So what’s the answer? Why did DA Dumanis un-endorse Judge Schall?

We received several responses to yesterday’s post, “Why is DA Dumanis’ name now missing from Judge Lisa Schall’s endorsers?
No one seemed to have the definitive answer of why San Diego’s District Attorney, who is herself running for re-election, would suddenly un-endorse a San Diego County Superior Court sitting judge’s bid for re-election. One Katy’s reader had a possible answer for Dumanis trying to distance herself from Schall: 
Because she’s a Mexican national in trouble with the FBI for illegal campaigning?” 
We’re pretty sure that Judge Schall is a U.S. citizen.  Also, we happen to know that the local FBI is just as bad as the local DA when it comes to turning a blind eye to the corruption in the local courts. So that explanation doesn’t seem plausible to us.
 A whistleblower, who is alleging corruption in the local family courts involving Judge Schall along with some of her endorsers and some of Dumanis’s endorsers, sent us this:
“Thanks for keeping an eye out on this–I can use every bit of your work product….you’re a star.  Please keep it up!”
Another local whistleblower of judicial corruption — this one in the San Diego County civil courts and also shielded by DA Dumanis and the local FBI — sent us a link to the Washington Examiner March 21st article, “A Whistleblowers Worst Nightmare”  To quote from the article:
“The LA District Attorney and the Sheriff’s Department refused to follow up on evidence that Countrywide witnesses, including founder Angelo Mozilo, had blatantly committed perjury on the stand. Some court watchers speak of the, “unholy alliance” between big corporations and the justice system in California. Winston, who says he spent $600,000 on legal fees, further depleted his savings by appealing to the California Supreme Court. That court refused to hear his case…It’s almost unheard of for a top-tier executive turning whistleblower, but that’s what Winston became after he noticed many of his staff were sickened by noxious air in their Simi Valley, California, office. When the company failed to fix the problem, Winston picked up the phone and called Cal-OSHA to investigate. Retaliation was immediate.” (SEE THIS LINK for what happened to Katy’s Exposure Blog when we blogged of local fraud upon the court fleecing the US public and involving Schall, Dumanis,   Someone in the United States Department of Occupational Safety and Health Administration (“OSHA”) quietly altered a federal publication to aid to conceal the fraud!)
And whistleblower of LA county judges’ double-dipping incomes causing conflicts of interest in court rulings, Dr. Richard Fine, sent us the following.  For those who don’t know, while in his 70’s, Dr. Fine spent eighteen months in a LA county jail without ever being charged with a crime — let alone found guilty of one.  The charge was alleged civil contempt (of an uncivil judge who was receiving the double-dipping income).  Sound familiar of anyone we know who abuses contempt of court powers? Hint: DA Dumanis no longer endorses her for judicial re-election.  Dr. Fine’s message:
Dear Sharon:
THE BEST THING YOU CAN DO IN THE 2014 ELECTIONS: VOTE FOR CANDIDATES PLEDGED TO END JUDICIAL CORRUPTION  Requiring candidates to take the Campaign for Judicial Integrity’s Pledge to Eradicate Judicial Corruption, voting for only candidates that take the Pledge and holding them to the Pledge once elected will solve the problem.  Please spread the word to form groups to require every candidate to take the pledge and vote for only candidates who take the Pledge. We can and will end judicial corruption. Thank you for all your good work.  Richard I. Fine
Dumanis “un-endorsing” a local judge, who she is proven to know is involved with several local jurists in massive frauds upon the court along with some of both of their re-election endorsers, appears to us to be nothing more than a public disassociation. Seems to us  that several compromised politicians want to skate through to re-election without being asked the tough questions of whose interests they really represent. 
So what’s the answer
Why did DA/candidate Bonnie Dumanis publicly un-endorse Judge/candidate Lisa Schall?
We think we just might know the answer.  From our sister blog, Just answer the Damn Question, Please! on February 27th: “Today’s Damn Questions go to San Diego District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis:
1. In 2013, did Tom Homann LGBT Law Association (THLA) endorse Carla Keehn for any Superior Court seat  – OR — In 2014, did THLA rewrite Policy #2 while lying to conceal their prior multi-seat endorsement of Keehn? 
2. Is this ADDITIONAL RACKETEERING (see RICO docs by CCFC) by a Judicial Council member; a Gov. Brown judicial appointee; and an alleged “non-profit” civil rights group that is a fundraiser for Dumanis, so that people can’t vote corrupt judge Lisa Schall out of office?  
3. San Diego County District Attorney Dumanis, are you going to investigate and prosecute your fund-raisers and county judges for colluding to fix a County election on behalf of a corrupt judge who you have a history of protecting  from prosecution?

Just answer the Damn Questions, Please!  Thank you!”

Publicly unendorsing is not even close to prosecuting those involved in numerous frauds upon the court!
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