ABC 10News ~ Court Motion Accuses DA Dumanis of Political Abuse of Office.

ABC 10News and much of the local media have been doing a stellar job of exposing the San Diego public to the out-of-control politics and abuses in California’s legal system, particularly in San Diego.  Actually, the public has already been exposed to the abuses. 10News is just letting them know it. 
Yesterday’s 10News cast is, “Motion Asks Judge To Toss Conviction, Accuses Dumanis of Corruption”  The gist is:
In today’s episode of How the DA’s Office Turns, 10News sheds light on how DA Dumanis went on a political witch hunt and used tax dollars to convene a grand jury while trying to get back at one of her political opponents. At the end of the day, it seems that Dumanis’s use of the tax payer funded grand jury uncovered that some guy in Chula Vista misstated fact of when he signed out from work. (Jason Moore, who worked as an intergovernmental affairs coordinator, was the only one charged, accused of lying about being on personal time when he was at a campaign event.)
Under threat of six counts of felony prosecution and incarceration by the DA, he pled down to a misdemeanor of criminal contempt of court. Nothing else came of the investigation except to further establish that Bonnie Dumanis seems power drunk and misuses her DA position to practice politics, not law.
To quote from 10News online: 
On its face, the DA’s use of a grand jury to investigate whether Mr. Moore had asked for two hours of leave before or after he left work seems ridiculous, petty and a massive waste of government resources,” Johnson [Moore’s attorney] wrote in the motion. “Now, with the knowledge that DA Dumanis had personal, professional, and political reasons to oppose Mayor Padilla (and support his opponents), the investigation of Mr. Moore appears corrupt, biased, and for the personal, professional, and political gain of DA Dumanis.”…The motion also requests that Dumanis release all internal documents that relate to the alleged phone call she had with Padilla. Dumanis has so far refused to make any such documents public or comment on the claims she meddled in the Chula Vista City Council.”
According to the San Diego Union Tribune, nothing will be decided in this matter until June 18th, which is after the elections for County District Attorney on June 3rd.  The UT writes,
“A spokesman for private attorney Bob Brewer, who is one of the candidates running against Dumanis, accused Dumanis of ‘stonewalling’ by not releasing documents to the public relating to the investigation and phone call….Former Chula Vista City Councilman Steve Castaneda has also complained publicly about Dumanis’ 2006 investigation into rumors he was taking free or reduced-price housing. He ended up being charged with perjury. A jury acquitted him of some counts and the others were dismissed.”
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