud that it was proven toxic, moldy buildings do not harm, to continue in U.S. public health and workers compensation policies. As time went on, more documents and court records were falsified to cover-up the prior ones.

San Diego District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis, REFUSED MULTIPLE TIMES to prosecute her corrupt friends in the local courts while also aiding the public defrauding to continue.  Instead of stopping fraud caused by corruption in the local courts, she used the DA’s office’s Fraud Assessment Commission funds to advertise herself as one who stops fraud. She used county money to put her picture on billboards as she ran for mayor of San Diego.No 2 Corrupt Courts

Needless to say, I have no intention of shutting up until six of the Fourth District Division One Appellate Court justices are off the bench and Dumanis is out of office — and they are all behind bars with the achitects of the fraud in policy (plaintiffs in the SLAPP suits) along with their California attorney.  Falsifying court documents to defraud the United States public and worker is a felony.

Sharon Noonan Kramer

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4 Responses to 600 court cases under review in California corruption probe

  1. My son is innocent and in prison for crimes he did nit do! The DA used a lying witness. The evidence my son had was not shown, the jury was tainted. Our witnesses were excused for no reason. The DA, Judge, and Detectives, worked together to get a conviction. One witness said the assailant had blonde haur and wore a hat. My son is hispanic! That testimony was covered up by the DA. My son was sentenced to 9 yrs..I have no help!

  2. Dina Padilla says:

    THE LAST COUNT IS OVER 2000 CASES. IF one defense firm does this, then how many more?.

  3. Dina Padilla says:

    Corporations/insurance companies are in control of our court system. They are regarded as citizens but are in fact violating us real citizens due process and using the court system to violate our rights and It happens in all courts, starting in comp court and then in criminal court,. just as what was done to Sharon Kramer. Our words mean nothing when it comes from corporation owned CA court system. This is what or who the judges always believe, corporate citizens over private citizens. Maybe because some WC fraud money is used in criminal courts for gang and drug activity? Corporations will get a trial, we get discredited and put in jail on falsehoods made up by corporations just as what happened to Sharon Kramer and others. This is yet another reason that courts get paid by taxpayers and not corporations/insurers

  4. Dina Padilla says:

    The DA’s take about 33 million a year from self-insured companies, not by taxes, which would held accountable to the taxpayers of CA, so these DA’s will not go after self-insured employers. In one year alone, 33 million went to prosecute 677 individuals. How much does it cost to prosecute one person, let alone 677 of them, TO WHICH, these corporations commit worker comp fraud every day on innocent and totally permanent injured/ill workers AND PUT INNOCENT people in jail. on bogus charges as they did Sharon Kramer for not lying. The’s DA’s of the state of CA owe THEIR loyalty to these corporations, with the best fraud and corruption that 33 million dollars can buy, including San Diego DA Dumanis. With that all said, the point of false filings by these DA’s give the appearance they are doing their job when in fact, they are not but in fact are abusing and turning our legal/judicial system on its head. This story is just the top of the fraud and corruption mountain. Our courts are run by corporations and their insurers. Is it less of a liability to pretend to enforce the law, rather than worry about putting real criminals in jail, such as themselves who run our corrupt court system?
    We need to restore our judicial system for the sake that we are a civil and law abiding people, that our country is a real democracy with honor with real state and federal constitutions (not run like a despot 3rd world country) and to prove that crime doesn’t not pay, no matter who these judges, DA’s or court clerks think they are.
    It needs to would prove that we hold all of those accountable and like anyone who violates our laws, go to jail.
    Go get em, Sharon for what they’ve done to you and others for speaking the truth.

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