This history is being written for the purpose of causing accurate environmental public health policies and advisories by the United States Department of Health and Human Services (HHS).  Accurate information needs to be provided by agencies which fall under HHS’s supervision to state and federal agencies, policy-writing NGOs, medical schools, insurers, real property related industries and to the general public.

This is not the complete history of the Toxic Mold Issue, nor is it the final version of the political history.  It is being posted on Katy’s Exposure Blog and the Facebook page of “Justice for Sharon Noonan Kramer is Justice for U.S. Environmentally Disabled ”.   It is an interactive writing.  At either of the two sites, people may ask questions or add comment/ideas of what they know and feel needs to be included in the Political History.

Uncountable scientists, physicians, researchers and advocates for the sick have given years of their lives to try to get accurate science into medical practices, building safety practices and public health policies.   This writing focuses on a small, but vastly important aspect of that effort. I.e., the politics which have hampered their efforts and harmed many lives.

This is the true story of how and why special interests have been permitted and aided by the HHS Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the United States Department of Justice (DOJ), politicians and jurists to market and keep the scientifically void concept in U.S. public health policy and in U.S. courts for fifteen years that it was proven Toxic Mold does not harm.

Many U.S. citizens and workers have lost everything because of the false science as a matter of policy.   This  includes the loss of their health, homes, careers, productive futures and sometimes even their lives — as they have been shunned by society, betrayed by their government and wrongfully accused of being mentally ill liars and scammers.

This is the story of how U.S. federal and state governments and NGO partners have used tax dollars to mass-market the false concept that the gravely ill are lying about what is making them so sick. Basically, it’s been a massive cost-shifting scheme to cause the American taxpayer to carry the burden for the high-price of an environmental illness.

2002 is the year that fraudulent policy in the U.S. was first established by the false concept that a Big Tobacco scientist and his CDC ex-employed business partner, scientifically proved that Toxic Mold in the indoor environment could never reach a level to harm — even among the most vulnerable of sub-populations.

1999 is the year when the late Melinda Ballard and her family were harmed by mold in her Texas mansion.  She was the heiress to the Golden Sachs fortune.  He father, the late Clyde Ballard, was a founding partner.  She was also the owner of a New York public relations firm.

Melinda Ballard was the first with the financial capability, tenacity, and ability to cause media attention to raise public awareness of the plight of those injured by “Toxic Mold”.  By raising awareness, she also increased the potential for financial liability among stakeholders of water damaged buildings (WDB) for their role in causing illnesses.  Liable stakeholders were as fearful for financial responsibility for the sick, as the sick were afraid of liable stakeholders for leaving their lives in ruination.

1999 appears to be the year that the battle-lines were clearly drawn between those with monied political muscle, concerned with the financial interest of industry; and average citizens with little financial backing, concerned with the health and safety of the American public and worker.  It was the fore-runner year of the scientific fraud becoming a matter of environmental public health policy in the United States in 2002, that it was proven “Toxic Mold” does not harm.

I’ve spent a lot of time on Capitol Hill in Washington D.C. trying to stop the fraud as a matter of public health policy.  I went to jail in California for two nights in 2012, for my refusal to be coerced by a San Diego county judge into saying this massive public fleecing has not happened. They wanted me to sign a false confession of being guilty of libel for the words “altered his under oath statements” in the first public writing – mine 2005 – exposing how they mass-marketed the fraud into policy, who was involved, and what the California courts did while falsifying court documents to aid it to continue.  I currently have a void permanent injunction never to “republish” a sentence that is not even in the writing.

Tomorrow, I will begin telling just about everything I know of the political history and of many acts of government betrayal of its citizens both in and out of D.C., beginning in the year of 1999.  For a better understanding of the origin of the underlying environmental public health threat please watch the new documentary “MOLDY”.

Sharon Noonan Kramer

About Sharon Kramer

Hi, I'm an advocate for integrity in health marketing and in the courts.
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