Ex-Congressional Staffer Speaks of Unbridled Fraud in U.S. Public Health Policies

Dear All,
Please read the below statement of former Congressional staffer, Beth Clay, regarding the CDC autism-vaccine debacle. This is quite similar to what was done over the mold issue when professing scientific proof that mycotoxins in an indoor environment could never reach a level to harm, and selling the scientific fraud as a matter of public policy to mislead U.S. courts. In both matters, the frauds began to be mass marketed circa 2000 by employees of the CDC.
When abusing the judicial process while trying to shut me up of how they mass marketed the scientific fraud over the mold issue; corrupted officers of the California courts and their clerks authored and mailed fraudulent court documents which concealed that a retired CDC Deputy Director, Bryan D. Hardin, was an undisclosed party to the Strategic Litigation Against Public Participation (SLAPP) suit of Bruce J. Kelman and GlobalTox, Inc. vs. Sharon Kramer. Case No. GIN044539 Superior Court of the County of San Diego. (2005-2013)
All totaled the Appellate Court justices and their clerks falsified three Remittiturs that were used to conceal that CDC’s Hardin was a known improperly undisclosed party to the fixed SLAPP. One in 2006, one in 2010 and one in 2013. This is the SLAPP suit in which they framed me for libel with actual malice for the 100% correct sentence:
“Upon viewing documents presented by the Hayne’s attorney of Kelman’s prior testimony from a case in Arizona, Dr. Kelman altered his under oath statements on the witness stand.”
The fraud upon the court in the SLAPP was to make my exposing who was involved in the mass marketing of scientific fraud in 2005, appear to be false and unfounded. (See accurate March 2005 Press Release by Sharon Noonan Kramer)
The California jurist with the publicly known “least favorable ethics record” in the entire state and her clerk, falsified the judgment document from the SLAPP suit in 2008, rendering it void to be used for any purpose. The Appellate justices concealed it was void in their 2010 opinion and fraudulent remittitur.
Bruce Kelman, president of GlobalTox, Inc., ( now known as Veritox, Inc.); and his California attorney, Keith Scheuer, then submitted the void judgment as the sole foundational document to the second case — to try to shut me up of the collusive corruption in the first case, the fixed SLAPP suit, aiding the public fleecing to continue.
Contrary to the direct evidence of the collusion to defraud in both cases, this is their Version of what happened of why I can continue to write of the public fleecing via fraud upon the court in SLAPP and coram non judice litigations; without fear of another SLAPP suit — for telling and providing evidence of the God’s honest truth of corruption in the Cal courts aiding frauds in the federal gov’t.
Plainly stated without an ounce of fear of reprisal:
The owners of Veritox, Inc., are major league criminals and professional liars for the federal government, who equally compromised and criminal officers of the San Diego Superior and Appellate Courts fixed a SLAPP suit to aid them to continue to fleece the public with scientific fraud. Short of having me killed, they’ve collusively done everything in their power from 2005 to present, to try to shut me up and discredit me — even recording thousands of dollars of fraudulent liens against my property and causing me bodily harm to try to scare me into silence.
Fat chance that I’m shutting up when so many U.S. citizens are still suffering and I’m falsely deemed a malicious liar for life for exposing it!  Direct evidence of fraud upon the court by well connected fraudsters, does not lie.
In the second suit which began in November of 2010, Bruce J. Kelman vs Sharon Kramer Case No 37-2010-00061530-CU-DF-NC, also in the San Diego County Superior and Appellate Courts, they had me jailed in March of 2012 for refusing to sign a false confession of being guilty of libel.— by a judge who knew that his court had no subject matter jurisdiction.  Then, with the aid of the San Diego County Sheriff, Bill Gore, they gave me a false criminal FBI record for alleged civil contempt of court — which is not a crime.  Its a civil matter.
While civil contempt is not criminal, court officers falsifying court documents to fleece the public with ex CDC employees and federal contractors — when their courts have no subject matter jurisdiction — IS a crime.  Under California Penal Code 134, its a felony punishable by up to four years in prison for each offense, with the involved jurists having no judicial immunity from prosecution for the malicious frauds upon the court. All totaled I have direct evidence of no less than 30 counts of court doc falsifications and U.S. postal service mailings of the frauds, in my possession.
While the Cal courts were fixing litigations to try to shut me up and discredit me, I was simultaneously spending time in DC trying to stop the scientific fraud over the mold issue, ultimately, to no avail.  At my insist urging, Democrat Senate HELP which was then headed by the late Senator Edward Kennedy, ordered a federal Government Accountability Office audit of the matter in 2006. Then in 2007, HELP deleted from the audit looking into who had the conflicts of interest–when they knew the answer and the devastation being caused. At the time, Dr. David Noll was my liason to Senate HELP.  Upon his departure from the Hill shortly thereafter, he went to work for the CDC.
The Congressional Gov’t Oversight and Reform Committee, headed at the time by Congressman Henry Waxman (D-Ca), repeatedly refused to hold hearings of the matter.  They, too, knew of the rampant fraud over the mold issue involving the CDC and its private sector partners, harming thousands of U.S. citizens.
The selling never vetted science when establishing flawed public health policies on behalf of special interests, needs to be made to stop.  This former Congressional staffer, Beth Clay, is the second federal employee to come forward with a public statement within the past couple of weeks.  The first was Dr. William Thompson of the CDC.
In her public statement, Ms. Clay has nailed it of how severely compromised the US gov’t and its private sector contractors have become when selling garbage science in environmental public health policies on behalf of special interests.  The only aspect she is missing, is how severely compromised the courts have also become when covering up the frauds of the federal gov’t and its private sector partners.
In Ms. Clay’s words as shared by HealthImpactNews.com:
“I had always held the National Academy of Science and the Institute of Medicine in fairly high regard. They are touted to be an independent scientific body. I would learn in truth they are an elite members club of the scientific community that contracts with the government and industry to conduct reviews. With the vaccine injury inquiry, we watched them take direction from the CDC and shortchange the independent review process. They proved unable to separate their desire to protect vaccine policies from the process and conduct a truly independent and rigorous review of the evidence of possible vaccine injury.
At every stage were obvious irregularities in process, from the manipulation of the thimerosal data to wash out links to autism; to changing the instructions to the IOM; to data from Denmark from studies that were fatally flawed from the outset being touted as reasons to end the debate. I heard scientists quoted in the media say that it was ‘settled science’ and that no other funds should be devoted to asking the question. Science is never ‘settled’. And yet, this notion was put forward and adopted because it was convenient for those who wanted this uncomfortable topic to fade out.
Maybe most egregious of all was Secretary of Health and Human Services, Kathleen Sibelius’ bragging in a Reader’s Digest interview that she had instructed her press office to get the media to stop covering the parent led organizations that were questioning HHS on these issues. She the Secretary, like every federal official raised her hand and swore and oath to uphold and defend the Constitution, and yet she admits to suppressing free speech and controlling the media!
Keep in mind, all of the irregularities and substandard research occurred before we knew about Poul Thorsen’s criminal activity. All of our concerns occurred before the latest news this month that the CDC had covered up data showing African American boys at an increased risk of autism if given the MMR vaccine before 36 months.”
Read more of the CDC intentionally skewed autism-vaccine public health policy and of the covering up of it by mainstream media, at our prior post on Katy’s Exposure — exposing environmental health threats and those responsible.
Know that this is not an isolated incident.  It appears to be a matter of common practice at the CDC and its private sector partners, when selling garbage science to the masses to the benefit of gov’t employees’ second careers for the interested industry de jour.
For a greater understanding of how the rampant conflicts of interest work, please read the various links in this post on the Health Impact News article “CDC Whistleblower Dr. Thompson, I’ve stopped lying and am willing to testify on vaccine fraud”.
Readers of this blog should also be aware that the North San Diego County Superior Court where the majority of the fraud upon the court in the Kelman/Veritox SLAPP over the mold issue has taken place,  is located in Vista, CA.  This is U.S. Congressman Darrell Issa’s (R-Ca) district.
Congressman Issa is the current Chair of the U.S. Congressional Oversight and Gov’t Reform Committee.  Like Henry Waxman (D-Ca) before him,  Issa is well aware of fraud upon the court in California causing the continuance of scientific fraud by criminal means in federally established environmental public health policies.  So are United States Senators Dianne Feinstein (D-Ca) and Barbara Boxer (D-Ca).
Sharon Noonan Kramer

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