Treat Californians to No More Tricks. Vote “NO” Re-election of All the State’s Justices

From ghosties and ghoulies and long-winded beasties and things that go bump in the courts, oh California voters, please protect us!
In four days, on November 4th, Californians will go to the voting booths. They’ll vote on many issues and elections/re-elections to public office.  No votes are more important than how voters vote on the state’s Supreme and Appellate Court justices. This is because if courts are wickedly compromised, then all the elected public officials in the world cannot insure that the laws approved by the voters are upheld.
There are forty-five California justices who are on this year’s ballot and are subject to voter retention or ousting.  This is nearly half of all California justices currently on the bench. Your vote to remove all who are balloted will send the message that court corruption will no longer be tolerated by the public.
Recent history of some great Jack-o-Laterns
The past two weeks alone have shed much light on many areas which spell out how California courts have been jacking-around with justice and the Constitution. The following groups and individuals have served as Jack-o-Laterns, helping to illuminate the massive California court frauds and harm to the public that they cause:
October 25th, Judicial Council Watcher (JCW) made note of its fourth anniversary of exposing long-winded beasties at the helm of the California courts. The website is frequently contributed to by court employees, including judges and staff/ex-staff of the Admin Offices of the Courts. It provides eye-popping and spell-binding evidence of a vast cauldron of lies that have been conjured up by Cal court leaders over the years. If you’ve never visited their blog, you really should before you cast your vote to retain/oust California’s justices.
October 27th, Center for Judicial Excellence (CJE) was granted an audience with the Judicial Council. Approximately sixty people traveled to San Francisco “from Placer county to San Diego county” for the two day Judicial Council meeting. Many shared their true stories of how justice has become a ghost of the past in California, as their families have been ghoulishly shredded by unethical and unlawful acts in the courts. (I was there. I think I saw a wicked witch from the west appear at the end of the meeting. She was offering for Judicial Council members to bite into her poison apple in the hopes that they would stay fast asleep at the wheel – and not grant CJE’s request for future public hearings.)
October 27th, Barbara Kaufman, Esq., presented evidence to the Judicial Council that the CEO of the Marin Superior Court has recently concealed court document falsifications; and that California’s Governor and Attorney General have stated in writing that the Judicial Council has the duty to stop the fraud upon the court. Seems clerks have been ordered to back-date legal documents and electronic records in an effort for a judge to feign that her Marin county court has subject matter jurisdiction – where none any longer exists. Any orders she issues from here on out are fraudulent and void – and a grim reminder of how justice is really for “just us” in the California courts.
October 24th, Divorce Corp and the Family Law Report released their 2nd part of a two-part interview with Dr. Richard Fine of the Campaign for Judicial Integrity (CFJI). The interviews are of how former federal prosecutor, Dr. Fine, attempted to slay a dragon of court corruption; only to be locked away in a Los Angeles dungeon for well over fifteen fortnights by the conjuring of a black robed cat — who was taking bribes from LA county. It is proven that this cat and others have been milking the system and have been aided to continue by court leadership. Everyone knows the practice is illegal and sets the court officers up for bias in their rulings adverse to the public’s best interest. It continues dispite California justices knowledgement that the payments are illegal.
October 19th, Full Disclosure Network (FDN) announced that a Federal court has intervened to determine that the Los Angeles Superior Court should reconsider allowing the filming in their courthouse of the documentary “The Cost of Courage”. A 6 minute Video Report  was released by FDN on October 19th featuring Paul Orfanedes, Judicial Watch Director of Litigation, who describes the recent developments in the case  Dutton v. Wesley, Case No. 12-01888-R-JC (C.D. Cal.).  The video covers the “Reverse and Remand” Order issued by US 9th Circuit Court of Appeals panel that held the US California Central District Judge Manuel Real, shall re-consider the case regarding LA Superior Court’s refusal to issue a permit to the Full Disclosure Network (FDN) for use of an empty court room in Department 86, to record the final scene for their documentary.  According to their website, “The FDN documentary involves the controversial case covering the incarceration of former U. S. Prosecutor Richard I. Fine who was held in “solitary, coercive confinement” for 18 months in L.A. County Central Men’s Jail.  Department 86 was the Court Room where Judge David Yafee ordered Fine taken into custody and held indefinitely without a hearing.”
October 23rd California Coalition for Families and Children (CCFC) filed their appeal in the Federal RICO case against San Diego Superior Court judges The gist of this matter is that compromised judges and their ghastly friends have abused their power to retaliate against CCFC members for their refusal of silence of the courts’ continued usage of uncredited family court evaluators. Seems they’ve been brewing up ways for years for the courts to make more money by causing divorces to be drawn-out and expensive for families. Oddly, just months ago, a federal judge deemed that CCFC’s RICO case was not frivolous or meant to harass; and at the same time dismissed the case because she claimed she couldn’t understand it.  This begs the question: How does one determine that a case is not without merit if they can’t understand it and thus need to throw it out?
October 28th, Ronald Pierce, a California citizen from Tulare County, filed a motion in the California Supreme Court for them to give him his life back.  The man requires extraordinary relief for this to happen. In 2008, Mr. Pierce filed for divorce from a woman he no longer wished to be wed to.   In 2009 via some slick lawyering aided by the courts and the divorce industry; he was deemed a batterer by the courts with no evidence presented that he ever once hit his wife. (She actually stated that he never did. I’ve reviewed the court documents in detail). Six years later, there is still no property settlement; there is second restraining order against Mr. Pierce (basically for posting of the court corruption on Facebook); and he still has no home for his children to come visit him. While trying to untangle the web of deceit, he was deemed a “vexatious litigant” on appellate court justices own motion. Mr. Pierce, who used to work for the county, is currently homeless, penniless and disabled from the years of abuse and mental torture by multiple officers of the California broken branch. By slick trick, Mrs. Pierce’s new husband is being treated to living in the property that Mr. Pierce still owns, yet cannot even set foot on. Mr. Pierce is justifiably concerned that he will soon be held in contempt of court and will be residing in jail for filing a motion in the California Supreme Court. This is because those who have been deemed vexatious are not allowed to file motions without the court’s permission or by the posting of $25,000.00 – which Mr. Pierce no longer has — thanks to the perverse and pervasive corruption in the California courts.
Could a “NO” Vote for ALL California Justices Save the Judicial Branch? Seems it could!CAMPAIGNFORJUDICIALINTEGRITYblowupofsixflyers-page-001
From ghosties and ghoulies and long-winded beasties and things that go bump in the courts, oh California voters, please protect us!
Have a Happy & Safe Halloween!
Mrs. Sharon Noonan Kramer — whistleblower of scientific fraud in U.S. public health policy over the Toxic Mold issue that has been aided to continue by mass corruption in the California courts.

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